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  1. In my car, they scanned the system, replaced the spark plugs, cleaned the throttle body and injectors (in that process they replaced injector O Rings and insulators).
  2. Then that should be it. ? So it seems in some vehicles the fuel return doesn't go through the filter assembly, but rather directly connects to the tank? For example, the filter assembly in the following video has only one tube.
  3. Thanks for the post @Sampath Gunasekera. I changed the fuel filter of my CS3 at 91000km while doing a tuneup at the Agent. (It was around 20700/= in 2016). Guess I wasn't curious enough at that time to dismantle the filter and look inside. BTW, why there are two tubes going out of the filter? Is one line for air? or a fuel return?
  4. The alternator belt was 5 years old and the P/S belt older than that. That's why I was planning to replace them.
  5. Got the timing belt changed from the Agent couple of days ago and thought to note down the latest prices. Belt: 10784/=, Cam oil seal: 1244/=, Crank oil seal: 1380/=, Tensioner: 8803/=, Labour: 8280/= While doing it, they identified a leak from the water pump and it was also replaced. New pump was 27595/= (?). They notified me before doing that. But without letting me know, they had gone ahead and replaced the Alternator belt (4713/=) and P/S belt (8938/=) as well! Those were needed to be replaced, but i didn't plan to get that done from the Agent. Does anyone know the aftermarket prices for Lancer CS3 water pump, alternator belt and p/s belt? BTW, now they don't allow us to go to the repair section and watch.
  6. Hi All, This week only I could get this problem inspected. Agent did a test drive and said the Clutch is bit hard, and the gear shifting is not that smooth. But, since a clutch system repair would cost around 70K, they recommended to do a gear oil change first and see whether the issue would occur again when going long distance. (Previous oil change was done 30000km and 3 years ago). Gear oil change cost me 6163.85/= for the oil and 1380/= for labour. Now have to drive long distance and see. Cheers!
  7. Thanks Davy for the detailed info and your time. It is very helpful. I don't think I will be able to do the oil change by myself. Haven't done that before, and not much time these days to learn and do it. Will get that checked from a mechanic. I'm going to the Agent this week for the timing belt change. I can ask from them what they suspect. It is a good thing to know these before talking with them and other mechanics.
  8. Thanks Trinity. I remember reading about the loose clutch pedal of your Lancer in another thread when I was searching AL for this issue. In my case, I didn't feel any difference with the pedal.
  9. Thanks for the quick help Davy. No, I didn't feel any difference with the pedal. Regarding the clutch life, I haven't changed it since I bought the car; 53000km ago. Don't know whether it was replaced by the previous owners. If the issue is with a cylinder, can it be intermittent? I'm wondering how it was working without an issue the next day when I travelled back 150km. (but on the return trip I was very careful to shift slowly and without sudden overtaking.)
  10. @Davy, @trinity, @Hyaenidae have you guys come across this problem with your Lancers?
  11. Thanks for the response, @vag2 No, it was difficult with all the gears. The last gear oil change was done 3 years ago when the mileage was 102000.
  12. Hi All, 2 days ago I faced a shifting issue in my Lancer CS3 (132000km) after driving about 120km. While driving it became very hard to shift gears, and sometimes there was a grinding noise when shifting. When the engine was not running, it was not possible to change the gears at all. I checked the gear oil levels - no problem there (last oil change was done by the Agent). But the next day it was working without any problem. I'm suspecting a clutch plate issue. Any other suggestions? I'm anyway gonna take her to a mechanic soon. Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks Davy. Decided to get it done from the Agents this time too.
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