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  1. We have already discussed about Micro Panda in below thread. Also following places https://forums.autolanka.com/search/?q=panda&quick=1
  2. First things first. The same day I saw a similar post on the SLTV FB Group regarding the L board license. Not sure from the same person. “ඔය මොන පර්මිට් එකවත් නැතුව අවුරුදු ගානක් ඩ්‍රයිව් කලා මම" one comment for that. Sorry about how misleading others are. Especially beginners. Didn't go out much because of the epidemic. But a few test drives, a few short trips went. But could not find an opportunity to take pictures. I will try to update the blog soon. Thanks for inquiring.
  3. @Dhanujaya I would like to welcome you to the forum as this is your first post. I love above part of the comment. Many of our young people who will take over the country in the future face fatal accidents due to ignoring these things. Most teens like to ride fast. But don't know how to control the bike during events. So take time, be patient, practice well and be a good rider. Good luck.
  4. Welcome to the forum @Bhashika Kasturiarachchi. I am wishing you here because this is your first content in the forum. I think you are reading forum posts from long time and having good view of the members. Congratulations for your marketing. 🤓
  5. https://www.gov.lk/services/erl/es/erl/view/index.action?lang=si
  6. Hello and welcome to the forum @Tharaka8999, I think if you mention the area and explain the task bit, you will get an answer soon. The silly FB group actions like bump/up will not get attention here. I hired a person to do my Morris Minor tinkering. But he will go on nearby areas only.
  7. Thks @fiat fan for pointing me. I was reading this thread from the beginning. As the topic is bit wider, I did not try to express my thoughts. Anyway @jayasantha42805 I am restoring a Morris minor 1000 and writing a blog about it. The task is almost finish & hoping to update the blog soon. If you are interest here is the link. Although I am not an MM specialist, I would like to express anything further if needed. If you narrow down the topic, I think other members will comment as well.
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum @ruwansunk, It seems that no any capable member seen this to answer you yet. So please wait some time without opening multiple threads. P.S. @Davy or any @Admin may merge these threads.
  9. Congratulations on the new project !!! My dream list also includes restoring a jeep. As it is a dream, willing to see your project progress in the real world. Keep update us continuously.
  10. I dont think so. You may try to solve said 'immobilizer error' first.
  11. Did you try with the second key ? (Duplicate key)
  12. I have a similar story. One week after the purchase, the index turned white. The battery guy removes the indicator, shakes and reattaches. The problem is solved. The battery brand is L#cas. Take a coin and carefully remove the indicator as it contains sulfuric acid. Shake it or wash from the garden tap, fix and see.
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