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  1. Hello @Alex3992 welcome to the forum. You may try this F29861F7
  2. I agree with this. Belihuloya is the ideal and only place. Google Maps will give you hotel information.
  3. Hello @jermaine gray, welcome to the forum. Try this F29D1493
  4. Hello @Nilantha Herath, Welcome to the forum. You may try this AFA4CF30
  5. Agree with @kmeeg. I am owning the same and It’s a trouble-free car. But with the current price increase I am not sure if it will be in your price range.
  6. Unlike Windows, Linux has many distributions. The choice depends on user preferences, hardware, etc. If you want something like mscOS you can use Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora etc. Most of them come with LiveCD / USB images, which means you can try without installing. So you can easily try some of them. I currently use Debian and Ubuntu and the kids computer has Mint/Lubuntu
  7. Hello @Bubble_, Firstly welcome to the forum. Microsoft gives you Windows, Linux gives you the whole house.
  8. Hello @Inusha Bhathiya Perera welcome to the forum. Try this one B8DCB152
  9. I think you will understand the reality when you are a little more mature.
  10. Public properties are not drift tracks. This vision can end with one’s life.
  11. A very interesting conversion. Hoping to see the results soon.
  12. An interesting project. Keep us updated.
  13. The driver's airbag was deployed. May be electrical circuit connected to it cause the fire?
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