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  1. good day!

    i decided to buy nissan nv200 van for my family and my business. please someone give me a some information about comfort, spare and about value, it can import 4.8 mil low mileage 2014. 

  2. 2 hours ago, iRage said:

    I have not used a Swift for along period of time to tell you what the common problems are...you might want to check user forums etc to get an idea about them. All in all the Japanese swift is a decently built car and I believe it will run decently as long as it is taken care of.

    Having said that...you do have to note that there is no car in this planet that is 100% bug free...they all have some kind of small twirks and kinks...

    Thank you. 

  3. Hi good day!

    I decided go for nissan tiida or swift japan . Tried all over foum but I couldn't find enough detail abt tiida. so please i need ur valuable experience and advise for finding good one for my family .

    * also i want to know the day I going to buy it ,can i get someone hire who has good knowledge about automobile. May b from colombo or Kurunegala. bcz doesn't  know much abt how to find trouble free car. 

    Models - tiida or swift (2007-8)

    Budget - 2.5- 2.8 mil

    Highly appreciated your suggestion.

    Thank you expert ???


  4. I had a Lion face model vanette , however the brand was mitsubisihi. As crosswind has mentioned, the vehicle is same as nissan or mazda only the badge is different. If you want to buy a spare part you have to tell the vehicle model as nissan vanette.

    I had the vehicle for almost 7 years. Manufactured year was 2000 ,the engine was R2 (original diesel) and manual transmission. The vehicle was comfortable not the luxury comfort but yes it can handle some hard roads (make sure to put a good set of seats and also change the suspension if it's old).

    I have got an average of 9 - 11 kmpl in city limits (A/C always on) and out station 12-14.

    I can recommend this to any one as i have loved it and always will :).

    I too have decided to get a vanette again because cars aren't multi functional as vans :D, so am also in search of a nissan vanette lion face 2007 - 2011 model ;)

    Tnx for ur kind reply and please let me know wt about nv200. Wts ur suggestions vanette or 200. Wts the vanette price yom 2010 this days.

  5. Hi, expert i need your help and suggestion about Nissan nv2oo such as fuel consumptions, models,post-71165-0-72784200-1447960507_thumb.jsuspension, comfortable, and safety

    Actually i try to find thread about vehicle but i couldn’t.. tnx..... :sport-smiley-027:

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  6. First of all, please open one thread. You don't need to open multiple threads seeking info about various vans.

    Secondly, like Davy said, search before you post a question.

    Third... what are your SPECIFIC questions?... How do you define 'BEST'?... we can't read your mind and tell you what are the 'more details' you are looking for...

    Just one point. The 2010 Nissan Vanette is exactly same as Mazda Bongo. Only comes with Nissan Vanette badge. It's called badge engineering. Therefore, a comparison between these two models will be merely comparing the two badges.

    Both are uncomfortable vehicles. They are not intended to be passenger

    Tnx for ur reply. I want tell I had before cr 27 van, I sold because of age then I decide buy a van specially new van up to 2010 for my family. If its nt good for passengers wts ur recommend similar van for my budget 2.5 m. Tnx

  7. Hi. Need information about mazda bongo van lion face for my family use. I need advice for select best van

    Petrol / diesel ..? Fuel consumption, suspension, more

    Hoping your kindly feedback......... :speechless-smiley-019:

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