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  1. As discussed here please check your 12V battery.
  2. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n510893424 Then this is the only option you have. But it's costly. ­čśÇ
  3. Just check the bulbs first. It has 6 or 7 bulbs for the gear indicator. Normally people don't change meter bulbs when it burns out.
  4. Yes. Sorry typing mistake. It's form 40. It contains company address. Form 13 contains change of registered office address. So you can submit either 40 or 13. Form 1 or 20 contains Directors details. If its a pvt ltd company, No need of JP sign. Simply what you have to submit copy documents to prove following things; *Company registration details *Company address *Directors Names and Signatures
  5. Yes. My previous office has sold a few company owned vehicles and I was involved in that. Earlier it was not. But now I don't know because this year RMV has made some changes on policies. That's not a problem. Because current directors have legal rights to sell company owned vehicles. Form 48,1 or 20 contain the directors names, Addresses, NIC numbers and signatures. That's why you should submit a copy of those documents.
  6. These are the documents you should obtain from the company...... MTA 6 signed along with embossed seal and director seal (by two directors). Name & address should be filled as it is mentioned on the CR. No objection letter address to RMV, signed with embossed seal by two directors in the Letterhead Copy of; 1. Business Registration 2. Form 40 or Form 13, Form 20 or Form 1 3. Form containing the Company Registration Address. 4. NIC of the two Directors Original CR Book Absolute ownership Deletion letter from the leasing company First 7 years Luxury/Semi luxury tax receipts. (If applicable) Revenue License
  7. Instrument cluster (Meter panel) brightness adjustment. Just check with parking or headlights are on.
  8. My uncle sold his 2008 manual transmission 2.0L diesel 407 for 2.2 mil just before the lock-down. Mileage was around 120k. So you decide whether worth it or not. AFAIK 407's came with 3 different diesel engines. 1.6L, 2.0L and 2.2L. Just check the engine capacity.
  9. Found this one on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ-CBvpVzO0
  10. AFAIK cruise control is standard for G and WXB grades. I fixed the cruise control for my father's 2015 model Aqua. I got it done from P*t*o L*nk* Polhengoda. But it's not just a fixed cruise control switch. It needs to change Clock Spring (spiral cable) also. What they said was YOM 2015 onward cruise control can be fitted to any grade but before 2015 YOM only if it had an LCD meter panel. Best thing is to speak to them and see I think.
  11. Starting from Rs. 390,000. https://www.toyota.lk/spare-parts/
  12. Registration Charge is Rs. 18,800. If its 11 months old penalty of Rs. 6,000 extra. Personal imported vehicles you have to registered under the personal importer's name first and after the CR get printed you can transfer it to your name. Transfer charge based on the way you choose one day service or Normal.
  13. Is this Honda vehicle? I know one place in Kiribathgoda. Mostly they are handling European vehicles. Anyway I'll message you the contact details you just call them and see.
  14. Customs FOB value for the S-T grade is JPY 1,880,000.00 (Approx Rs. 3.1 mil). For the G-T grade customs value is JPY 2,080,000. (Approx Rs. 3,5 mil). Hence if the vehicle buying price is less than 3.5 mil, then there is no luxury tax. Lets say your vehicle CIF is JPY 2.2 mil (Approx Rs. 3,650,000), Then you have to pay Rs. 150,000 as luxury tax. According to the current exchange rate any vehicle CIF above JPY 2.1 mil subject to luxury tax. This is applicable for Allion Premio also.
  15. Steering spiral is now available at most car audio shops. Price starting from Rs. 7,500.00. Some places give 1 year warranty.
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