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  1. I am very new to cars. I have a vitz 2009 model and its mileage 80000 Km now. When I drive I can feel the gear changing automatically, so I think its time to a gear box repair. So I need to know whether 80K is the normal gear box repair interval or else. If I change gear box oil and wait until 100K? And how much cost to have a gear box repair?
    Have you done any recent Gear Box Oil change??? Usually it is recommended to change in between 20k-25k (depending on the usage)

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  2. I have a KIA Sorento 2008 version and recently I had to crank quite hard to get it started(early in the morning). Yesterday it didn't start at all. when the mechanic checked, he told me that all four Glow Plugs are not working. Replace those four plugs and with working battery tried o start. But still not working. Dash lights are working.

    Any sort of a helping thought is appreciated.



  3. Hi,

    I have recently bought two rear shock absrobers (KYB;348001) for my Toyota IST (2002;NCP60) , and when try to replace it, found that the boot cover of shocks also been damaged. Since such cover or boot didn't came with the Shocks, I'm wondering where I can buy those Covers? Are they available brand new or I have to go with a used one??

     Your tiniest help in this matter is highly appreciated.

    I believe it is somewhat similar to the below attached image

    Thanking you in advance.


  4. Hi all,

    I have a Toyota IST (2002) and I'm badly in need of tyre replacement(all 4 tyres) since the existing ones are quite weared off.

    Existing ones are Nankang Tubeless and the tyre size 195/60R15.

    I'm looking for a Thailand/Japan tyre since I'm gonna sell it soon & I want to give a well maintained car for the one who buying.

    So please give me your opinion about a Suitable tyre Brand ,it's price and a vendor(if possible).

    Awaiting your suggestions.




  5. 18 minutes ago, Vengeance said:

    I can recommend Mr. Dammika Fernando, you can find his contacts if you search on the forum. Call him and get an appointment for a tune-up, he'll tell you if you need to clean your fuel injectors as well. You can get the injectors cleaned from Asnu Lanka if needed. 

    Refer to this thread for more info:


    Thank you very much for your quick reply, Will you be able to comment about the cost? That will be a great help.


  6. Hi,

    I have TOYOTA IST 2003 (NP60) and recently it has been operated with a bad fuel consumption.Usually it operates 10/12 , but currently it operates like 8/10.Last year I have bought her, and since then I haven't done a Engine Tune up for Like Year. I think it might be causing for the low fuel consumption. But finding a reasonable & trust-worthy place to do a engine tune up is little bit harder than finding a Unicorn in these days :D:D.And will there be anything more to the Low Fuel Consumption, rather than the Engine Non-Tune up.

    So do help me out with your personnel experience in selecting a good place or person do an Engine Tune up.


  7. Hi,

    I'm in-need of a TOYOTA IST(NCP60- 2003) ABS Sensor for the right rear wheel.For like , 2 months ago while I was driving,suddenly the ABS & Handbrake indicators on Dashboard were lit up. But after a engine Re-start the indicators was inactive  and showed up again when the car was running. Did a scan and determined that there is a problem with the ABS indicator @ the Right Rear Wheel , which is needed to be replaced.

    I have checked with the Toyota Spare Parts, but they only have the Full set which will cost at around 30K LKR. So do help me out with the information on where to buy a Brand new  ABS sensor for the particular model.


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