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  1. We have an EC7 in our family, a 2015 50k kms one- so far, nothing has gone awry except for the exhaust pipe which developed a hole due to rust (exhaust pipe is made in SL afaik) It's much newer than all other cars discussed in the thread (OP can go for a 2014-2015 one for 3-3.2mil easy), doesn't seem to be affected by the Corona price hike, it's as comfy as a Toyota Premio, comes with a 1.8L engine, agent presence is there in Kandy, Aliexpress has almost all plastic bits for cheap - and there is a 2014 one advertised in Kandy which has done just 30k kms by the first owner... since OP is i
  2. And the comfort factor is a deal breaker too. The EX might take corners as if its on rails but on the flip side you get to enjoy most of the bumps you encounter on the road and if you go with the 1.6L EX you don't even get EPS. It's HPS so you get to feel the steering too 😅
  3. You have both Toyo#a L#nka and Unit#d Mot#rs workshops in Kandy. In my experience authorized agent trumps 3rd party service stations every time. Besides, Kundasale auto doesn't have that good of a rep. Maintenance costs of the EX has been discussed in the thread I've linked above, check out EX ownership threads for more details on that
  4. Yes Both Toyo#a L#nka and Unit#d Mot#rs have their own fully equipped (including paint booths) workshops islandwide and Stafford doesn't.
  5. When it comes to ease of maintenance keep in mind that finding body parts for the 141 is harder than FDs and EXs. 141 wasn't offered in Japanese Domestic Market so recon spare parts aren't readily available for the 141 compared to FD1 and EX. Moreover, if you can stretch your budget a bit you might be able to find a 2010+ EX. I'm yet to see a post-2010 FD1. Island-wide authorized agent coverage is available for both 141 and EX but not for the FD. Check this thread out too:
  6. “If one does not attach himself to people and desires, never shall his heart be broken... but then, does he ever truly live?” -Lu Yan, The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)- Take solace in knowing that your father lead a life filled with love, and was loved back tenfold, fellow Lanzealot.
  7. Merry Christmas! ඔබ සැමට සුබ නත්තලක් වේවා! கிறிஸ்துமஸ் வாழ்த்துக்கள்!
  8. http://www.nissanreference.com/K23_nissan_maxima_16_brilliant_silver_colorspan20162018 Doesn't look very bluish in the light tho
  9. All that hard work editing and uploading multiple images and @AVANTE takes the cigar away in 5 minutes. How could he
  10. ජපානයේ නිශ්පාදිත වාහනවලට සාපේක්ෂව අමතර කොටස් සොයා ගැනීම අපහසු අතර සොයාගත්තද මිල වැඩි වීමට ඉඩ ඇත. සාමාජික @Pericles සතුව අදාළ මාදිලියේ වාහනයක් තිබූ අතර අමතර කොටස් සොයාගත හැක්කේ කොහෙන්දැයි ඔහුගෙන් අසා දැනගනු මැනවි.
  11. It's clearly very different, the wedge is longer on the insight - plus the antenna is thicker and shorter
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