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  1. Hyaenidae's post in Will the vehicle prices come back to normal in the near future ,will it be the new normal or increase further more ? was marked as the answer   
    Depends on what you mean a "good resale market". 
    It cost 3.2mil brand new back in 2015,  now it goes for around 2.8mn-3mn. Its 1800CC engine and relative obscurity makes it a hard sell - exactly the reasons why it fits your budget even in a turbulent vehicle market we're experiencing rn.
    There is no recon spare parts market for cars like these so you're dependent on the authorized agent Micro, which isn't known for its stellar after sales service. However, as far as I know maintenance costs aren't abysmal - a routine lube service costs like 10-12k at the agent while it costs 18-20k for the same for an Axio at the authorized agent.
    Body parts that are most likely to need replacing can be obtained for half the cost of a Japanese counterpart - for example, a brand new bumper costs like 45k (with painting and labor). Same goes for engine parts.
    I'd suggest you to look into it a little more and compare it with other cars you can afford on your budget.
  2. Hyaenidae's post in Need advice on choosing a vehicle - KIA, Ford or Lancer was marked as the answer   
    CS1 - 1300CC
    CS2 - 1500CC
    CS3 - 1600CC
  3. Hyaenidae's post in Best sedan options for 4.5 million was marked as the answer   
    Since you're going to use the car for only 3 years I suggest going for a Toyota.
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