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  1. Once the fuel light is on, how long can we travel before it comes to a halt? I mean in general. Asking just for fun and think it's better to have a rough idea. :)

    PS: averaging ~14kmpl these days with my Vitz.

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    2. Hyaenidae


      Don't wait till low fuel warning lights up to refill if you can help it. You'll prolong the service life of the fuel pump and prevent risk of plugging the fuel filter up prematurely

    3. kadsa98


      Before I replaced my half dead fuel pump last year I wanted to try this lol. Car is a 2 liter VW Bora.

      Waited till the fuel light came on and drove to a work warehouse from home (About 22km) and the car ran out just as I arrived at the warehouse. Obviously I don't recommend doing this as it hurts your fuel pump more than you think, mine was whining louder than an injured dog afterwards ?

    4. YoungGrasshopper


      Agree with @Hyaenidae.. never ever let your fuel tank drop to empty. If it does, all the sediments at the bottom of the fuel tank will get sucked into the fuel pump. Over time, it could cause a blockage. Also, this is Sri Lanka and the fuel blends sold here are not the purest you know...


  2. Saw on a popular Q&A website. Just funny or is some truth there? :D



    1. AVANTE


      Can't get any more true. Also, I second the "Germans love plastic" sentence. 

    2. ajm


      rather than "overengineered", I would say "engineered for different operating conditions". If a car travels most of the time above 200kmph , then the suspension like the bottom picture is mandatory to ensure handling and comfort. About plastics, they are composites not the type you have in the toilet bucket etc,its also part of innovation for cost and weight reduction. Even the Honda civic has a plastic Valve cover now, doesn't it?

    3. kadsa98


      This! Drive an euro at high speed and compare it to a Jap car, they're 2 different leagues!

  3. true, no industry there. Just bring down, market with many fairy tales and sell.
  4. the only activity I am trying to understand is why you unearthed a 9 year old thread and go all nuts about it? ?
  5. I think it's a simple process of going to DMT and make a request. There maybe a charge for that. It usually takes a couple of days to receive the new plates. Also make sure if a police report or any other evidence is needed to validate your claim.
  6. Life's too short for us on many things isn't it? well don't forget to upload some pics when you do the change. would be Interesting to see a vitz in 17s.
  7. If you mean 18th Saturday, yes it must be mine. Had to park in front of Suwa Sewana Eye Channel center the whole day as Mother-in-law was admitted to a surgery. And thanks for the complements brother. ? They look nice, just like mine. are you going to put 17-inch wheels? plus 3. Won't it affect brake/suspension?
  8. Thanks for the information brother. I will check with Motorade for the wire harness. Please give me/PM the contact and location of the electrician you mentioned. Better watch some expert do things before attempting electrical stuff myself.
  9. thanks brother, it really helps. I need more info. Did you buy the wire harness from Motorcade or somewhere else? How did the electrician give power directly from battery? did he setup a new fused line from the battery itself? can you post some photos please? by factory horn switch line you mean the two wires that currently connects to the horn right?
  10. Thanks tiv, pls explain the above to me. you mean directly connect a fused wire to the battery terminal and get the power out to the new circuit? what are the types of fuse I can use for this. A normal fuse just like in the fuse box is ok? I found the following Relay circuit for new horn from the internet. hope this is correct as that's basically the every diagram I found shows.
  11. Guys, I bought a new Hella Classic Horn set for my Vitz and going to fix it (didn't want to do myself but looking forward to If I can make it). I am extending from my question in the following thread and reply from @tiv . Just finding facts and getting guidance. Quoted is the @tiv reply. It seems that there is a relay in the Fuse box and a separate fuse for the Horn. But the thing is the relay is a Relay Integration (highlighted below). It's a single unit with several fuses. So, can I use the existing line and split it to connect the two horns in the new set without using a new r
  12. thanks @tiv. I realized it is not just plug and play. I'd love to do a DIY thing. But better to give to a professional and learn first. I actually bought a Hella Classic Set from Motorcade and also found a good electrician (recommended by another good car electronic guy I know). Going to fix it in a day or two and update my experience here.
  13. I am also looking to get a new horn for my car. Most of new horns comes in pairs of 2. Low and High. what is the method to fix them with the existing single wire harness? Will I be able to do it myself? Is a relay needed to do it?
  14. yes I would love to read some comments on this as I will be sailing towards uncharted waters.
  15. Most service stations do ask the owners to do a ATF change at 40k. My car is coming towards 40k next service, So they already has mentioned it to me. Anyway, Is there a need to change the coolant at this point? To my knowledge it should be around 80k or something if needed right? Because I remember they mention about changing coolant at 40k too which I think is not necessary.
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