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  1. oh! more than a year later... I fixed a Hella classic twin horn set from Motorcade last year. Does well for me.
  2. I can't say for sure, almost all along the Katunayake Highway. It's not because of the 175 tyre, that I can say.
  3. Hi, in short, there's nothing to complain about. Plus, the car looks better too. No noticeable low fuel performance either except drains the wallet more due to increase in petrol price ­čśä. Feels like I got more grip. One other thing, I hear uncomfortable road noise only when driving on the highway. On the normal roads there's not. Not sure it maybe the car, tire or the road. But when I exceed 100 km/h on highway for a bit, that noise goes away.
  4. Thanks for the comment brother. Decided to go with 175/70R14 after considering all the facts. Got 4 Hankook Kinergy Eco2 tyres today. Gong to get them fitted within next 2,3 days after after the 5000km service.
  5. Hi all, I know there's more than enough websites on above topic and detailed information. Still I got somethings to get clarified. I am to change all tyres in my Vitz as they have done 58000+ and looks so bad at the moment (2 of them are worse). Stock tyres are 165/70R14 and the stock wheel was 5Jx14 ET39. I put alloys of 6 inch width (as I remember). Now I want to put 175mm width tyres this time. Recommended alternative tyre by almost all tyre size comparison websites is 175/65-14 where the sidewall height will be reduced by nearly 2mm. (so correct me if I am wrong: overall height (clearance) is reduced by ~4mm?) Due to this reason many tyre shops recommend to put 175/70-14 instead saying when there's a load, it might hit the ground at some points. Please comment your ideas and knowledge in this matter please. this is the screenshot of the famous tyre size comparison website where it doesn't show the difference of sidewall height. (All other websites shows there is a difference)
  6. Hi, Does anybody have experience with Falcon tyres? Japanese brand made in Thailand. I am on the hunt for a set of tyres for my car at the moment.
  7. Kirillawala Olympus Motors does a decent job. I am servicing my car there. (Vitz 2016), affordable cost. you can google and find the number.
  8. @tiv,if installing speakers can be done as a DIY, what do I need? I mean removing OEM speakers as they are rivetted and drilling holes. Do I need to drill holes in the rear doors too? I went to P*tco and inquired. They are like, "why on earth you need to change the factory speakers dude, are you out of your mind? " they recommend to install new speakers to the rear. I am not sure. At Ch*mara, prices are ridiculous for a pioneer pair which looked like absolute crap. May I know the model you got in your car? Is it TS-G1620F?
  9. yes that was my thought too after checking the factory speaker a bit more. Checked only from outside. Didn't look like a decent speaker to me. I will look for a decent speaker set and get it installed soon. Let's hope for best. I don't think I need an Amp as I am also not a guy that listen to music in loud that much. Current Head unit will do. A205BT Pioneer unit is not the one came with the car brother. I changed it from the Japanese set which has the limited FM frequency range in Sri Lanka.
  10. Are you sure the size is 6", many other forums and articles mention 6-1/2" is a fit. Or is it not an issue? 6 or 6.5
  11. @kmeeg @tiv thanks for your inputs guys. I called Pet#o and told my requirement. They responded well and gave suggestions. Also I inquired from another shop about speakers. They both told that the original factory speaker is a good one. Pet#o guy suggested if I must go for new speakers, they could install 2 JBL or infinity speakers while keeping the originals bcz the originals are of good quality. Please let me know ur idea about this. @tivwhy you say this? what about the 50x4 outputs of the head unit then?
  12. Hi all, I am hoping to upgrade my car sound system. Currently it runs with the OEM two speakers and after marker Pioneer AVH-A205BT head unit. My car is a Vitz. What are my options? Sizes, specifications and any other comments are most welcome. PS: AVH-A205BT Output is MOSFET 50Wx4 But I don't need 4 speaker system, I am looking to install two only. A Subwoofer is not necessary I guess. Has anybody here done this? Thank you,
  13. Once the fuel light is on, how long can we travel before it comes to a halt? I mean in general. Asking just for fun and think it's better to have a rough idea. :)

    PS: averaging ~14kmpl these days with my Vitz.

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    2. Hyaenidae


      Don't wait till low fuel warning lights up to refill if you can help it. You'll prolong the service life of the fuel pump and prevent risk of plugging the fuel filter up prematurely

    3. kadsa98


      Before I replaced my half dead fuel pump last year I wanted to try this lol. Car is a 2 liter VW Bora.

      Waited till the fuel light came on and drove to a work warehouse from home (About 22km) and the car ran out just as I arrived at the warehouse. Obviously I don't recommend doing this as it hurts your fuel pump more than you think, mine was whining louder than an injured dog afterwards ?

    4. YoungGrasshopper


      Agree with @Hyaenidae.. never ever let your fuel tank drop to empty. If it does, all the sediments at the bottom of the fuel tank will get sucked into the fuel pump. Over time, it could cause a blockage. Also, this is Sri Lanka and the fuel blends sold here are not the purest you know...


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