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  1. So I have been away for some time and was sweeping through the forum. And found the perfect thread to share my story with my car. A Big thanks to @Supra_Natural for starting the thread. (Spoiler Alert!!- not a happy Ending). As some of you may know I drive a 2008 lancer ex GLS which is a bit modified to look like a lancer GT/ evoX hybrid. I bought this baby in early 2019 and have taken care of it with absolute care and to be honest I have treated her like my 2nd born daughter. Also my father who is the main character of my story also loved and cherished the car as much as I do
  2. "Everyone needs a beater car"- This quote hit me in the head. loved the write-up and looking forward to read more updates.
  3. I can vouch for them. I did a Major overhaul to my Car's Ac system ( Replacing the cooler,Condenser etc.) It's been over 1 year and no issues at all.
  4. I remember Former president Chandrika was wearing a Patek. ?
  5. Love the pics. It seems you have done some modifications since the last post. If you could list down the things you have done do the car (Modifications,Maintenance,Routine repairs) that would be helpful.
  6. Yeap. Also the Can Bus adapter to be compatible with Rockford fosgate.
  7. I was actually looking at 10.1" Unit. But now you have corrupted my mind,. ?. BTW are all the lancer EX models coming with Rockford fosgate sound system?
  8. Here you go. Get in the car, Insert the ignition key and turn it to "on" Position. Wait for the service inspection to finish and while at it I put my seat belt on. Start the car and wait until my Phone connects to the Bluetooth device attached to the car. (I need my Playlist). Drive away. This process takes about 20-30 Seconds.
  9. I am guessing you are going to do the suspension repair at your local mechanic. Cause if you try to do this @agent you will go nuts after hearing their prices (for both arm link stabilizers they quoted 30k).
  10. Replaced mine couple of months back. if you ever take the route via Gampola and if you see a deep blue lancer then you know what to do right.?
  11. Holy Smokes!! I am sure that I will not be able to sleep today after seeing this. I mean look at that pristine condition.
  12. I replaced mine at the last service. Wurth-21' for the passenger side and 24' for the driver. Bit expensive though. Rs. 3971/=for both. Looks like yours a good deal.
  13. @Sampath Gunasekera what does the Engine tune up consist of at the agent?
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