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  1. I am currently running with 225x45R18. I cant afford to spend on new tyres as the cost will hit me with a blast. Yes that is actually one of the reasons. Also I seem to like the matte bronze finish on the wheels. I think they will get along nicely with the color. similar to this. you get the idea.
  2. Thanks @iRage for sharing. The link has some of the sickest wheels that I have seen on lancers. Also I noticed that in most cases rear fenders needed some work. However the wheel specs that I am considering has slight differences compared to what I have at the moment. So Yeah it's quite probable that those will fit in without any issues. Let's see, anyway I am going to dig deeper into this before I proceed.
  3. @trinity @Davy @Hyaenidae Question for you guys. As you may know I am currently running with stock Lancer GT wheels ( 18" x 7", 5x114mm with 46mm offset). I am seriously thinking about getting some new wheels for the car. I am currently in love with the following which is pretty Bad A*S looking to my eye (or perhaps something similar). Wheel specs= (18" x 7.5", 5x114.3 with +45mm Offset). Question is will these fit my car without any space problems or without any other issues?
  4. Thanks for the Heads-up Mate. I myself too keeping a close eye on those cylinders. Cause last time when I replaced the brake cylinder washers agent advised me to replace cylinders as well. They quoted 17k (per cylinder) at that point. well I did not have a deep pocket hence only replaced the washers. since then car has done close to 5000kms and recently I did my service. I closely monitored and there was no leaks. @Hyaenidae I remember you tagged me in aftermarket brake cylinders on Ebay. @trinity try using Ebay route. https://www.bremboparts.com/asiapacific/en/catalogue/hydraulic/A_12_39
  5. Been reading your blog since the beginning. The final result truly shows the passion of a true patrol head. Bravo Sir!!
  6. Oh I see. Then you probably know what was going through his kid brother's mind while he was driving. Yeah Poor guy..
  7. from the actual owner's perspective -Ok I put an Evo-x spolier and some other bits and pieces of modifications (May be a loud exhaust too) Now my dream is to fly because now I own an Evo X with over 200bhp.
  8. @sathyajithj99 @GK_007 @Ruslan @Gummybr , Thanks guys for your prompt responses. The details/tips you shared will indeed be helpful and I will be sure to post some pics later. Stay safe.Cheerz.
  9. Hello Guys. It's been a while since I updated my own thread. Need some Road tripping advice from my fellow Autolankans. We are planning to go Belihuloya via Nuwaraeliya- Hortanplains- Ohiya route. I am more specifically concerned about Hortan Plains-Ohiya route. Since my car being lowered and I am a bit paranoid of the thought that the Road condition might not be that good and fitting for the car. We will be taking another 2 lowered BMWs and a Honda civic. So yeah this is going to be an epic journey. Has anyone of you taken your vehicle via this route? Of course I am street-viewing and I was j
  10. Nice,Waking up to see this. It looks like Toyota has nailed "The Design" Congratulations mate!!
  11. @trinity Just seeing this. So I removed the stabilizer links at my local mechanic and took a sample to locate the exact replacement.Unfortunately I do not remember which brand was it. I do have the old samples with me. But I guess you are too far away to collect them as I am pretty much based in kandy now. Happy to help you out further if required.
  12. So I have been away for some time and was sweeping through the forum. And found the perfect thread to share my story with my car. A Big thanks to @Supra_Natural for starting the thread. (Spoiler Alert!!- not a happy Ending). As some of you may know I drive a 2008 lancer ex GLS which is a bit modified to look like a lancer GT/ evoX hybrid. I bought this baby in early 2019 and have taken care of it with absolute care and to be honest I have treated her like my 2nd born daughter. Also my father who is the main character of my story also loved and cherished the car as much as I do
  13. "Everyone needs a beater car"- This quote hit me in the head. loved the write-up and looking forward to read more updates.
  14. I can vouch for them. I did a Major overhaul to my Car's Ac system ( Replacing the cooler,Condenser etc.) It's been over 1 year and no issues at all.
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