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  1. Do they undertake repairs as well? Spare parts are very expensive and most probably fakes. Heard both good and bad things about willies on their paint work but not sure about mechanical work. I go to kundasale auto service or excellent auto for mechanical work but there are times i came home disappointed from both places. Suspension of a 141 couldn't be that sophisticated, any greasemonkey would be able to do that with tools.
  2. I have classics in front and exel gs in rear, allion 260. Ride is not as soft as the oem. Better to go oem.
  3. Ventilator design is not just a balloon pumping air. Wrong designs will make things worse for the patient.
  4. Guys did you try using the pioneer menu? I use a 5150BT in my allion. When you turn off audio sources, somewhere in settings, it has steering wheel control configure option. From there, you can attach the functions you want for each key in the steering wheel. I will post some pics later if you want.
  5. When i bought my car also i researched on this. Im not an expert, but my understanding is changing gears often and leaving the car in D while stationary both introduce wear and tear to the system. I have no way to know if my car manual specifies anything because it is in Japanese (Allion 2008). My method is as same as @trinity if the wait is less than 60 seconds leave it in D, if it is more put it in N, engage parking brakes and release service brakes. Over 3 mins stop the engine altogether. It is a good thing that you @Hyaenidae discussed this. I want to know about it as well.
  6. Try kundasale auto service for mechanical repairs. They are little bit pricey though. But served me well upto this point.
  7. This might be normal. When accelerate from low speeds engine revs up pretty quickly and speed follows gradually. This depends on load slope...etc. More load the higher it takes to acquire speed. But again im not an expert on your model. Better drive a similar specimen and check for yourself.
  8. Here comes the aswaha katawaha. I can feel the R gear engaging in a slope when the cvt has to work against the gravity on my 2008 allion. Also a little jerk on cruising when i put down the accelerator a little after taking off my foot completely off the pedal. Odo is on 95k and maintained from the TL from the start on timely manner. Hope this is the normal behaviour of the cvt.
  9. Buddy you are a lucky person to find a good 1.8. When i was searching i didnt come up with a nicely maintained 1.8. I would have take it in a heartbeat. So dont think 1.5 has better resale value than a 1.8. 1.8 always has the upperhand if it was taken care of properly.
  10. Thanks @ramishkad @ajm. This is what i wanted to know.
  11. Hello guys....i have two general questions... 1. Is there any mechanical issue\disadvantage if I park my car with front wheels not straight? 2. When the car is stationary, does rotating steering wheel put any additional stresses and wear and tear to steering linkage and EPS system? Thank you.
  12. Spot fuel consumption is only shown when the vehicle is not stationary. Is it the same when the vehicle is moving?
  13. 92 is enough. unless you have some deep pockets. Octane type based on engine compression ratio. Higher octanes used on high compression engines to eliminate knock/misfire. Premios and allions use 1NZ-FE engine (1.5) which runs perfectly on 92.
  14. I changed rear shocks of my 2008 allion three weeks ago.Toyota quoted somewhere around 45k (whole kit) for each while the kyb was 16k. Toyota kandy guys said they dont have the shock absorber alone. After changing i feel like the suspension is little bit stiffer but it is tolerable.
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