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  1. I have been running a set of Falken tires for a little over a year now. (In my case they were made in Japan and not Thailand so things might be slightly different between the country of origin). The tires had comparatively less road noise and comfortable than the Pirelli run flats I ran before. Wet and dry performance was good and overall I'm satisfied with it.. Overall I'm only missing the run flat option from the previous tire set.
  2. A friend of mine purchased it couple of months back from the authorised agents via daraz when I purchased the Soft99 wax. So it should still be available I think.
  3. Get the bushings replaced with original.. You should be able to source them T#c M#t#rs, S#pr#m# Motor H#us# etc. If you are not satisfied with the job done on your rack you may want to consider the famous rack repair place in Negombo..
  4. Anyone got down parts from Amayama recently? Do they deliver via courier or we have to go to the customs? Any tax payable?

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    2. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      @PreseaLoverplease do let me know!

    3. PreseaLover


      @Dee Jayreceived my lights, and it came directly to my house so no taxes. Maybe because in the parcel i told my friend to mark it as 'Birthday Gift' 

    4. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      @PreseaLoverthanks a lot for the update bro :) Now I can put an order with peace of mind!

  5. If you are planning on long journeys then indeed hybrid would be value adding especially with the petrol prices these days.. The real world fuel consumption would depend on the car's condition and how you drive.. I get around 20kmpl (-/+ 2kmpl) in long journeys varying based on the time of day (as in if you are running in the mid day scorching heat it could reduce to 18kmpl at times and be 22kmpl if its early morning or evening). In Colombo city traffic I have experienced efficiency levels ranging from 9kmpl to 15kmpl plus depending on the traffic condition. I haven't done any hybrid battery related repair for the last 5 years so my battery is not in the best health. Car's with newly repaired batteries seem to get better efficiency in long journeys and in city traffic than mine.
  6. Since I have ownership experience with the FD3 I will talk about it.. The FD3 is technically advanced for its time both inside and out with the digital speedometer, two tier meter cluster etc and will look modern compared to the G11. It will offer better handling, good pulling power and fuel efficiency. Comfort is also good and it has independent rear suspension and all 4 disc brakes. Brakes are electronically boosted therefore would feel like a modern car. The interior is spacious and the materials are good and well put together. Being a hybrid the maintenance might be a bit expensive than the G11.. The issues mainly concentrated on the hybrid battery and most of the cars have now got the batteries swapped so if you buy one that is properly maintained then no worries on that front. The FD3 UK model will have 8 air bags and cruise control and the FD3 JDM models which were optioned by the Japanese owner will have Adaptive Cruise Control and City Brake System plus keyless entry etc. If the daily commute involves going through areas that requires good ground clearance you may want to avoid the FD3 as it has only 135mm of ground clearance.
  7. Oops Using it only once is enough or do they recommend multiple applications before results? Btw did you use it after getting the warning message? How about the Liqui Moly one? Is the one in the image considered the best out of such products?
  8. Just came across this thread.. Guys, anyone have experience with catalytic cleaners? Do they really work?? And assume the catalytic converter has gone bad, is it possible to remove and clean them? Is replacement the only option available?
  9. @kush was there a significant difference in the electricity bill when you converted to Time of Use plan from the standard plan? (apart from the EV charging costs).
  10. Did you get your car scanned? Since check engine light is indicating better to get it scanned as soon as possible. Don't delay this as this may or may not be something related to the AC as you suspect. The Civic 10th generation UK model is known to have AC condenser leaks but the symptoms are a bit different where you experience a drop in AC cooling. So get it scanned soon, as continuing to drive without addressing this issue won't be the ideal thing in my thinking. Please update the forum as well on what is the cause and what was done as the fix
  11. Paid online for my revenue license around May prior to the travel restrictions commenced and this time they have increased the validity period of the temporary license they offer (as I remember). There was a delay in getting it delivered as within a couple of days the postal department closed due to travel restrictions. However, they reopened a couple of weeks (or week) before and I got my revenue license delivered to my home without any issue. Not through the regular postman but guess straight from the central mail exchange. So should commend them on handling it well without any mishaps as it was delayed for about a month. There has been some extensions given in obtaining the revenue licenses so better to check the news sites about anything related to your province or maybe just call the government help center on 1919. However, in your case since you need emission certificate you can not get it online unless you have a valid insurance and emission certificate. Some insurance companies used to provide this service but the service could vary from company to company. You would be able to check it through their website. I know SLIC has the online payment option. Better to renew the insurance at least if you are travelling these days as there is an increase in accidents even though the travel restrictions are in place.
  12. Did you buy the Premio recently? Is this a new thing with the car or has it been so previously? Anyway, the Premio comes with a CVT transmission and CVTs do not behave in the same manner as an auto gear box. That is, there's no physical shifting between gears like 1>2>3>4>5. The best gear ratio is calculated by the computers depending on the user input to the throttle and according to that the car will automatically adjust its response. A typical CVT would rev to the red line without dropping revs and again going to the red line (which is what happens in a manual or auto when the gears are shifting) when you accelerate hard. The engine noise is because of the high revolutions associated with you pushing the accelerator to the floor/ hard. CVTs do drone when accelerating owing to their belt design as well. All the above symptoms are business as usual for CVTs and the noise the engine makes is not linear to the response in performance you experience. And there could be a delay in response as well due to this. Additionally, the S mode is not a SPORT mode in the Premio but the Slope mode, which you can use when climbing/ descending a small hill. When in S mode the RPM is held at a higher level simulating driving on a low gear. That is why you might be experiencing better punch on S mode. Having said that the Premio by no means is an athletic car and only have a mere 109hp from its 1.5 liter engine so don't expect it to have very good pickup when you put the pedal to the metal. In order, for you to be sure if this something wrong with your car; 1. You better drive a similar car and see if that also has the same issue (this doesn't apply if you have owned the car for a long time and this is something new with it). 2. However, a CVT box needs its oil changed at 40,000km intervals and I hope you have changed it (since its reading 120,000km-hoping its the genuine mileage; its due for a CVT oil change. If not get the CVT oil changed right away with the correct oil specified by the manufacturer and perform any procedures relevant for changing CVT oil in a Axio/Allion/Premio). 3. Get your car inspected at TL or other skilled garage to see if there's anything wrong with the car (any error codes, status of spark plugs, ignition coils etc.) Hope you get your issue resolved soon!
  13. This is a typical scenario for the auto gear boxes when they wear with time and running. If you search the forum you will come across similar issues faced by the members and the solutions given. Go to a qualified and skilled garage/ mechanic who repair auto gear boxes and get your gearbox repaired. There's the option of replacing the gear box with a used one as well. You can go with either one depending on the status of your current gear box, cost of both options and parts availability.
  14. Yes, this seems to be a more mature design than the previous generation.. but like you said the design resembles some other German, US and Japanese designs on how you look at it Either way Honda seems to be pushing a more retro design language and a similar face across its line up I feel.
  15. The new Civic sedan was officially unveiled in the US. Seems most specs would be similar in other markets as well..
  16. You can enquire about those tyres from here. Guess, this is the size that fits the new Civic.. Don't know about the quality or reliability of the tyres though.. but you can check with them the prices and availability they are doing some advertising in FB as well through their page..
  17. Yes, it seems that they are not ready to go all out with it until the technology is more mature and affordable like you said. Hence, following that lease strategy and limited production unit strategy. Both, Toyota with the FCVs and Honda with this AI rollout seems to be testing out a new car ownership model as well it seems (especially with the new Toyota Mirai ownership scheme) as the vehicles of the future seems to be more tech oriented maintaining them won't be an easy task I guess specially here in Sri Lanka.
  18. Okay so did a bit of searching and came across this site from Honda which documents the functionality of their new system.. This would shed some light on the matter it seems.. https://www.honda.co.jp/hondasensing-elite/function/index.html The new Vezel is also stated to have an improved version of Honda Sensing and that has something called Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with traffic jam tracking function.. So wonder if the traffic jam pilot is a further extension of that..
  19. Yes, I looked into videos on both the ProPilot 2.0 and Honda Sensing Elite (the launch video and the subsequent promotional video added above) and it is visible that the Honda system initiates the lane changes on its own without the driver having to press any buttons and without having to put his hands on the steering wheel, which wasn't the case in Nissan ProPilot 2 So this is what they market as Traffic Jam Pilot then for which they have gotten the regulatory approval last year..? This should be a pre-emptive system as it encourages the driver to watch a video through the infotainment system while stuck in traffic without having to press any buttons to control the car and keep their hands off the wheel isn't it..?
  20. So seems we have to take their word for it to be genuine?
  21. Guys, is there a way to identify genuine 3M tint film?? One of my friend's has the full 3M tint in his Allion done way back in time and it has the 3M logo printed all over the film.. Is that the way to identify genuine 3M? Cause different shops claim its 3M and quote varying prices.. not sure how to verify it..
  22. Isn't this system more advanced than the Nissan ProPilot 2?
  23. Honda today unveiled a part self-driving (Level-03) car in the form of a Honda Legend. Honda seems to be the first to market with this level of automation in Japan. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-honda-autonomous-legend-idUSKBN2AW0TZ https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Automobiles/Honda-launches-world-s-first-level-3-self-driving-car
  24. Nissan also unveiled the new Qashqai today making February 18th a day for crossover reveals..
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