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  1. Some solid advice from the people above really. Best off keeping your money safe for now. I'll just add my two cents though and this reciprocated with what @iRagesaid near the end. Small houses do get rented quick, especially in peaceful areas. Just like how there are tons of outstation people trying to migrate to Colombo, there are also people trying to get away from crowded towns. So far this month alone, we've had nearly 3 families asking to rent out our 2nd floor and one guy wanted the 3rd floor for business purposes, to open up a small scale garments factory of sorts. Even
  2. Hi, Took a stroll through panchikawatte and the usual spots? If your dashboard just has cracks on it, you can fiber it from within and paint/re-up holster it. Saves you the cost of a new dash.
  3. Haha Same! About Micro though.. I was told the guy who founded micro used to work in CarMart. Yeah my bad, the 60s. And yeah, not a big fan.
  4. They are trying to be an upmarket brand now. Hence the logo. Its one of their old logos reinvented. It appeared on the 70s Peugeots (404 especially). And then this version first appeared on the E-legend concept back in 2016. Personally, I like the old roaring lions better.
  5. Who is (or was) the agent for Opel cars in Lanka? 

    1. kirala2


      Sathosa Motors.

    2. AVANTE


      I like how their headoffice is located in "Vauxhall Street"..which is what opels are mostly. 

      It seems sathosa doesn't care for opels anymore? 

  6. Hi guys! I need to top up my PS fluid by a few mililitres. However, I have no clue what brand of PS fluid the previous owner used. But Im sure it's most probably Dexron 2 grade fluid (as recommended by the manual). Now if I mix a different brand dexron 2 fluid with this, will there be an issue? Eg:- Mixing Castrol brand D2 with STR brand D2 Its for the Peugeot 406, equipped with a mechanical power steering pump.
  7. Verossa is pretty much a mark II underneath, same drive train. Nissan Primera is a nice car indeed. SR20 (2000cc 4 cyl), 5spd, sunroof is what you want. Else there's the SR18 (1800cc) which is slower but slightly more efficient. Parts can be somewhat same or a bit more costly than other jap models depending on where you look. Also it's shorter (4.4m)
  8. Quick Google search says tis the only Chinese car at the time to score a 4 star NCAP safety rating. And the interior on the newer ones are gorgeous. I'm actually starting to like this thing. Only thing that would get in the way would be badge snobbery.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum. By not starting.. Do you mean engine doesn't crank? Engine cranks but doesn't start? If the engine is smooth when driving, then it's most probably an electrical issue you're dealing with. My gut says it's a charging problem.
  10. Here's the truth about those cars. 320 is a 2L turbo-diesel, while 318i in a 1.8L petrol (non-turbo). Both 4 cylinder models. There are 2 versions of the E46. The pre face-lift (1998-2001) and face lift (2001 - 2004). Pre-face lift petrol cars had the M-series engines (don't confuse with M3 or Msport). M43 for 318i, while Later cars had the N series engines (N42 and N46 for 318i/320i). All 320d diesels had the M47 engine, which came in later E90 models also. They all have their own common issues and are not the cheapest cars to fix. It depends on you whether you wa
  11. Welcome to the forums. You have to have a rough idea of what owning a BMW is like. It won't be like the movies, you have to learn about the model you're going for and the specific trim levels, common issues, model years, average market value, average parts prices and so on before indulging in the purchase. Not every mechanic can touch these cars, best be somewhere near Colombo. The agents will rip you off so taking it to Milroy or Ultimate Motor Works is the way to go. What kind of model do you have in mind? For a budget of 3-4mil the most recent Beemer you can find, in
  12. Like Davy said, it's nothing. It's a matter of short trips vs long trips. 200k worth of long trips won't hurt the engine. Just do a thorough inspect before purchase. Be happy of the mileage though. It's more satisfying to buy such a car with 200k mileage and service history instead of a meter rolled car with just 100k mileage.
  13. Has anyone done sound deadening padding for their cars? What product did you use? How does it feel? 

    Thinking about doing some padding for the door cards and wheel wells. Car is quiet but for the sake of it, just want that extra bit of silence :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AVANTE


      @MrCat let's forget dynamat, this is good enough I think! Time to visit the local hardware store 😝

    3. MrCat


      Ha Ha.. :D I f it is a quality product especially where the glue is good enough to hold it in place.. it will work..  Ask around from car audio shop people too, they should know some products.. 

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      I know a bugger who drives wearing apple airpod pro’s. He’s like his car is loud and deafening! so in true Lankan style he bought airpods pro (machan patta flex and now no noise also noh bro).

  14. I took the emission test recently. The guy said the car seemed to be wasting a bit of fuel.

    333,000km, 20 years old but still.. How accurate are our Lankan emission tests anyway? Need to know before I go digging into the issue and diagnosing any problems. 

    1. Hyaenidae


      By wasting fuel they mean unburned hydrocarbons yea? If so, apparently it gets lower as the car ages 🤪


  15. Both have stiff suspension setups, and the seats are firm. Not the best option for long trips. Both have the same engine and gearbox and are based on the same platform, they even have similar interiors. Even similar horsepower (130hp). Difference is, grace weighs 100kg less and height is shorter, so it's slightly better to corner and drive.
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