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  1. Like Davy said, it's nothing. It's a matter of short trips vs long trips. 200k worth of long trips won't hurt the engine. Just do a thorough inspect before purchase. Be happy of the mileage though. It's more satisfying to buy such a car with 200k mileage and service history instead of a meter rolled car with just 100k mileage.
  2. Has anyone done sound deadening padding for their cars? What product did you use? How does it feel? 

    Thinking about doing some padding for the door cards and wheel wells. Car is quiet but for the sake of it, just want that extra bit of silence :)

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    2. AVANTE


      @MrCat let's forget dynamat, this is good enough I think! Time to visit the local hardware store 😝

    3. MrCat


      Ha Ha.. :D I f it is a quality product especially where the glue is good enough to hold it in place.. it will work..  Ask around from car audio shop people too, they should know some products.. 

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      I know a bugger who drives wearing apple airpod pro’s. He’s like his car is loud and deafening! so in true Lankan style he bought airpods pro (machan patta flex and now no noise also noh bro).

  3. I took the emission test recently. The guy said the car seemed to be wasting a bit of fuel.

    333,000km, 20 years old but still.. How accurate are our Lankan emission tests anyway? Need to know before I go digging into the issue and diagnosing any problems. 

    1. Hyaenidae


      By wasting fuel they mean unburned hydrocarbons yea? If so, apparently it gets lower as the car ages 🤪


  4. Both have stiff suspension setups, and the seats are firm. Not the best option for long trips. Both have the same engine and gearbox and are based on the same platform, they even have similar interiors. Even similar horsepower (130hp). Difference is, grace weighs 100kg less and height is shorter, so it's slightly better to corner and drive.
  5. Please don't buy it. When I drove one I thought I might die. Driving go-karts and motorbikes felt safer for me. Alto is a better than the kwid. But if you can, really better to go for a used jap car.
  6. Ohhh this is worth talking about. Yes, I agree. Like you said, as long as you keep within the parameters and know what you're doing, it will handle it. Italian tune ups aren't old talk or myth. It really does apply to modern cars as well. Cars are meant to heat up and work, not just be babied. I lost a CEL on the pug by pushing it a bit. I believe it was a dirty o2 sensor as the owner did talk about it needing to be replaced. On another topic, I love every Gen of the 3 series, but the 4 cylinder E90s don't have a good rep do they? What's your take?
  7. Wow, learnt somethings today! Then coming to the conclusion, basically there's a stress. Just like how driving fast does stress the components. Better to just stress it when it really matters I guess. The stress on the mounts is worth noting. Like MrCat had now said, manuals tend to put more stress on such components compared to autos. Thanks everybody for the insights!
  8. Old chap?!?! Ehm, I'm a little chap sir! Haha. Rev matching is easy, it's the toe-heel system I still haven't mastered because I don't do it much. But rev matching on a motorcycle is even easier and smoother and more satisfying, revs be going higher than most cars redlines. All part of the essence of pure driving, down to the finer details like this. Right bro? Also there's something satisfying about a DSG/DCT matching the revs with the touch of a button. It's 100% smooth, but it's more rewarding with a stick!
  9. That's one way of seeing it. Really, some people lose their family breadwinners and caretakers because of one careless mistake. BTW @kusumsiri, didn't see you in this side for a while now. What's up and how's the Morris?
  10. Official rules don't say such things. But the police will. Normally as a learner, you're expected to drive/ride slowly, keep to the left of the road, not to do overtakes, not to leave your town, not to drive on highways and as stated, not to ride at night. Since learners are new to the road, the police and other people tell the above to prevent them from getting into trouble as they don't have much experience. I have driven at 2am night, have done cross province, long trips, have done overtakes, all when I had an L board but the police never stopped me. Legally, you can
  11. Hi Guys, so I have the practice of quickshifting during spirited drives through backroads. Basically I clutch, shift and gas all in a few milliseconds in a way the car doesn't make any abrupt noises or jerks (obvious sign of a bad shift). Basically how you see racing drivers do. Thankfully my downshifts and Rev matching are smooth too around 90% of the time. But note:- by quickshifting I don't mean rough shifting where I abuse the shifter with brute force like Vin diesel. A very soft click with 2 fingers or my palm is what I mean. On normal drives I just shift.. Normally. Now
  12. We still have a long way to go broski, this is just half the journey! Since you won't be posting in social media, I'll say it anyway: "fatta mchn, maxxa maxxa, elama, kolity💥🔥🔥🔥⚡"
  13. Screenshot_20210108_210436.jpg

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    2. AVANTE


      It's an every 

    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      When hippie lifestyle is bae, but you also have to blow up to pay rent.

    4. AVANTE


      @fiatfan or to sell white badu.

  14. Nice, do keep us updated! Go for a 2nd hand low mileage (lots of low mileage ones around) Duke 200. Slightly more comfy and a bit more fun to zip around. Not as hard to do U-turns and maintenance as with the RC200 (due to the clip ons and fairings). It's also a bit lighter and less cost than the RC. You're only missing out on a bit of top speed due to the lack of aero, but rest all you have from the RC.
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