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  1. Dear All My FB 15 car dose not pick up in the morning in Gear " D " but starting with 1st and change after running about 200 meters and once change to "D" Its running normal and changes the gears with speed ,as normal Check with few leading garages arround in Kandy ,but there is no proper advise other than go for a recondition auto gear box 1 what will be the possible course 2. Can this be repair or need to replace the gear box 3 if so what would be the approximate cost ? Please advise Dhammika
  2. Thank for the advise further can you please let me know a place arround kandy to do the system flushing and change the filter ?
  3. FB 15 Car when start in the morning and select Gear D, it's not Pick up but when it run for small distance in 1st gear and Manualy change to " D " then It is running smoothly with changing gears in Auto How can solve this problem ? Can it repair or need to change the gear box ?
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