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  1. 1.I'm in Kurunegala. 2.Yes, I'm using the car in city limits. 3. Ok.I will try. Thank you so much 🙂👍.
  2. Thank you for the answer.. But I feel some engine vibration than before. What I can do?
  3. Today I went to the service station for 40k service of my CHR and I was said to do a tune up. Mechanic told me that don't do the engine tune up because injector problem can be occur after the tuneup and he has experience of that. Can it happen due to tune up?
  4. @sathyajithj99, @iRage, @john cooper Thank you all for the advices.
  5. @iRage, @sathyajithj99, @Magnum Is mazda 6 comfortable? Most of YouTube car journalists says it is bit stiff. But most of them are talking about high spec car with 19" wheels. What about the mazda 6 with 17" rims. Is it stiffer than CHR.
  6. Actually I'm the driver of the car in most of our road trips ?. So I like to drive Accord?. Another thing is, we have a CHR currently as our city runabout car.( He likes the design of CHR but don't like the design of mazda 6??). So he is get used to the things like rain sensing wipers, automatic high beam, radar cruise control etc. Camry(2013-14) doesn't have any of those. But well equipped Accords have most of the above features..
  7. Actually lack of spare parts is a big question mark for me because I'm in Kurunegala. Not in colombo..
  8. Actually this car is not for me. It is for my dad(as our family car). I'm still 18 years old. My father don't like the look of Mazda 6. He says it looks too much sporty for his liking.
  9. Thank you so much ?. My heart says Accord. My brain says Camry.
  10. Thank you very much for your detailed reply. How to check it? Any idea.. Oh yes. It has 1 speed blah blah blah transmission and I think it has the same technology of new insight. I guess it is a successful and reliable technology unlike vezel, gp5 etc. just because it is used in new insight. Isn't it? Will it become a money pit or painful for brain? Is it more comfortable than so called ultra luxury premio ?????
  11. Hi experts, I'm looking for a midsize car these days. I shortlisted the ninth gen Accord Hybrid and seventh gen Camry hybrid . Actually I like Accord more. If you have any experience or any idea about following things please tell me. 1. Cost of hybrid battery replacement ( Brand new or reconditioned). 2. Life time of the battery 3. Any common problems. 4. Fuel consumption ( Only for knowledge ?) 5. Your ideas about these two cars.
  12. Which car rides smoother ; harrier or crv or rav 4.??? and also please tell me, i)which rides more smoother ii)which has more higher quality interior iii)which feels more luxurious Between U30 Harrier(or RX) and V40 Camry ?? and fuel consumption of i) V40 camry with 2.4l engine ii) U30 with 2.4l engine iii) U30 with 3.0l engine
  13. We don't know that FB15 is suite for you or not . That decision is up to you. FB15 is a good looking, reliable, comfortable car for that money. Better in almost every aspect than a car like alto.(except fuel economy).
  14. @iRage said "Hmmm...5000km does seem rather short for fully synthetic oils...usually even for severe usage the recommendation is about 7500-8000km whilst normal ranges from 10,000-15,000km." He said - "severe usage the recommendation is about 7500-8000km"????? What is your opinion about that?
  15. Do you use this below oil? Is it full synthetic? I serviced my car today at Toyota Lanka and changed engine oil after 6000km. The guy who changed the engine oil told me existing oil is not in good condition. (Cannot go up to 7500km). I changed oil last time using exact same oil in this photo. I'm using the car in normal Kurunegala traffic. Why he said that? Is he correct or does he not know about oil?
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