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  1. thank you so much for sharing your experience..
  2. thank you for sharing your experience.. we use it for long distance trips ( use more than 2000km per month) . so i think hybrid will make sense. can you tell me the real world fuel consumption according to your experience(city & outstation) .
  3. 1. Hmm. according to the Circular , there is no option. if we apply a car with bigger engine(even 1.6) it will be not selected and we have to pay for fuel. otherwise they pay for fuel. So sad. Thank you soo much for your valuable answers.....
  4. Thank you so much for the answer. actually this car is for my farther . He want a car for his job. there are some conditions . car should be a sedan , manufacture year should be at least 2010 , and most importantly engine capacity should between 1200cc-1500cc. thats why civic FD4/1 is not applicable. And most of the time he is not driving the car. there is a driver. So driving pleasure is not that much important. comfort and interior space is more important. Thats why I mainly consider a sylphy. and I like civic soo much. thats why it is the second place in my list..🙂 what are the common problems of g11 sylphy. ( someone said me it has a gearbox problem . is it true . I think he is talking about the cars with poorly maintained CVT box. not the traditional auto box.) Thanks....
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for a bluebird sylphy g11 these days.( I know that this is not the time for buy a car. but I have to buy a car for an urgent reason.) 1. what are the common problems of the car( does it has gearbox problem (CVT or Traditional auto box)) 2. comfort , handling, interior space, interior quality compare with [civic FD3 hybrid, Nissan tiida, axio 140, premio 260] Im shortlisted the g11 and fd3. what are your opinions about these 2 cars and any idea about above questions. THANKS....
  6. Most of Australian versions don't have radar cruise control like stuff. But they have English infotainment system with apple CarPlay & android auto. And JDM varient(not all) come with brown interior and fake wood trim. But Australian varient only available in black interior with fake aluminum trim. Finally,you can decide according to your requirements and taste.
  7. 1.I'm in Kurunegala. 2.Yes, I'm using the car in city limits. 3. Ok.I will try. Thank you so much 🙂👍.
  8. Thank you for the answer.. But I feel some engine vibration than before. What I can do?
  9. Today I went to the service station for 40k service of my CHR and I was said to do a tune up. Mechanic told me that don't do the engine tune up because injector problem can be occur after the tuneup and he has experience of that. Can it happen due to tune up?
  10. @sathyajithj99, @iRage, @john cooper Thank you all for the advices.
  11. @iRage, @sathyajithj99, @Magnum Is mazda 6 comfortable? Most of YouTube car journalists says it is bit stiff. But most of them are talking about high spec car with 19" wheels. What about the mazda 6 with 17" rims. Is it stiffer than CHR.
  12. Actually I'm the driver of the car in most of our road trips ?. So I like to drive Accord?. Another thing is, we have a CHR currently as our city runabout car.( He likes the design of CHR but don't like the design of mazda 6??). So he is get used to the things like rain sensing wipers, automatic high beam, radar cruise control etc. Camry(2013-14) doesn't have any of those. But well equipped Accords have most of the above features..
  13. Actually lack of spare parts is a big question mark for me because I'm in Kurunegala. Not in colombo..
  14. Actually this car is not for me. It is for my dad(as our family car). I'm still 18 years old. My father don't like the look of Mazda 6. He says it looks too much sporty for his liking.
  15. Thank you so much ?. My heart says Accord. My brain says Camry.
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