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  1. This thread is a god send! Have been speculating how and what to install in my E110 corolla for a while now. Could you guys advise me with a setup (great sound quality + bass)/ suggest with an approx cost? I see Damro has legit Pioneer headunits and speakers/ tweeters albiet quite expensive (thinking per unit and not for a pair) and have also come across underseat subwoofers on Daraz. TIA
  2. Inquire from Show Car Detailers in Dehiwala, they were working with the local Meguiar's agents who def had some here (MT320) in SL. Although it will not be cheap. Expect a lil over 100k.
  3. C&C RA2 is a legend in the RTS world! But the 1st place and personal, all time favorite is C&C Generals Zero Hour, still LAN it with the boys...
  4. Yoo that's dope! Fan of the classics I see...and in decent condition as well. Congrats mate! See the previous owner had a affliction in the cosmetic department as was the case with mine haha. Also how does the rear tire fare? Think Volty was built more with commuting in mind where the GT has that dual sport feel. Have come across people saying the GT is reminiscent of the 70s style of 2 wheelers, but then I have yet to ride a machine of that era... Happy trails on ya new ride!
  5. ahah thanks man.. yea definitely fun as hell - so nimble! She's got this torquey grunt on the 2nd and 3rd which is just a blast haha. Beats me dude... think 8 instances where this guy had pasted the words 'BIG BOY' on the rims ? which i painstakingly took off thinking about his mother. Took her for a lil check up yday and the engine is running well, so happy about that and yea, Volty heart! Feels good, really light and the exhaust (starting to like its braap braap vibes) makes it a lot more fun to ride No idea myself about long term reliability myself, what do they say tho? Could keep a look out. Thats alright man. Don't think I can find jet kits for the GrassTracker or hope to fiddle with the carb for much. Although, some enlightenment on tire sizes would be great. Stock setup is 100/90-19 57P on the front, and 130/80-18 66P on the rear - hope to drop some larger tires in the future. Nice, any preferences of a 250?
  6. Whats up @AVANTE - just thought I'd let you know, got a bit of a trade deal for the VTR aaaaand I gave her away. Had a lot of plans for that bike but oh well ? What do you think? Suzuki TU250 Grass Tracker Big Boy. Did couple of cosmetic changes - the previous owner had gone to town with some stickers with some chopper style wide a** handlebars, but what your're looking at now is a slightly improved version. Bike was in a bit of a neglected state so cables, oil + oil filter change, brake pad change etc and the general revamp jobs which i'll hopefully be doing in the next couple of weeks. But all in all, this is one easy ride and feel like my spines gonna be thanking me when I hit (hopefully soon) a long distance ride!
  7. Yea, gotta be mad $$$ to stay in the game - all for a very small prize.. not worth life and limb IMO, although the rush is something else. Yea bro, 250 and haha yea funny thing is she never came up short, hard ware wise, at any point previously. Fate maybe? Real good stuff though hitting trails with the guys, grabbing beers and finding a stream to chill in. Haha yea fo sho he's got a point! But personally I feel like vehicles we tend to love tend to have their own characteristics? Maybe i'm just animistic haha... I have penchant for LOTR - so may be something from that universe. Thanks man, I shall await the info
  8. Good stuff. The Metzeler 150/70R17 more of a enduro vibe correct? Yea would love to get one, albeit gonna be investing more on the VTR now Yea gave it a try despite all the setbacks and difficulties when it comes to the racing world being a privateer. Love the scene but wayyy too capital intensive when you're doing it alone so... came up to the heats at Vijayabahu 2017 where I broke the gear shaft on my WRF. Didn't end up 'racing' per se. Nevertheless my lil bro did, for many events and years. Figured the chilled, enduro vibe was more of my style. After, to take the bikes up to Avissawella where a friend had an estate where we'd ride around all day - much more enjoyable Reluctantly sold the WRF for some other commitments and the VTR suddenly popped up on the radar late last year...and here we are PS : Is naming a ride a thing? thinking about it haha
  9. Thanks man ❤️ I agree the frame and other aesthethics are lovely touches, main reason I went for her... Pretty awesome rides man! the FZ's are a solid line, def a lovely daily rider and damn good on fuel yea? I see it might be time to replace the front tire? The Zoomer must have cost a pretty penny I presume? Wanted to get my hands on one a few years back but was unsuccessful My good friend does own a Spada which he recently (and painstakingly) restored - IMO the riding posture and particularly the clip on handles give it a totally different feel compared to the VTR. Not slow at all but there's a brutish sort of feel on the VTR which I've come to like Def kurunegala is the mecca for us 2 wheelers - used to travel a few times back and forth for practices at the Vijayabahu track where the Liyanages were kind enough to host my lil bro and I. And yes, that would be greatly appreciated man!
  10. Heya bro! many thanks for the reply and suggestions. Here she is... Shes, I believe an MC33. single carb YOM 2000 with the oh-so-sweet V2 engine. Bit on the older side but engines mechanically sounds with a few fixable visual dings. Sweet ride from the dirtbike background/ past bikes i've had. Also being 5'8, 60ish KG (cant remember/ haven't checked since lockdown and def put on in the mid section ), a bit on the physically smaller side, I feel a really nice fit, physically. But yea, most of the reviews I've come across on the VTR is the fact the factory settings really choke the neck in terms of output she can give... but getting her to someone who understands the many factors when it comes to tuning and/or legit maintenance or repairs are a rarity. Or may be my plain bad luck at scouting one out. Thanks for suggesting and hope @kadsa98 and @Croozer could point me at a reasonable mech What about yourself - got a steel steed of your own?
  11. Hey there lads. This is my first time posting in AL, and man was it hard to find a motorcycle thread! (where are all the bikers at?) Anyways, currently riding a Honda VTR 250, shes quite smooth, had a few hiccups with the CDI which I replaced bout a month back. My biggest and mosst pressing issue is where do you find a knowledgeable and trustworthy bike mech! Most that I have come across often lack 1 of these traits. I feel the VTR's running a bit rich and in need of a proper carb tune up and hope to drop a aftermarket jet kit in the future, but tune up most urgently, can anyone point me at a mech preferably in Kotte/Nugegoda? TIA guys
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