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  1. I'm wondering what went through the heads of the marketing team at Nissan when they were naming the Nissan DayZ, "Lets call it Daisy, like a flower! But no young male adult would like to drive in a car named after a flower so we'll just swap the S to a Z to be cool" *Flashbacks to school when we would write Rockz next to our name on the desk*. Honestly everytime I see the name DayZ I can only think of the Zombie game :(


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    2. MaleCortana


      @fiat fan I remember a senior at my school said don't you know about the Honda Julola when I told him I liked cars in around Grade 4. Dumb me was so confused hhahahaahaha.


      @Davy Not going to lie that Naked is a very cool looking car.


      @iRage That's an interesting fact, Nissan seems to have/had cool looking packages for their cars in comparison to maybe other manyfacturers. The AUTECH line up comes to mind.

    3. iRage


      @MaleCortana...yeah....Nissan used to make best in class vehicles in Japan back in the day and quite progressive. In fact it might have been a matter of being a little bit too crazy on being cutting edge and going  a bit overboard in terms of offerings that lead to their financial trouble

    4. MaleCortana


      @iRage Interesting seems like Toyota also had a million different trims back in the day but they were smart enough to streamline it

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