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    Anything that has 4 wheels that goes 'vroom' when running.

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    It has me in it ;)
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  1. Looked at the 'gem' today, it is but a mere cobblestone. :( On paper it gave me a raging boner, first owner, (Registered to a company), Camry 2.4 Euro spec that was imported brand new in 2004 and all eco test reports until 2020 ❤️. The car was priced higher (about 3 lakhs) than the market but is she the one? uwu. Alas no. She is a but a common mongrel with so much dents (big ones in the rear and side doors). The side mirror was Royal Blue and the car is supposed to be black onyx :( The search continues....

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    2. PerfMad


      @MaleCortana true that.. But you gotta pick whatever the best you find at that time. otherwise u will regret it later. There could be always something better in the future but how long are we going to wait is the question to ask..

      So in my opinion if i find a car which satisfy my requirements atleast above 85% i will be going for it. You cannot get 100% satisfied with even a brandnew car :D 

    3. MaleCortana


      @PerfMad What are you my mom?!??! (Not in a disrespectful my mother yelled and me and gave me the same line lol) 

      I'll revist the Camry tomorrow ;) it is one of the best interiors I've seen in a while as well


    4. PerfMad


      @MaleCortana having had 3 cars so far, i have gone to check on many cars so i know the drill. Only difference is at a given time i will look only for 2 specific models tops those will be my finalized favorites cars and then i go hunting for the best out of those :D that's how i narrow down the selections. Even this time I had in mine was the FD series (FD3-4) or the GP1. And after looking at many cars finally settled for the GP :D 

      You better go pay a visit. my rule of thumb is usually as long as the car performs well, maintained well and interior is in topping condition im good with it. Exterior small dents or paint scratches will come in the due course where you can easily get it fixed up or resprayed from anywhere ne :D 

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