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  1. Anywhere to find a Camry 2AZ-FE AC Compressor and Engine Mounts? No The Toyota Dealer in SL doesn't have them nor does any shop in Wijerama area, kinda desperate right now :) 

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    2. iRage


      Yeah...had an issue with the RAV4 and its compressor....my dad could not find a replacement at te agent and the parts shops did not have a used unit either (although they were all willing to ell one that could be fitted after some maka baas work (no idea what that was or how). Eventually he managed to source a compatible part that was Taiwanese....its been about 4 years now and no problems.

    3. MaleCortana


      @iRage Wait a minute, RAV4s came with 2AZs as well 0.o can I know the brand/place/price (this is not even that important at this point) you bought this part from? 4 years of usability is more than enough for me. I also was offered the option of getting a compatible one and to be 'adjusted' accordingly I don't like that idea that much, but if push comes to shove I will have to oblige.

    4. iRage


      Sorry..I have no idea what the brand was....all I recall is that we took it to the AC fixing place at Stanley Thilekeratna mawatha and they replaced it and serviced the system and my dad checking around and stricking out. As for price I beleive it was about 30K ? Not sure..don't quote me on that...At the time the "Toyota labelled" part from the dealer here was like 80,000yen. A rebult one was about 50,000yen and the Taiwanese ne was about 30,000yen.

      Yes..the RAV came with the 2AZ-FE as well. The second generation (A20 series) got it in some markets because only some markets had a 2.4 variant. The 3rd generation 2.4L came with the 2AZ-FE. Albeit the later models got an updated 2AZ-FE than what is found on your car. 

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