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  1. Unsure what price to sell a car? :(

    How much would an Audi A8 (Hybrid) 2013, with 48k kms, 1st owner sell for? Car is obviously in pristine condition. Any guesses on the ballpark? What might make the price increase or not?

    1. iRage


      S badge : + 25,000

      Type R badge : +75,000

      TRD Badge : +250,000

      If the above are just stickers...the price increment is only 65% of the above values.

      Gold badge : +500,000 (quite a bargain considering the fact that each gold badge adds +10 hp.so more gold badges the better)

      Allow wheels : +425,000

      Serious note:

      What makes the average price justifiable and perhaps and maybe even justify towards being the higher end of the price spectrum, mainly:

      - Full verifiable service history

      - All scheduled pre-emptive maintenances carried out and verifiable

      - All running services (oil changes, tire rotations, etc...) obvious and verifiable.

      - Vehicle being well loved (obvious signs of car being regularly waxed, interior cleaned...all nooks and crannies in the car shows obvious signs of cleaning, etc...)

      - A defendable high inspection rating.

      You might expect upgrades like suspension, brakes, exhaust, wheels to add value...and in some cases it can, especially if they are branded high performance components. However, this also adds a serviceability cost in the future which some people will not like (most actually). So you should not necessarily do these upgrades expecting a definite price hike. People do things like chip upgrades...but again...this can be an on the fence kind of thing and should not necessarily expect a price premium at resale. Might help if you have the original components and are parting with it.

      Basically..the only thing that anyone can do to justify a price..is to have a clean and honest car....



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