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  1. Something I noted is that car salesmen are really spineless fellows. 

    I remember confronting a car salesman on lying to me about 'having all records with him and can show' of a car and when I travelled 30km from my house to his car sale he pulled the 'I don't know where any of it is'. Man was almost in tears when I called him a "Kalakanni Moda Yaka", the car was in shitty condition as well, I can see how someone is desperate for a car would be like 'feck it' and be pressured into buying a car because of the journey. 

    They really should be a Customer Protection Services for Used Car Salesmen in this country.

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    2. Hashif Riyas

      Hashif Riyas

      If I were you, I'll be happy buying a 30 year old vehicle for a cheaper price reduced for fixing it up. If the  body is in good shape, I won't be  caring about " how the interior is vandalized and the paint is worn out."

      Sourcing a complete interior trim, a good paintjob and with some preferable tweaks will be making the vehicles stunning at a far less price. 

      Example A Pajero MK1 with pending works costs 2.3 - 2.8 Million. And a 'good condition' one is being priced from 3.5 - 4+ Millions. Even if it is In "Mint like Condition" you can still be lead to some work afterwards. 


      In my opinion reconditioned parts sourced from abroad are way better than lankan ones. You could resell the older parts for cheaper prices. 

    3. iRage


      @Hashif Riyas...yes...but the point is....these guys lie to you to trvel all the way to look at the car with the hopes that the person travelling will buy the car because they travelled all the way there. Then on top of that...they just do some fake repairs to make it shiny....and 99% of the people just fall for it. Even if one does not care what the condition is and willing to put the time, effort and oney in to fixing it up...it does not change the fact that these people lie and cover up cars and then insist on asking for high prices (especially for popular ""market" cars....because they know that there will be some ignorant guy out there who will pay it). So even a clunker for restoration costs way too much than what it is worth...
      and still..you do get your time wasted.

    4. Hashif Riyas

      Hashif Riyas

      True... Last month, my dad was looking for a 2006 Nissan SK82V DX advertised in ryswn.

      The seller was friendly over the phone and told tales like '" Mage Wahane Cataloy gram siyyak thyanawanam Wahane nikan dennam. And all ". and called us repeatedly requesting to have a look at his vehicle and pay an advance. Finally when we went out there ( 150+ Km Ride) . At the first look itself we knew the van was used for hiring purposes and has been vandalized fully. ,Interior, Exterior, and the body have had minor damages and repaired improperly, even the engine sounded bad. The guy didn't talk the way he did over the phone.And was demanding 3.5 Million for that shotload, and was firm in 3.45 after negotiating. (We would have taken it if it was around 3.2 Million reduced for fixing it up) We assume that he was more of a scammer waiting to grab an advance and dissappear... We had to vehicleHunt for weeks.

      But, finally we found a 2007 SK82V VX (Highest Grade) for 3.4 Million.( Vehicles similar were advertised for 4 Million+) We had only minor mechanical issues which costed around 30K+ and 2 days and the engine sounds good, interior is okayish, paint is slightly faded but a detailing job would cover it up. 

      Had to suffer a bit. But it's worthwhile. Now we could spend 1-200K for restoring it like new (if we want to) and still profit if we decide to sell. 

      If car sellers are genuinely aware of their vehicles condition and price fairly.  There would be an awesome marketplace out there. 

      Even we are limited with time. But we know how awesome it is to build. 



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