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    Anything that has 4 wheels that goes 'vroom' when running.

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    Starlet EP91
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    It has me in it ;)
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    Restore the car to factory glory!

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  1. Hypothetically you had around 500k - 700k lying in the bank, what car would you buy and why?

    Other than the obvious Lancer Box Models and B211s

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    2. matroska


      I've seen this video - he seems to be doing a decent resto.

      What I don't like about this Video (just the video) is how they market it using KMPL and as a replacement for a tuk -and not as a classic. This is the problem with  old car scene in SL  and the whole mess. People tend to think of a classic as a replacement for their Scooter, Bike or Tuk : not considering that they require a lot of TLC and is costly... they get the under the tree mechanic in the village to mess up the carb to get more KMPL and then with the messed carb, you have to do a bahirawa pooja each morning to get the damn thing to start. 

      Regarding land - well it might be a good idea to get it in an accessible place not too far off. My late uncle bought a significantly large plot  of land in the Badulla District  - somewhere around Hali-Ela area if I'm not mistaken. It was rather in accessible and after the excitement died down he kind of forgot all about it - many years later there was a massive landslide in the area and the land was not able to be located. The authorities requested him to visit Badulla to discuss the matter/ identify the land or something but as he was terminally ill  he never went and I think that was the end of that plot of land. 

    3. iRage


      Yes...these things are rare....like unicorn rare...so anything of this vintage that is in any state that is road legal fetch massive prices. Then there is the maintenance cost....maintaining anything out of warranty in Japan is expensive but these older cars (even cars like E100 Corollas) get really pricey as there aren't parts easily available and not everyone (including the agents) are willing to work on them...so even with the agent one has to wait till a mechanic is assigned to your local dealer or take it to a specialist shop.

      So one's pockets need to be deeper and deeper as these cars get older...helps if one is able to do some basic one themselves.

    4. MaleCortana


      Hmmm interesting;

      I agree with Matrsoksa, I didnt pay much attention to the KMPL (The 2.4 Camry stands as a testament to that hehe), and yeah I dont think it is a good alternative to a tuk and scooter as well because of the TLC needed, I was just ogling at that pristine dash and the vinyl doorcards hehe.

      Hmmm yeah land also  I need to think about that.

      iRage I assumed B211s might be easy to maintain here for the sheer number of cars here, interesting..


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