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  1. Hi all, I have honda vezel 2015 model and there's an ABS issue with my car.still i did not fix my ABS issue and when i run about 7-15 Km i feel my engine heat is slightly higher than engin heat available when there is no ABS issue.due to ABS issue my car is now not switching to battery mode.Is this normal( any engine heating notification not display ) Thanks all
  2. Hi All, If any one know best place to purchase recondition honda vezel 2015 ABS unit (T7BJ9), please mention the contact details. Please let me know that repairing ABS unit is a good idea or not. Thanks All
  3. Thank you @iRage for your valube answer.
  4. Hi all, I have 2015 honda vezel.It got "P287C Transmission Adaptive values not learned" error.when i drive it for small distance(about 1km) from the clutch situated side i can notice white color smoke.can anyone tell me a reason for this issue. I am afraid that this issue will damage my car while i drive to repairing place.if you have any suggestion to avoid any further issues happen while i taking car to repairing place pleace let me know. Thanks all
  5. Hi All, I have honda vezel 2015.it have ABS system issue and i identify that my car is not switching to EV mode also.My question is why my car is not switching to EV mode.Does ABS issue affect on that.
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