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Found 1 result

  1. This is based on my experience of renewal of driving license. This is applicable to anyone has a driving license of; 1. Old school type (book) got damaged, faded. 2. Driving license with magnetic strip got damaged, faded. Both these types have no expiry date printed, it means you can use them as long as driving license is readable and undamaged. There was a circulation to mandate all these previous versions to be updated into new system, but it has not yet been implemented. AFIK There are two steps: 1. Medical Examination: It is compulsory to appear for a medical examination. This is done in several places in the country. In Colombo district you can go for Werahera or Nugegoda. Procedure is set out under this http://www.ntmi.lk/images/pdf/the_process_of_issuing_medical_fitness_cirtificate.pdf I went to National Transport Medical Institute - Nugegoda branch. - It opens around 8.30 AM but you can go there up to 10.00 AM depending on the numbers. Per day they take around 600 applicants. No parking inside the premises unless you are a V*P. - take your driving license and National Identity Card. - Queue 1: Here you will be measured for body weight and height. Then they issue you a simple form (Registration form for obtaining a medical fitness certificate) with a TIN number ( in order of the issue) mentioning your body weight and height. You have to fill out the rest of the details, your name, Driving license number and purpose of the medical test, date and signature. Make sure details are correctly filled, else your details in the final certificate may be wrong. - Queue 2 : This is for registration and payment. This takes quite bit of time. As far as I have noticed, they take nearly 3-4 hrs to serve 500 + numbers. They will take you according to your TIN number though you are smart to cross the queue. So not necessary to stand or wait in the queue all the time. If you know who is ahead of you in the queue, you can go out for a coffee and come back. Once you are called, they will ask your driving license, NID and form given to you earlier. First they will enter your details into the system. Will take a photo of you. Also they will ask your telephone number. After registration is completed they give you back the endorsed form. Take that to the payment counter. For light vehicle it cost Rs.800/= - Queue 3 : This for examining your blood. This was done at a separate place to the registration. Here you will not be taken strictly to the TIN. But more or less you will be there according the previous order. Produce your NID, Driving License and the form with you. They will test your blood glucose and blood group. Not necessary to take your blood group verification details. - Queue 4 : This is for examining your body fitness, blood pressure and vision. Here you will be called according to the TIN. Usually they will take you in group of 10 at a time. First they will verify your registration details one by one. Physical test: You will be given few hand and leg movements to verify any disability or abnormality. Similar to the school time PT period. Vision test : You will be checked for the vision, any play in your eyes. If you are wearing glasses, make sure to take them. Blood Pressure: They will verify your blood pressure. - Queue 5 : This is the final queue where you will be given the certificate. You will be called by the TIN. n.b: There are cases where you will not get the certificate without any trouble or they will deny to issue you a certificate. Specially if you have high blood sugar, high blood pressure or any problem with your legs or hands (swollen joints, cellulitis, etc) you will be further examined or will be rejected. X-ray examination is required for application for heavy vehicle driving license for first time. 1. Obtaining Driving License: It is not mandatory to obtain the driving licence on the day itself of the medical examination. you can go any date up to 6 months of the medical examination. You can obtain your driving license in any of the regional office including the head office at Werahera. In Werahera it is pretty much efficient and streamlined. If you go Werahera, you have to go before 3.00 PM for regular service and before 12.00 noon for one day service. But these times are little flexible as I noticed. - Queue 1: On arrival you will be issued a token upon verifying your NID, Driving License and Medical Fitness Examination Certificate. Then you will be taken in number on around 10. - After this, you will directed to counters. In the first counter, they will verify your details including the previous driving license details. etc. Then they issue you a form printed with those details and will direct you to another counter. In the second counter you have to produce your finger prints and they will take a photo of you. This is the photo which will be appearing in your driving license. After that they will print another page including your photograph, where you have to enter your postal address, telephone number, date and signature. This is basically the application form. In the third counter all the documents will be scanned including your NID, previous driving license, application form ,etc. They will punch the previous driving license before it is returned to you. Finally, in the payment counter you will be charged according to the type, regular or same day service. Upon payment you will get a receipt and temporary driving license (for regular service). According to them, in regular service you will be receiving the driving license within 3-4 weeks by registered post. For same day service you have to go to driving license collection center located outside the main building. n.b: If you are not planning to get the driving license on same day, it is advisable to go around 2.45 pm-3.15 pm, if you don't want to wait long in the queue. They don't accept debit/ credit cards, take enough cash with you. Else there is an ATM just outside the main gate. Have a good day.
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