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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys,So recently i did an engine tune up.Also Changed the spark plugs using toyota orginals.But now the engine has an excessive vibration at idle.It can be felt from steering wheel to seats.Car idles at around 600rpm.But if i press the break peddle very hard or when the a/c kicks in there is no vibration.no vibration at 800rpm.it doesn’t matter if i put the gear to N vibration is still there.Other than that no running issue drives smoothly.Before the tuneup there was no vibration.
  2. Hello guys, So I noticed this issue in my Allion 260 recently. When I put the gear to R from any other gear (P or N), it takes 1-2 seconds to engage.During the delay car feels like it’s in neutral, but when it engages to R in a harsh manner, giving a jerk (like a jump). The transmission oil have been changed within 30,000km from the beginning, and now the car has only done around 12,000km after the change.What is the problem? When I went for Toyo Lan inspection, they denoted that the problem is with the engine mounts, but changed all 4 engine mounts today using genuine ones. Still the problem is there. What seems to be the problem? What should I do? Experts please give your opinions! Thanks guys p.s - After thinking more carefully I got these points about the issue. The jerk's(jump) severity is depended on the rpm level. During a cold start, the engine rpm is high, so the jerk is severe. Today, after fixing the mounts , rpm was lowered to 400-500 due to the ecu reset caused by the battery removal. So the jerk was not there at that moment, but the late engagement was there. When the engine rpm became normal after returning to home, the jerk was there. When I put the gear into R, during the delay, the engine behaves like it was put into Neutral or Park because the rpm goes a bit higher like those two gears. D is completely normal. Haven't noticed any abnormalities in D. No drop in the economy
  3. Hello guys, I v experience sudden blinking of dashboard lights, (handbrake ,steering,engine,echo light) and speedometer going up and down and be at zero while driving . For 10 to 15 min. Then all acting fine. Dnt have time to go to a mechanic for next 2 ,3 days but i will end of this week. Pls advise me wt seems to be the problem and cost to take care of it. My car allion 260, 2007 , milage close to 100k . Have a photo attached,, that time i was doing around 40 kmph ,but spdometer 0 , showing these lights as i mentioned . Thankyou so much.
  4. Can anybody tell me what is the standard rpm when toyota allion 260 on park mode
  5. So I went to inspect my relation’s 2013 Allion. The car is in perfect body condition, and interior condition.The fabric upholstery of the doors are kind of rippled.Can this be fixed?
  6. Hi, I'm driving a 2012 Allion clocked around 65k in it's odometer. All the periodic maintenance are done though the agents. Recently I've noticed a strange KRRRR.. sound when the car is slowing down from 30km/h to 10km/h. I heard this noise when I'm driving (A/C turned off and both passenger side and driver side shutters are fully open) through a quiet lane which has walls on both sides. So I can hear the car's noises very well. When the car slows down to 10km/h this KRRRR... sound came from the left side of it and fades away within few seconds. Also I can hear this sound even in sudden pick-ups of the vehicle from 10km/h or below. I'm suspecting there is something wrong with my CVT. Have any of you had the same problem? Thanks.
  7. Trying to decide between BMW 320D vs Allion 260 and I need your help. Been lurking over this forum for quite a while, did my own online research reading tons of past threads but if any of you can share some honest insight specifically on this, that's gonna be a huge help - for me and many others! Don't think this question/comparison has been done before. Aight, my goal is to figure out what'd be the better choice out of these two - BMW 320D vs Allion 260 (almost the same as Premio). If you need a manufacture year for the benchmark, let's use 2011. Not planning to get it down, looking at buying a car that's already been imported - so probably gonna be the 2nd/3rd owner. I'll be using this mainly in Colombo and suburbs. Not a family man, just a cool bloke here (family men can be cool too!). I'm not going to be a cheapo - I want to live my life to the fullest, but also not going to forget the fact that SL is one hellova peculiar market - thus wouldn't want to drift too much away from it and live in my own world either. Neither I'm a fanboy of any brand and a pretty much newbie when it comes to vehicles - thus here I am on a public forum asking for expert advice! My observation/thoughts - Roughly a 2011 Allion 260 would be around 55-60 lks whereas a 2011 BMW 320D would be around 65-70 lks. The difference is one million; now I'd love to go for a BMW but my main concern is if BMW offers the same/more features as an Allion (probably a "stupid" question already but heck, I'm here to learn and grow). In my own comparison, here's what I know so far. I should also note that I did some intensive research and chose these two cars are two great contenders overall. Resale value - Both (tho Allion, bearing a Toyota badge seem to have a more stable market value; less depreciating.) Fuel Efficiency - Allion Parts - Allion Prestige (common, let's be honest ) - BMW Features/Specs (my main concern) - Allion? (Again probably another stupid remark but on almost all Allions, and their specs I did see tons of "bells and whistles") Driving pleasure - BMW? (Assuming BMW has less features, can it exceed the overall experience we get in an Allion?) Build quality - Both? Requires less maintenances (comparatively) - Allion Probably for those who are well versed with the subject this might not even be a worthy comparison - as you'll know what's the best right off the bat, but just sharing your honest opinion without trolling/going with the wave would be of immense help. Please feel free to ask if you need any of my inputs, to craft a better response.
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