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Found 8 results

  1. WagonR drivers, can you please post what kind of fuel consumption are you seeing with your cars in city as well as highway (outstation) driving? Is the much-talked-about fuel economy of these cars for real or is it just hype? Thanks for your information.
  2. Hi, so I'm new here and loved reading some great explanations from many. I'm here to ask for similar help on a specific issue that I couldn't find a good answer to. I would like to buy a car and the budget is 1.8-2 million. I was scouring for options and first thing I came up was the Geely Mx7 Mark II. It's within budget and seems like I can get a 4-5 year old one with reasonable options. I also hear that while the interior is not very sturdy, the important parts like the drive train etc are based on a toyota corolla, and even fits corolla parts. (I know the corolla as a really reliable car since our family had AE100 and 121) I also thought about some 2-3 year old Altos which I got to know as reliable and good for hard use as well, and quite fuel efficient, but they are not in anyway safe or comfortable, and really cramped. So would like to avoid it unless there's really no better option. Other option is older Japanese cars. The one I set my sights is a Mazda Familia BJ5P, which actually looks really good, comfortable and spacious, while everyone says Mazdas are very reliable. I found several within budget eith YOM 2000-2002. I loved Hondas as well, especially Civics, but ones within budget are 1996 or so, so guess I'll avoid those. (Same with Toyotas) People say the Honda Citys are good as well, I'd like to know whether they are so actually, since they are assembled elsewhere than Japan. I found several with Vtec engines with YOM 1999-2001. Is it true that 20 year old Japanese cars are better than 2-5 year old Indian or Chinese cars? ? So could you help me out here. What I need is a spacious, reliable and a reasonably safe car. Fuel economy 10+ in city and 13+ outstations is fine. What I really would like to decide between is, Geely MX7 MARK II (2013-2014) MADZA FAMILIA BJ5P (2000-2002) HONDA CITY VTEC (1999-2001) Any good alternative suggestions are welcome as well. Thanks
  3. I have a Honda city 2000 model car. My car was stop on the road and when I go to the garage they said that engine coil was burned by a electrical short. So I had replace it and it cost me 11000. Will this can happen again and again
  4. I have a Honda city 2000 and I am planing to buy a Nissan sunny n16 or n17 model. Will these two models be better than Honda city 2000? And can I sell my car around 2 Million?
  5. Hi all. I am new to this group and i haven't used any vehicle before. I am planning to buy a used car around 2Mn - 2.5 Mn. My options are Honda Civic, Honda city, Mitshubishi Lancer or Similar Nissan car. Can anyone tell me Advantages/Disadvantages/Things I should know about Mitsubishi Lancer /Civic/City Thank You
  6. Hi Experts I'm currently having a Honda City 2001 vtec model car, and like month ago i went to do my wheel alignment to Car ***e and found out rear left shock had 0 gas on it, so they asked me to replace mine and come back for the alignment. Therefore I went and bought 2 Tokico shocks and replaced em. However, before shock replacement I had a daga daga noise whenever i go through a shitty road.. Initially i thought this was due to bad shocks, but even after replacing my shocks i was keep getting that same noise from same side. Then i though this could be due to back spare wheel plywood board, and tried removing everything. But noise was there.. So last saturday i went to my garage and asked my mech to check it, then he went down and checked and he said links are weak so need to replace (because it was making some noise after shaking), then i replaced both sides with genuine items which were bought from Tec motors, and even after that i was getting the same noise.. Then he went under the car and asked me to "car eka podak padanna" i did it couple of times so that he can identify the root cause.. But he wasnt able to.. I took the car as i wanted to go somewhere and needed the car so badly. I told i will bring it back on friday. He said needs to remove left shockabsober again and see.. What do you guys think could be the root cause for this sound? Is there workaround to verify the root cause before replacing anything else further ? Hoping to hear from all of you, since i don't wanna replace anything even though its worn out, unless that is what making the noise.. Cheers PerfMad
  7. Hi Guys I bought a Honda City 2001 model recently and I got 2 remote keys with flip key remote. Previous owner told these were there when he bought it as well. Remote is bit similar to this https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ecutool.com%2Fproimg%2F2_Buttons_Flip_Remote_Key_Shell_for_Suzuki_K213003_b.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FCar-Keys-Fob-SwitchBlade-Key-Flip-Case-for-Suzuki-SX-4-SX4-Swift-Remote-%2F190892860497&docid=YepJHHj9yHaZfM&tbnid=JpsKiEBeD8lihM%3A&w=650&h=325&bih=741&biw=1600&ved=0ahUKEwiWv-T3oZzMAhVBv44KHfkDAP0QMwgfKAIwAg&iact=mrc&uact=8 However, this remote has only LOCK/UNLOCK functionality. The issue is when I try to unlock it i get a strange sound like driver side actuator is trying to unlock itself several times (drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound). This does not come when i try to LOCK the car by remote. Also I noticed that, this issue occurs only if i try to LOCK and UNLOCK at the same time. For an example, let's say I LOCK the car by remote, then UNLOCK it using the key from driver side door (not the remote) -> No strange sound all doors gets unlocked If I then try to LOCK it again with remote and then UNLOCK it by REMOTE (this time it works without any sound) but if i perform this step again, then I get this annoying sound. What could be the issue for this ? Currently what I does is, use the remote to LOCK and unlocking will be done by the KEY. Rarely I unlock it with the remote (only if I perform the 1st step) Appreciate your expert feedback on this..
  8. Hi, Is there anyone know what is the milage to change the Timing belt in Honda City - M model. Approximate cost and a good place to do (or should I go to the agent ??).
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