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  1. Hi, My car (toyota vitz 1000cc) is been using 95 octane for the last two years. I am thinking of moving it back to 92 Octane. What procedure should i follow. is it a just refilling or do i have to do the engine cleanup ? Please help me with this . Thanks in advance.
  2. HI Guys I have J200 2wd Toyota Rush and I noticed in colombo with/without traffic it does only 6-7KMs per Liter (This reading is according to Vehicle "Mode" reading on dash board) My ODO meter reading 45000 and I just changed Automatic transmission fluid, changed Air filter, Cleaned the throttle and plugs. but still I get the same reading. and My driving style is pretty decent dont race above 2500RPM. I didnt change Automatic Transmission Oil Strainer/Filtet find it from the market (Agent has it for Rs 7500+ ) You guys are the experts so please tell me what went wrong, and what I shud get checked to improve fuel consumption. People say it should does 9-10KMs per liter in city . #Help Me! MDP
  3. Please give comments on the usage of new Civic 1.0L turbo hatch in Sri Lanka.
  4. Dear Friends This is not a question, but an answer to a question which was not asked. There is another big thread on this forum on "Fuel Efficiency" where large number of members had posted comments on fuel efficiency of their cars. But looking at some comments, we can clearly identify that, some of the members do not know how to calculate the fuel efficiency correctly. That is why I thought of posting this. 1) Get your car full tanked. Take down the current mileage; say M1. 2) Drive the car until fuel level becomes somewhat low. At least below the quarter of the full level. 3) Re-fuel again to full tank and take down mileage M2 and amount of fuel pumped V2. 4) Now, it is clear that, to move the car from M1 to M2, it has consumed V2 amount of fuel. Therefore, the fuel efficiency = (M2 - M1) / V2 There may be some fellows who are not familiar with this algebraic formula. For the ease of them, I will try to explain using a numerical example. 1) Get your car full tanked. Take down the current mileage. Suppose it is 76,369km 2) Drive the car until fuel level becomes somewhat low. At least below the quarter of the full level. 3) Re-fuel again to full tank and take down mileage and amount of fuel pumped. In this time, suppose the mileage is 76,801km and amount of fuel pumped is 45L. 4) Then the distance the vehicle traveled using 45L is 76,801km - 76,369km = 432km. Therefore, the fuel efficiency is 432km ÷ 45L = 9.6km/L. This method gives you the average fuel efficiency between these two fillings. But if you need a further accurate figure, you can extend it to multiple number of fillings rather than two. For example if you had five fillings then the formula will be (M5-M1) / (V5+V4+V3+V2) Please note that the amount of fuel pumped at first filling (V1) is NOT used in the calculation.
  5. Guys, what would be better vehicle? Vezel or Grace EX i mean, in every aspect, fuel consumption, riding pleasure, maintenance, and every way possible. (with the price of course) And how much Grace does in City ? and Vezel as well.... thanks in advance guys
  6. NIssan N17 (Super Saloon) 2008 1300 Manual. Could u pls tell me the average fuel consumption city and outstation. Can we buy around Rs 2m? Need an advise as we dont know much
  7. Guys can somebody tell me about the Sorento 2003 model. I found one with 2.3L Petrol. can you guys share your opinions on this vehicle. Fuel consumption Pleasure Services worth to buy or not and everything you know about ps - i found this one. as it has nothing much, i posted this
  8. Dear friends, Vitz 2017 model. Please help I just noticed my range is showing 1km but I’m having fuel in my tank. Also average is showing 11.5km for long time now. When I on the headlight the player is getting dim is it normal please help.
  9. WagonR drivers, can you please post what kind of fuel consumption are you seeing with your cars in city as well as highway (outstation) driving? Is the much-talked-about fuel economy of these cars for real or is it just hype? Thanks for your information.
  10. Hi experts, I recently bought (a month ago) a 1.3 K12 (CR12 engine) automatic with 60k mileage. Previous owner used Mobile 1000 (10W 30). However I am seeing that my car is doing 9kmpl in Colombo. I just searched through internet and found that ideally this should do around 12-13kmpl. I am not too harsh on accelerator within city driving and so far I didn't take this car for long drive. Previous owner told he already did a engine tune-up recently and I can see the receipts for it. I have two questions. Can I switch to Mobil 2000 (10W 40)? Why this small piece need 9kmpl within city limit? Is this normal or something I need to worry about? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi guys , I'm not really sure if I can ask this in the forums but here it goes , I am kind of frustrated for searching for a allion/premio 1.8 2010+ Yom , spent the past couple of days looking everywhere . If anyone can help me out with leads or any cars possibly on sale , please let me know
  12. Hello guys, I want to know the fuel consumption of Santa Fe 2008/9/10 and 2011 (both petrol and diesel) I heard it does 10 on diesel and 8 on petrol, that true? and I wonder if it is a bad vehicle to buy in 2019 cus I heard all the Santa fes have gone through an engine overhaul by 60 000kms (diesel ones - did petrol vehicle engines got overhauled too?)
  13. Watchman

    Fuel Efficiency

    Hey! There’s been a couple of posts asking members how efficient various vehicles are on fuel. And with the prices going up by Rs.8/= and with news in the air that it will go up again by another Rs.3/= soon, its getting even more important… So what do you say we post the following details Vehicle : Transmission Type : Engine Capacity : Fuel : Km per Ltr (city/long distance) :
  14. i have ford laser 2000 (bj5p) which i brought few month ago. from the day i took this vehicle its fuel consumption is around 5 -6 kmpl. then i did a full tune up from sumudu automobiles, but problem was not solved . then my mechanic (sumudu automible) say that there were oil sluges inside my engine (some stranger noise also came) so he open the upper cover and then he says he need to open the head also. after that he says engine bor and pistons are also not in a good condition , then we replace engine "mottayak". but my problem is remain same. still fuel consumption is 5-6 kmpl. please help me this is my first car note- previous owner has bypass the alternator cable from ECU for some reason
  15. Hi guys, i bought the axia last year and the fuel consumption was quite good but since of late I feel that the fuel consumption has increased. Am not sure what’s going on but any advise on this or any solution would be much appreciated. TIA
  16. I need to buy a hybrid car.Which hybrid car should I buy?..feel free to comment the fuel consumption(km per litre)
  17. Hey There, I'm planning on importing a 2018 Honda CR-V 1.5L Turbo and would like to know about the fuel consumption of the vehicle from any current users? How does it do in City, Highway etc? Any other comments on the overall ownership of the vehicle is highly appreciated :) :)
  18. We have a Honda Civic EK3 Ferio Vtec Automatic 1996 JDM vehicle. My brother has recently bought it. We did the spark-plug replacement and injector cleaning. Also air filter and oil has been changed. Patrol filter is new and auto gear oil is also good according to technician. But we dont know whether previous owner has used Honda Multimatic oil for the gear box. Also few screws in the distributor is broke, thus we didn't had the chance clean it in the tune up. Now the problem is it's fuel consumption. It does 11.5 km per liter in the highway with AC on and speed at 100kmph. In Colombo consumption is 6.5 km per liter. I measured it full tank to full tank. Other than that when we accelerate from idling, it gives a strange metal scratching noise and a knock from timing belt area. Alternator belt and AC belt is also near to packing. Thus couldn't tell exactly what is the noise. It shows 150k mileage. But surely it has been reverted, I guess t has done more than 250k Any guesses about the problem.
  19. Goro

    Ceypetco FUEL REFUND

    Recently I pumped 95 Octane worth Rs 3000 from a Ceypetco station and paid by card. And I asked for a receipt as well. After few days I was checking my online bank account and transactions and I saw a record like this, FUEL REFUND-LANKA FILLING STAT worth Rs 58 and few cents. What's the reason for this? Why did they refund this amount ? and if I payed by cash I would have never gotten this refund. Is this because they've pumped fuel worth less than Rs 3000 and since I got a receipt they wanted correct the error?
  20. Hi guys, In my Nissan TIIDA 2008 (Automatc transmission) i had around 9 - 10 KMPL in city limits. This is after a full tune up. Before it had around 7 KMPL in city. By mentioning full, I meant Replaced Iridium plugs EFI / Throttle body cleaning Engine mounts In addition to this i had a engine miss due to burned ignition coil so replaced with two genuine coils. Also replaced air filter with a genuine air filter. Also I've recently replaced lower arm bushings, sub frame bushings etc. Now my problem is car doing around 6.5 KMPL in the city. I have driven around 5000KM after the tuneup and now it giving me this fuel figure . I'm driving carefully not to push it more than 2k RPM. Odo is around 96k and engine oil replacement coming in 98k. Never did a ATF change after i bought (ran around 15,000KM yet) this but when i check with dipstick oil having pink color. Tyre pressure 30 psi for all tires. Tune up done by Ravi (Bulugaha junction). When i went to see him last week regarding this matter he did a scan and showed me this readings (see attachment) saying fuel consumption should be good. Also he told me if I'm having this problem again, come back to him and he will give me a ignition coil set so i can try running with those. Do you guys have any suggestions on this problem ? Do i need to replace ATF and see ?
  21. I recently bought a Lancer Ex 2008 GLS which is a A/T car. I'm using 95 Octane as fuel. I can only get 8 to 9 KM/L out of it in city limits. I heard that manual Lancer EX does more than 12, 13 KM/L in city limits. My questions are Is there a ECO mode where I gain get more? Best practices to be followed(in A/T)? How can I improve? Any techniques or advice? Thanks in advance
  22. Hi All, Is there any risk of pumping fuel from flooded fuel stations? Is there any possibility of leaking water in to storage tanks?
  23. General Question. Your feedback is highly appreciated. What is the most (fuel) economical petrol car in the Sri Lankan market? 1. --- (xx km/l average) 2. --- (xx km/l average) 3. --- (xx km/l average)
  24. Is the Fuel Efficiency of Hybrid Vehicle going down, when the vehicle getting older ? users & experts pls explain it practically & theoretically.
  25. Model : 2015 Axio Hybrid G Some observed Fuel consumption figures in Traffic Maximum observed was 28.8 km/L in Southern Highway Heavy Traffic A/C set to Auto mode @ 26C From Kirulapana --> Nugegoda --> Delkanda Normal Traffic Heavy Traffic A/C set to Auto mode @ 26C From Delkanda --> Udahamulla --> Madiwela
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