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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, My friend has a Honda FIT Hybrid Model DAA-GP1. Few weeks back he got his vehicle check engine lights on and put his vehicle for diagnosis at local Honda Agents. They said there is an engine oil burning issue and hence they advice him to do engine flush clean-up along with spark plugs & injector cleaning. Then as per their advice he did above. During the repair they changed engine oil from 0W-20 to 10W-30 stating that its advisable to move to a higher viscosity oil grade in case of oil burning. It costed nearly Rs 20k. Then again just few days after his repair, Check Engine lights came again. Hence went again to Agents & they said it's a known issue for my model a hence they need to repair engine by changing Pistons, Piston Rings & other accessories etc etc.. which is kind of engine overhaul which may cost on avg Rs160k ++ . Other option is just clean the pistons without replacing.... which may cost 1/2 of the above price. However they havent recommend same as problem can re-appear. It seems there were similar cases before for same model. My friend got shocked as his vehicle has done only 40,000 ++ Kms. Its totally a design fault. I couldn't believe why Honda can't manufacture an engine which can drive at least 100,000Kms without any issue as I never experienced same either with Toyota or Nissan. However through internet, I found that this is a known issue for Honda Fit & Insight, & hence Honda Japan has issued a recall notice for same. My friends model / Chassis No also falls within the recalled chassis range. Refer below link. ( Open link with Chrome browser and Translate to English via Google translator or refer attached 3 images ) http://www.honda.co.jp/recall/auto/other/170120.html Seems initial Piston design allows sludge formation on the edge of the piston oil ring, hence it may result in poor sealing of the oil ring. Due to above it may cause engine oil to leak into engine combustion chamber which causes cylinder misfire hencec trigger Check Engine Lights. Sometimes even short circuit spark plugs. In the recall notice Honda has clearly mentioned below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chassis No range - Honda Fit : GP1-1200002 to GP1-1242186 May 10, Heisei 24 - August 2, Heisei 20 [Request to customers] 1) We are very sorry for everyone you love us, but if the above events occur, please contact the nearest Honda dealer in advance to inform us of your visit date and we will accept your inspection. 2) If parts replacement repair is necessary, we will do it free of charge ( FoC). 3) If you have any questions, please contact the nearest Honda dealer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since this is known recall, when i ask from agents , they informed me that they haven't officially informed to do this free of charge from Honda yet. Q1 : Has anyone experienced similar issue with Honda FIT GP1 ( or Insight ) ? How you have resolved it ? Have you guys replaced pistons + piston rings or only cleaned and re-fixed ? Q2 : I'm planning to write to Honda Japan and check validity of above recall option in SL. Does anyone has contact email of Honda Japan ? I couldn't locate it from their Japanese web site. Has any one tried this option before and any positive response /luck with it ? Thanks.
  2. Hi Guys, Does anyone here knows whether we can change the language of Audio Setup in honda fit gp1. It's Gathers VXM 128VS. I'm curious has anyone done it before or if it's possible. I my self tried this using the Manual and couldn't succeed. There were couple of YouTube videos as well which we can use google translator to find out correct language settings that didn't work as well. If you guys have any experience or knows a place a do so I would be really great full.
  3. Hi All, I own a honda fit gp1 2012 model which has an ODO of 62,000km. Couple of days ago it suddenly started to indicate the check engine light. We did few scans, one even from St#fford M#tors. All scans indicated that there's a malfunction in Oxygen sensor. Stafford recommended to replace it straight away asked me a ridiculous amount to replace. I took it to a different well known garage and did replace both sensors but yet it keeps indicating the check engine light. A scan would still indicate the same error as previous. Then we replaced the Air filter package. Still the check engine light would not go away. Once the error is erased by the scanner it would start to re-appear again in few minutes after engine turned off and started. Garage now suggested to do a Tune up with cleaning all injectors etc.. Has anyone else faced this kind of a issue before? What would be the cause for this. Also to tell you same day this started to appear I got someone to replace a bulb in the front. It was the right side bulb of the hazard warning lights. Apparently the guy has tried a wrong bulb and a fuse went off causing both lights to non functioning. He then somehow put the fuse back on and fixed the lights with the correct bulb. I actually didn't thought of that far of the replacement and causes of it since that was just a changing a bulb. Could this be any where close the reason for the check engine light? Because it came up only after few mins of replacing the bulb. I know that was just changing a bulb and a fuse . But it came only after that. yet the scanner keeps showing O2 sensor as the error.
  4. in my auto gear honda fit hybrid car, (mileage 56 000 KM) I had a engine tune up and changed my injectors (8 injectors) last month and after 2 weeks i started getting a slight knock (jerk or shaking). i remember i have had this once or twice in the last 6 month but it wasnt noticeable and looked like to be as a miss. anyway, now everyday morning when i start the car and drive for like half and hour or hour, it goes smooth and nice. and then in a while it gives the knock. (the time is not fixed, some days in 45 minutes, and some days in 30 minutes and sometimes in 20 minutes after first starting to drive it comes) The knock is like, when i stop at a traffic light and accelerate it comes. it only comes after a break or a stop and accelerate so it comes in low speed. then when driving with the knock, it gets a bit worst and knock (jerk or shaking) goes up, when i drive a little more it becomes more worse. then when i stop for few hours and start back then knock (jerk or shaking) is less and smoothness is bad. so i figured out this is something to do with a heat. when one of vehcile's part becomes very hot it gives the knock. so i went to a small mechanic and as advised changed my Gear box oil (ATF). it didnt fix the issue. then i took it to Honda company by when i got a check engine light and they told to run without the EGR valve, then i did it that and noticed that knock (jerk or shaking) is 50% less but car is not at all smooth. (it takes too much power and was hard) i felt so when driving. then they told to clean it the EGR and drive as the Honda company diagnosed EGR valve is causing trouble. after cleaning it didnt work, so as they told i changed the EGR valve which costed around 500$. And then my vehicle was super smooth and very very comfortable to drive. later after few hours of driving here comes the same knock (jerk or shaking). which confused me. apart from that the honda company told this is not a problem with gear box, (which means they told its not a judgger) Then i took it back to my local bass as he suspected it can also sometimes cause with fault fuel pump. then i changed that too. still the issue is not fixed. Now after having a small internet research i found this is a bit common issue, but only issue is finding the exact issue is difficult. Now i am confused what to do, Company told they will need to remove the transmission and see in the worst case. some times if its a damaged flyweel it can happen. so before taking it to any place anymore to repair i just want to get an experts advise here. Should i check in to these things ? Spark Plug Wires or Spark Plug Starter clutch ignition coil | coil packs motor mount flywheel I really appreciate any feedback that will help me to sort out this issue.
  5. Hi I am considering buying a second-hand Aqua 2012/ Yaris 2007 / Corolla 141 OR Honda fit GP1 as my second car.I 'd appreciate if any expert could tell me pros and cons of each and what would be the best and any alternatives to the above 4.(budget is around LKR 3 mln). I intend to use the vehicle mostly in the weekend.During the weekdays it will normally be in the garage.Occasionally I intend to use it for long trips. I am also concerned about the failures of hybrid batteries,the maintenance costs and the fuel efficiency. thanks!
  6. Guys need a small help.. I'm no car expert and I'm trying to buy my very first car so bit cautious that's why posting here. Chosed gp 1 since i felt in love with the look of the car. I'm planning to buy a honda fit gp1 2012 10th anniversary model hybrid car. After negotiations price could be vary between 27.5-28 laks. So after much consideration I brought a guy to inspect the vehicle guy was from Greasemomkey (it was easy as they had a mobile inspection service). Few things I want to get clarified from experts and honda gp1 owners here. At first When the vehicle was breaked in the traffic IMA indicator did not show power transition to hybrid battery. It was still showing fuel engine symbol. but then drive went on further and it started to shift to battery on when stopped in traffic. It was shown in the IMA screen near speed meeter. Inspection guy said this die to car hasn't been driven regularly so the battery isn't charged. So if I do atleast 80-100km drive this won't be a problem. As per the owner of the he drives only once a week. When I asked the inspection guy about the battery percentage he said it was more than 65%. He also said after the test drive it increased. I'm curious on this could this really happen? Also on the scanner it showed faulty for ABS. He said it's not something big only scanner could identify it hence not to worry now I will be able to do more than 5000 kms. If it's something big error will appear in the dashboard. Also there another error it showed for Honda BCM. He said that's also because of ABS issue. He said battery is in good health condition and if I drive few miles consistently percentage will go up. Is that possible? I'm attaching the scan results here. I would be really thankful if anyof you can give me yours opinion whether it's a worthy buy. This vehicle's chassis number doesn't fall for engine oil burning issue which honda recalled. https://www.honda.co.jp/recall/auto/other/170120.html Appreciate your thoughts.... GP1-1200002-GP1-1242186 May 10, 2012-August 2, 2013 GP1-8000002-GP1-8000091 May 29, 2012-June 13, 2013
  7. My GP1 (2011) AC was repaired by Stafford on a same day they changed the Air bags.they have done a service and replaced 8 "O"rings ( i was not there actually ,I admit to garage and collect it in afternoon) . charged me 13K. it was OK for 2 weeks and today suddenly AC stopped working in a middle of the hot day. before that, car was at the car park with the AC running around 10-15 min. then when i start the journey, with in 2, 3 min time I realized this issue. I checked the AC fans and compressor Click sound , nothing. I let the car to cool down for 30 min and tried. AC start working again. compressor and fans are fine now. What could be the issue? one AC man said it could be a fail safe mechanism has been switched on and stooped the total AC system due to some kind of issue. high pressure or temperature ..etc may be i have parked the car and let the AC running for 15 min and there will be less air circulation with condenser ..etc. has any on come across this kind of issue?
  8. Hi All I have a 3 million lkr budget . I am looking for a car to buy but do not like hatch back cars except vitz. I am hoping to buy within a month but still confused what to buy. Please give me some suggestions with you all's experience Thanks
  9. I heard that there is an oil burning issue in Honda Fit GP1.
  10. Hello everyone. I am looking to buy a new car for like 32 lakhs. I am not a car expert so your ideas will help me alot. I have some options in my mind. I was looking to go for a Hinda Fit gp1 but I saw a post that it has some mechanical problems like engine oil draining. Belta and Yaris and wagon r are my other options. I am going to buy this with a 5 year lease and will be using it for next 5 years. I would use this vehicle for my daily works. Please give me your thoughts and help me to find a good vehicle.
  11. There is no passenger seat belt alarm in my Honda fit gp1 2013. Driver seat belt alarm is working fine. 1. is it the same for all gp1 or is it just mine? 2. if its the same for all the gp1,is there any way of installing a passenger seat belt alarm? (i bought the car second hand so i have no idea whether the previous owner removed it or not.)
  12. Hey Guys First of all I know the Honda fit has been extensively discussed multiple times on this forum but do bear with me and hear me out since this is a bit of a specific clarification. I would value your opinions and ideas regarding this. So I'm a little paranoid when it comes to buying used cars and I am more comfortable if I was to buy a trusted friends vehicle. Given the fact that what we get for about 3.5 Mil plus these days are tiny 3 pot keis I have no option but to go for a used car. I'm not overly concerned on fuel consumption or resale but more focus on Maintenance costs (i.e I don't want to do a 300,000 rs repair out of the blue) and Durability. The other aspect is of course the better performer in terms of Handling, Acceleration etc. Two of my friends are migrating and their cars are up for grabs here are the two choices : Exhibit A: Honda Fit GP1 2013 : 55,000 + KM's, first owner agent maintained , Daily driver impeccable interior, few minor day-to-day scratches and a couple of negligible dents. Cruise control etc. No paddle shift. No apparent issues mechanically (no symptoms that are common with this model.....YET!) Guy's a bit of a car guy who loves his ride I think i can get this for around 3.5 Exhibit B : Honda Fit Gp5 2013 : 45,000 KMS first owner maintained at some other place, F or L package , good interior, few scars on the bumper. Ex Daily driver now weekend tripper and used by friends wife to tug kids to school Again no apparent issues - again an honest bloke and I think despite being the newer model I can get it for between 3.6 and 3.8 Mill which i think is a bit of a deal as it seems this model usually goes for higher. Now my questions. how reliable are these two models? And If i want to avoid any costly repairs and want reliability (along with lower maintenance costs day to day) which of these should i go for.??? What is the more fun car to drive and what is more suited to our pot-hole ridden roads? Overall which would be easier to live with? Any potential headaches I should expect? I would be driving a fair bit close to 2000 KMS a month - majority City and expressway but constantly will travel out-station too - therefore do you guys think I would be better off looking at something that can handle the poor roads a bit better in the same budget like a Daihatsu Terios? I've heard it's quite rugged but I feel it's a bit bland. Thanks in advance folks.
  13. I have been Honda fan since 2007. I love Honda Fit. My family used to own Honda GE6 last 10 years . Honestly I never go to guarage due to any mechanical issue (current odo 135,000km, but I do everything on time including services any where less than every 3900km). That car I was personally pick up from Kobe Honda auction with assist of one my friend (Mr. Abeydeera- Just mention his name as gratitude to him). Now time to move new one. I am seeking some local advice about problems associated with GP 5. I know, DCT recall units mainly in among the Sri Lanka Market. I heard many issues that there among DCT issues, etc. Can you one explain the negatives side of GP5, by their own experience. Also let me know advantages or disadvantages over GP1, vs GP5 as well. (Not for GP7- due budget restriction). Any answers are very much appreciated.
  14. Hi, i post a thread Previously to get some ideas from u people, as i planned to buy a gp1 or fd3 previously. after thinking deeply my options again narrowed to gp1(used) and vitz facelift(unregistered ) My budget is max 4M. My major expectations are, 1. Fuel economy 2.comfort 3.reselling market 4.space(rear legspace/boot). Share your experiance to find a better solution . Cheers !!!
  15. Hi, Planing to get a hybrid.what is the best options from above three. My major concerns are Fuel economy : city14-15kml , highway 20kml would be enough for me. Comfort Reselling value Reliability
  16. I am looking to buy a honda gp1 2010,What Should I specially look before buying,need help quickly.Thank You
  17. Guys, I couldn't find seperate thread for honda fit gp1 2010. Please help.....
  18. Hi guys, I want to buy Honda FIT GP5 or GP1 (2012/2013) model. But I don't want a hybrid. Its very difficult to find a non-hybrid FIT(Except before 2010 model) in Sri Lanka. Why everyone importing only hybrids. Please suggest me any importer who can import non hybrid FIT. And also, advice me on the price range for both GP1 and GP5, hope the price is same as hybrids.
  19. These days im planning to buy a Honda fit hybrid. Im considering YOM 2013 models of above cars. GP1 comes with IMA 1.3 engine, 88Hp and GP4 comes with IMA 1.5 engine, 114Hp… Personally I prefer GP4 because it has a sporty look and a powerful engine than GP1. But I have no idea about fuel efficiency of this two models, Probably GP4 has the same engine on Honda insight ZE3. please share your ideas regarding this two models considering fuel economy and performance. Thanks...
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