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Found 18 results

  1. Gentlemen, I've a lancer CS 3 (Year 2008) and currently the the ODO meter reading is 85000. I got to know that timing belt should be changed around 90k. I'm like 80 % idiot on under the hood stuff of the vehicle. I need to know few things. What's the optimum mileage of changing the timing belt What are the other components that needs to be replaced along with the timing belt (some says Water Pump) Rough estimate on the parts form a person who has recently gone through this process. I value your advice much. Many Thanks, HAshan
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm seeking information on the Kia Sorento 2002 3.5l Petrol Model. I require the following information from the experts here and most importantly from people who have owned it before. Reliability Parts Comfort I am okay with it doing 5km/l in city limits but I need to know if the ride is worth it. I found a good deal which claims to have done only 100k miles so far and is asking 2.3mil for it. I would really appreciate everyone's input on this matter. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi All, I'm presently going to buy a honda vezel RS 2016 but I am worried as I heard lot of bad comments on vezel. So i have some questions and hope I can get answers from experts 1)Are there any issues also on vezel 2016 models? (as i know recalls and issues are on 2014-2015 models ) 2)Do I need to test my vezel on Sta*ford before buying even its zero mileage ? 3)Do I have another better options for this prize range? (I can think only toyota axio hybrid wxb) Anyone can shed some light on this please... Thanks in advance
  4. Will buying a BMW 730iL E32 1994 be a good deal . Both cars I found have really low mileage for a oldcar. Its 60K and 70K . Is there a catch? I really need help since its going to be my first ever vehicle and don't want to be stuck in a garage all day.
  5. Hi, what vehicle will you recommend for 15 million LKR budget? What the best? Any type of vehicle, new or used.
  6. Hi guys, I'm planning to buy my first car and need help and advice I saw this ad for Ford Fiesta 2011 automatic transmission for 2.6 mil. Before I reach the seller I want to clarify few things # things to check and ask the seller about the car # do you guys have any experience of using this version? If so please share your thoughts # How about maintenance and availability of spare parts? # any other makers I should check/consider Please let me know your thoughts and any advices. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone! I'm planning to buy an used car around 3M. Please help me to choose the right one for my budget. Information about fuel consumption also will be appreciated. My Suggestions : 1.Toyota vitz 2007-2009. 2.Honda Fit GE6. 3.Mazda Axela 2004-2005 Help me guys.
  8. Hi Guys ! Im having some trouble with my CR-Z. The driver side exterior door handle seems to be busted. The garage fellow told me that i need to replace the component all together. Can anyone suggest a good place to get it repaired / replaced ? Thanks & merry christmas !
  9. Hey mates, Im looking forward to buy a used car for around 15-18lks, & also Im not going for a Indian car since it’s not my favor. What I looked for is Honda Civic EG8 & I really love it; but some say, it’ll be problematic. does it worth, & what will be the future problems of this car & what will be other alternative car options for this price. Since this is my first car, Im really looking forward an answer from you. Thanx.
  10. I’m planning to switch to a BMW X5. My friend recommended the plug-in hybrid saying that it is quite good. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy it from?
  11. Hey guys haven't posted on this forum for quite sometime now, I am needing some help on pinpointing what engine is in the locally imported Mitsubishi montero sport 2011 (Doctor permit), i am currently abroad and have no access to the vehicle and neither of my mates are mechanically minded.Long story short needs new pistons and apparently the dealer are out of stock or cannot get part. does it have the 2.5 L single ohc diesel turbo/2.5L VGT/2.5L VGT common rail diesel engines? knowing the right engine takes me one step closer to finding the parts, or would anyone of you happen to know a place i could locally source both 0.50 oversize piston and rings? any help is much appreciated, Thanks .
  12. Hello Experts, Excited to join Autolanka forums Waited almost for month for an admin to approve me ... anyway, whoever the admin that approved me, Last December, I sold my good old Maruti WagonR ( 2008 model, 5yrs old, driven for 30000+ Kms) For 1.6mil. I was searching for a good car to buy ever since. ( that's how I ended up on autolanka) So now that I finally got approved I thought it's time to get expert ideas on buying my new vehicle. My budget is 3.5mil - 4.0mil. I wanted to buy a japanese car and browsing the internet, Finally I decided that there are two contenders: 1. Toyota axio 161 1.3 X Grade (2013) 2. Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1.6 GLX (2013) Both the cars ( Brand New ) are being sold for 3.5 mil. for the permit. ( Lancer : 3,460,000 to be exact) My priorities are: -RELIABILITY -Fuel Economy -Spare Parts Availability -Safety And comfort -Handling -Looks - Resale value Axio Dealers are mainly bragging of TOYOTA Reliability and Spare parts availability. They assured me I'm in deep trouble if I choose a mitsubishi because there are no spare parts in local market and I would have to buy spare parts only from agent paying a huge amount of money and I have to wait till eternity for mitsubishi agents to import parts from japan. And they also mentioned that unlike axio, I won't be able to sell the mitsubishi for a decent price. (if I wanted to, of course) I called mitsu agents and they say they have spare parts for any vehicle they sell and I don't have to worry. However the sales guy said he have no idea on 3rd party parts availability. So as you all can see i'm in a dilemma here. If you were in my position which car would you buy? And please be kind enough to mention why.. This is my first post on autolanka, so please go easy on me if I have offended any rule. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello experts, I'm bit confused about this vehicle. This jeep is rated positively.(4/5) in most websites.(UK, AUS) My relative in AUS also recommended it. But in Sri Lanka 99% people say don't even think about it! After a long search I found two vehicles in good condition. Any experiences with this jeep? Any reasons to avoid or buy? Thanks, Nuwan T.
  14. Hello Guys, I'm planning to buy a car for everyday use in the city and seldom out of station trips. My budget is around 5-7 million rupees. I wanted to get a VEZEL but gave up the idea on hearing of its reliability issues such as acceleration faults and airbag faults. the FIT too seems unfit as its already had 5 recalls in japan on various issues. On the other hand, toyota AQUA looks ugly and so do most of their cars in this price segment. Kindly suggest me some cars that I could choose from. Thanks.
  15. Hi Everyone, Its been awhile since i was on the forums. I've decided to go for a Honda CRZ which i'll be picking up this Thursday. It'll be my first hybrid and first coupe. I know its not the fastest thing on the planet but it will be enough fun for me :-). Wanted to pick the brains of all you Honda and CRZ boffins on what i should look out for in terms of maintenance and if you had any tips with regards to daily use and where to go for its regular servicing. Thanks in advance.
  16. Thank you for reading my post. I'm trying to locate a set of grey window rubber seals for a Pajero MK2. Requirement is for a pair for the two boot windows. Attached pictures show the part I'm looking for. It would be great if you know any vendor who sell these. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hey guys i'm currently in New zealand and i'm planning to get a car. I do get pretty confused and anxious when i'm planning to buy something. Would love your opinion on the cars listed below. these are the cars within my budget Toyota altezza 2.0 litre (6spd manual) Toyota Celcia 1.8 vvti (6spd manual) Subaru Legacy B4 RSK (t/t) Manual - 2.0 litre not 2.5 (1999-2001) Subaru Impreza WRX 1993-1996 . i did find an Sti RA 1995 but is a bit pricy and looks to be an accident repair. Thank You. Wcc.
  18. im looking forward to buy a used 2004-2005 jaguar x type, most classifieds show rates upto 3-3.7 million. is it advisable to buy one now? are they fuel efficient? is there jaguar service centers in SL ? are spares easily available ? help please... ! thank you.
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