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Found 11 results

  1. I want to buy an OBD2 scanner for a JDM Toyota. I tried those ELM327 ones, but they aren't compatible with my JDM. But it can connect to the ECU of export model Toyotas (VIOS 1st Gen, etc.) so I'm sure that the scanner is working.
  2. Hello friends, I recently bought a Honda CR-V 2018 model from Japan (Ex-Masterpiece). Regarding the Honda Gathers Internavi it has few issues. 1. The main menu or audio menu is not functioning. But by the steering multifunction can change the audio source. When I digged into it, found out that the map sd card is missing. I thought the importer given one sd card it will be fine. But it is only for the music rack and the map card slot was hiddden inside a cover. No solution was provided by petc* lan*a as well. The gathers set model is VRU-195CVi. The importer is telling the map card must be bought seperately from the dealer as it is not a factory option blah blah.. 2. My question is the japan map is not important to me. It has apple car play where gmaps can be connected. But why the menu doesn’t function..? Thank you
  3. Hi Everyone, So I am on the hunt for a nice set of alloys for my ride. There are plenty of designs and brands of alloy wheels in the market. And then I hear the term "JDM Alloy Wheels". What actually is JDM Alloys? Are they what comes factory fitted to most cars like Premio etc. and classic looking? I would like to know if there's any difference in terms of strength, weight, durability among JDM sets and other brands. I am not looking for a very fancy looking one nor for branded ones like Enkei, BBS etc. A decent looking, affordable set would do for me very well. Any suggestions and your experience would be great. Also do you guys know any trusted places to look in? TIA.
  4. Guys, do you know of any good car sellers who import from JDM auctions? A long track record of honesty and reliability is key, as I am wary of deceptive mudalalis. Thanks!
  5. In sri lanka,according to current situation, using an old vehicle after repairing and updating it is essential than buying and maintaining a new vehicle.So we must need good vehicle repair shops to repair and update these old vehicles.So we need to know about good vehicle repair shops to repair and update them.There are many vehicle recondition shops in sri lanka.but finding a well satisfied recondition place is so hard. So if you know about good recondition centers, please let everyone know. I have an old nissan b310 sunny . But I don't know from where to recodition it.Please let me know about good recondition centers if you know.I need to make my old car perfect.
  6. Does anyone know where I can download user/operator manual for Nissan Leaf "G" grade (Japanese Domestic Market)? Thanks.
  7. Anyone try buying car stuff from this site? They seem to carry a lot of JDM stuff; especially accessories....
  8. Dear Friends, There was a very old topic which already discussed about modiying a 1978 Lancer A72. Since thats too old, I want to get some information according to the current situation. Lancer lovers, owners, enthusiasts, please be kind enough to write down all usefull information & advise on below areas. The versions, model numbers and unique features to identify original lancer flat light / tube light models ? How reliable are these today, specially to be used as a daily runner & for frequent long drives ? Maintenance & availability of parts (Body parts / mechanical parts) ? How much should I pay for a decent looking car ? Suggestions, advise & useful information would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance!
  9. This is a bit of a longshot, but has anyone retained the JDM navi/panel stereo in their JDM car? Particularly anyone who has a Gathers (Alpine?) satnav system? Mine came with all the japanese documentations, codes, etc, but for the life of me (and google translate) I can't find the settings to change the damned clock on the thing! This particular system is a crime to let go of- it has handfree BT, but most impressive is the reverse camera has 3 useful angles to chose from...which will be lost if another stereo is installed. Part of me is wondering if these jdm nav systems get their time from the local satnav settings that are hardcoded into the system?? Thoughts anyone? Cheers
  10. Hi guys, Got my JDM imported civic EG4 . Used for track days and as a grocery getter. Here are a few specs and upgrades done to the car by me: 1. HKS titanium exhaust 2. 16 inch Borbet rims 3. type r badges 4. TEIN shocks 5. upgraded brakes The car is sitting low compared to the corolla next to it and the handling for a car that weighs 980kg's is awesome (can corner a bend at 85km/h easy . will be upgrading the engine to a B16A one day hopefully. The car currently makes 125bhp, give me some your thoughts and ideas to help me make this beast into a better monster track and street car. ohh and what about the prius hating sticker? lol. Yes i do downshift whenever I see a prius, prius drivers hate me lool . The sticker would be good in sri lanka as well considering the amount of those hideous cars on the road.
  11. Hi all, does anybody knw where is corolla se saloon/ se limited original car antena got fixed??? I already searched in many & figured, it's not came with power antena, rear roof mounted antena or side antena(as xe saloon/ xe limited). So, where it is fixed...???? Thank you.
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