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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, I need some help to buy my first car. I have 3 cars in my mind. please give me some information about these cars (fuel efficiency, maintenance cost ,..). my budget is about 23 - 24. Suzuki Swift 2004 Toyota IST 2004 Suzuki Wagon r 2014-2015
  2. Hello experts, I own a Toyota IST (2002) model. This model has 2NZ-FE VVTi engine (1300cc), driven about 85,000 KMs. Couple of weeks back, it started making an occasional knocking-like noise and I realized this only happens between gear shifts (automatic shift), specially when i drive slow. To be specific, if I drive slow in traffic, when i slightly accelerate and when it is just about to shift from 2nd gear to 3rd, it starts with this rattling noise and after a couple of seconds it goes away. I never get this at idle or even if i rev up the engine and only happens when driven. I wasn't too sure if the noise was coming out from the timing chain compartment, therefore I took my car to my regular mechanic which he overruled the timing chain after checking, suspected with knocking and advised me to try an EFI tune up which didn't make any difference. Then he suspected the knock sensor and/or the coolant temperature sensor to be failing intermittently, which i replaced them, still no luck. I also replaced the mass airflow sensor. I must say that it never came up with a "check engine" light and multiple scanning reports showed that tuning was right on and didn't indicate anything wrong. After consulting many repair folks with no luck (which most of them confirmed that it was knocking yet unable find a proper cause), I finally decided to try my last resort - took it to Toyota for a full inspection of the problem. They opened up the hood, inspected the noise, had a test drive. Their diagnosis was that it is caused by a worn piston rings or a valve problem. They also did a compression test and confirmed that cylinder 2 has less compression (around 8:0) which the other 3 cylinders have the expected 10:5 ratio. I don't consider myself a geek in this field yet I am not a dummy either. I do have some knowledge of how it works and what could cause what. Therefore, though my only lead is to go by Toyota's diagnosis, I would like to seek your expertise and opinions with regard to this before I go for an overhaul of the engine. Could a worn piston ring or values cause an ignition knock or a similar noise? I am truly worried if I would end with bigger issues if I don't fix it right now itself. It would be great to know if I have any other option and I am willing to take my car to any expert in this area. Greatly appreciate your thoughts... Note: I do not have any symptoms of oil burn and do not get any blue smoke coming out of exhaust. I also get good gas mileage. Didn't notice a timing miss either... Thank you! -Isuru
  3. Hi, currently i have mazda familia bj5p car. I want to sell it and buy another one. My budget is around 2.7 M. What is the best car out of vitz 2007/08 1000 cc and ist 2004 1300 cc? Want more fuel efficient one. thanks
  4. Hi, I'm in-need of a TOYOTA IST(NCP60- 2003) ABS Sensor for the right rear wheel.For like , 2 months ago while I was driving,suddenly the ABS & Handbrake indicators on Dashboard were lit up. But after a engine Re-start the indicators was inactive and showed up again when the car was running. Did a scan and determined that there is a problem with the ABS indicator @ the Right Rear Wheel , which is needed to be replaced. I have checked with the Toyota Spare Parts, but they only have the Full set which will cost at around 30K LKR. So do help me out with the information on where to buy a Brand new ABS sensor for the particular model. Thanks.
  5. please fuel consumption and maintenance cost of Toyota ist 2002-2004.. and need to make a choice between ist and swift beetle..
  6. Dear All, I'm planning to buy a new car and my budget is around 2.3 Million (Max). So far I have checked the following models. Mazda Demio - (YOM : 2007,2008, Registered 2010,2011) Toyota IST - (YOM : 2002,2003,2004 Registered 2006,2007) Swift Beetle Japan (YOM : 2004-2008 Registered 2007-2010) Vitz 1000 cc (YOM : 2007 Registered 2010) Or Indian Suzuki Astar (auto) around 2Mil. ( I prefer Japan vehicle but like this car too ) All of the above checked models are between 60,000 - 90,000 Kms done so far except the Astar. I did search on AL and came up with the following results but those are bit older (considering the current market situation in 2014). http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/10722-swift-vitz-or-demio/ http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/10228-vitz-fit-demio/ http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/10559-which-car-should-i-buy/ I'm looking for a economical and reliable car which wont give me troubles (engine and transmission) in the long run as I'm planning to use this car at-least for another 3-4 years. So, I really appropriate help from you guys to select one model from the above for me or any others you suggest, based on above details. Also if you can share your experiences (fuel consumption and reliability) of the above models that would be highly appreciated. Thank you and looking forward to see your comments.
  7. Hi Guys, I just want to know whether TOYOTA IST is a good car for daily use. I searched on this site using the word 'IST' but returned nothing. So I decided to post this question. If anyone has used this car please respond... Thanks.
  8. Hi Guys, I am planning to buy a new car and with my budget I can go for a Vitz 1000cc or Passo 2007 or IST 2003. I need your help to find a good vehicle for my budget from these three models. My main concern is Fuel Consumption and then second hand market. Can you guys pls share your experience. Awaiting for your kind advices. Cheers!!! Nalinda
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