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  1. Well well well, we closed one chapter and now we hopped onto the next! What you see below is the final purchase I made since no one had the decency to sell me a good X110 Mark 2 (My birdie is raised at y'all forever) so I decided (with a chuttak lot coercion from my parents) "Hey!, I need a car fast" so I thought what was really worth it and bought this car. So what is this car really? You're looking at a 2.4 Liter XV30 Camry in Black Onyx. Imported in 2004 by the MD of a "Strawberry Company in Sri Lanka" (You know what it is) and owned by him ever since I laid my grubby hands on it.
  2. I'm looking for a Toyota Ractis 2007/2008 model to buy soon. Also If someone can let me know where I can find the mechanical parts for this as well. Please let me know if anyone having a Toyota Ractis and looking to sell. Thank You
  3. I'm thinking about buying a car around 2.5 mil (Mainly for city driving) & I have 2 options in my mind right now. Viva Elite & Toyota AE110 (Crystal Light Model). I'm was considering Viva Elite because it's a compact car & ideal for city driving but 110 being a sedan is more spacious & looks & feels more like a car. I have no experience with Elite but I've driven a manual 110 & it's quite all right by me. Are the comforts & convivences same with both cars? Let me know your suggestions below. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys, My car is a Carina GT YOM 2000 model (AT210). Few weeks back came acorss a very low millage same model GT in Japan and bought it mainly to source parts for my car in SL. Can someone please recommend a good and reliable place to do the replacing work? Initially im focusing on replacing engine, gearbox & suspesnion related parts. Heard some positive comments about Re*l*ca S*e*d but have a small doubt how their work on these toyotas as they are more speciallized towerd Subarus and evos. Prefer a place around Colombo.
  5. Hi Autolankans 😀, I'm happy to get to know about Toyota Harrier 300g YOM 2003 (180000Km). Hope some one can help me 1. What are the common issues of this vehicle? 2. How is the maintainance cost? 3. How easy to find spare parts? is it like other Toyotas? 4. What is the best market price these days? 5. What is the fuel consumption of this? (Previous owner syays that it does 15Km/L 😁) Thanks in advance
  6. Guys, Any idea what this symbol is about? It’s in my friends 2015 Aqua
  7. Dear All Have a nice day I need to buy a ODB scanner for my Toyota Vitz SCP90 YOM2009 I supposed to buy it from Alibaba Please advice recommended device and free software Generally what are the limitations ODB have that we can buy from Alibaba at cheap price around 10-15USD It could be grate if you can provide alibaba link too that you already used Please advice
  8. Greetings all, I am interested in buying a vehicle (A used one) and it appears there is some issues in pricing of them due to the current situation in the country. Also I do not thing it would get reduced anytime sooner even the imports are allowed from the government in the future, as there is always the possibility to add more tax in order to balance the exchange flow. Therefore I am interested on knowing what the best available vehicles within the following price ranges (I am not a long distance driver, and would mostly be used for domestic usage, and some fortnight/monthly travel
  9. Hi guys, gonna buy a new car (bad times, I know). Did extensive research on this forum all my possible options (nissan / toyota/ mazda/ hybrid/ non-hybrid etc.) Starting a new topic cause Vios was properly discussed about 10 years ago. Belta and Yaris are too expensive for me. Hoping to stay below 3mn (and those are mostly 1000 and 1300cc). Nissan Tiida is a good option, but I heard (on this forum) it doesn't do well on fuel (8 - 9 in city). That goes for all nissans (bluebird, sunny) Mazda is good (axela / 3), but I want a simple vehicle (but comfortable for long and short
  10. Toyota Vitz 2016 2017 till 19 Well I’m not going to get too technical or sound like the fan club here But it’s a long story. Despite being a popular car, it’s a very bland machine, but has its perks Hence they are like the cockroaches of the current car scene. The car is so popular at the moment that I have seen 2 instances unregistered cars were exchanged for money for the market value and for lands, for debts etc. between businessmen as they considered the vitz to be equal to money in the bank. Well as for my Vitz tale, I purchased a car, y
  11. I will provide some basics of the car before I go into a detail review, Model Code: GRS182 Trim: Royal Saloon G Engine: 3GR-FSE Transmission: 6AT Mods: • Buddy Club coilovers • Monza Japan Wheels wrapped with 235/45R18 Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional tyres • V*P Table • Carrozzeria tweeters • Carrozzeria secondary head unit (You cannot replace the head units in these cars as the AC controls and other car settings are built into the head unit) • 6000K low beam and 3000K fog lamps • Aftermarket exhaust until the muffler (It came from Japan with a
  12. Alert : This is not the awe-inspiring blog where a 60-year-old rare car gets restored. This, non-existent ladies, and gentlemen unfortunately is much much more mundane. So bear with me. Everyone needs a beater car - you could come up with many reasons why... but deep down another set of wheels is such an alluring prospect. Time to time it feels so good to keep your daily with all its techie bits aside and just rattle down the lane in a simple box on wheels with just a speedometer. Three years ago me and my father bought a 1972 Datsun (B110) and since I was broke then and had no space
  13. Hi Guys, My Allion 260 has driven only 20k Km. Recently I noticed a kata kata noise when I turn the steering to right. This only comes when the car is idle / parked. Not sure whether it is related to power steering or racks ? Only comes when I turn right. Need your support.
  14. Hi, Please share your experience about automatic gearbox repairing or recondition one buying ?
  15. Hi, I have a Toyota Aqua 2013 and it has been not moved for about 2 weeks now. However now the doors are not responding to the smart key. Replaced the key batteries but still did not work. The mechanical key is not able to open the door. the power shutters are also closed. i suspect that the car battery is also down but without opening the doors i cant get that fixed. please advise on what to do
  16. Hi guys , I'm planning to buying a vehicle, budget about 3.5M to 5M, My Knowledge on Vehicles is very much limited . I still cannot come to a conclusion with little experience. I'm ok with MPVs and SUV/Cross vehicles (With fuel economy in mind). For the MPV I have Following options : 1. Honda N-Box Custom 2. Toyota Tank/Roomy Custom GT I would like to know. 1.The reliability of each vehicle 2.The handling of comfortability , driving performance ,Brake sensitivity 3.Spare parts availability 4.Ability to resale 5.Driving safety 6.Agents and Serv
  17. Hello everyone. I have a 1997 Corolla AE110 XE Saloon. I purchased an OBD2 diagnosis tool and i also had to buy a OBD1 to OBD2 converter to connect it. When i connected the OBD2 tool with the Torque app,it says that ECU not connected. Can some say why? Can i fix this? If anyone can give me more info plz drop a email or a reply (email address removed for privacy)
  18. Hello everyone! I’m planning to buy a car for about 2.4-2.8m region and I’d like your suggestions on this regard. Currently Prius Gen2 has captured my attention and what to expect from a old car like that, what are the common repairs and how much the cost would be? economy and comfortability is my main concerns at the moment. TIA
  19. Dear Expert, I am driving Toyota Starlet EP 91 around 2.5 years . Clock says running millage 170K +. From few weeks I face gear shifting difficulty. This is very prominent when starting the car, gear is very tight to move, even when Clutch paddle fully . Then gradually it become normal. Some times even when driving shifting gear to 1st is tough. feel gear leaver hit something inside. ( this problem arise more than 6 months) For info, my clutch is in far more bottom end of the paddle ( clutch releasing point) , my friend says driving my car is difficult due to this. but im used to it not
  20. jeevs

    Toyota BJ 40

    Hi, I am looking at buying a landcruiser bj40 for my personal use. I saw this one at a cushion house and liked it very much.
  21. Dear All My Corolla 141 Front Windscreen was cracked due to a small accident. There is a hairline crack for around 1m length. I am looking for a place to replace it. I found from the forums about Samarasinghe Windscreen house. I don't have experience with it so can you guys give me your past experiences about that shop. Also I don't know what to look when replacing a front windscreen in the replacing one. I have heard about tinted and non tinted glass. Also about Original glass and copies. Also I have heard 3 layers glass which I don't have any idea. Can you please provide some technical
  22. hi, I want to know about the toyota rav 4 2007/8. what are the common issues? maintenance? also the second hand market?
  23. Hi All, I have toyota vitz KSP 90, 1000cc , 2007 vehicle. Is it a normal condition that the engine has slight vibration when idle? (my vehicle has this vibration when gear D or R positions and some time in P position also). I checked with toyota lanka and they clean spark plugs,fuel injectors,EGR and tune up the engine. and they also said it is normal for 3 cylinder engines like vitz. is it correct ? or do i need to worry more on this. I already spent lot of money to fix this. Please help. Thank you in advance.. BR, Thusira.
  24. Hello all, I am planning to buy a Toyota car for personel use. I do consider few things 1. Current value which suitable for my budget 2. After value of the car 3. I use car daily around 40km drive in colombo city limits 4. Maintaince cost, i know its bit less in Toyota, correct me if im wrong In this budget i saw few options in recondition hybrid sedans (2012-2014) and hatchbacks with non hybrid sedans which year 2002-2010. Appriciate ur ideas about options i may have..and what is most suitable.. Thanks for your valuable time friends
  25. Can someone give me a good comparison of these cars? (Engines , which transmission is better , fuel economy , reliability , interior space etc....) I'm not sure if they're in the same league but I like both of them. I couldn't find any thread about 206..
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