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  1. My father is obsessed with Toyota and all the Japanese cars. But is it that hard to maintain a Peugeot 406? Is there a significant difference between Peugeot 406 parts and Corolla 110 spares? I don't understand what's wrong with europ cars second hand market value in Sri Lanka.
  2. Hi folks! I'm new to Auto Lanka forum. I'm thinking of building a Toyota GT 86 specifically for drifting. I'll leave a list of parts I've chosen for my build. Are any of these parts/mods illegal in Sri Lanka? ๐Ÿ™„ I'm not gonna modify the stock Subaru boxer engine. Instead I'll swap the stock engine with a 2JZ-GTE. 1. OZ wheels 2. Bilstein Suspension kit 3. Rocket Bunny wide bodykit 4. Rocket Bunny spoilers 5. Garret or Rocket Bunny Twin Turbos 6. Neon lights (underglow, trunk) 7. Borla exhaust system 8. Dual clutch transmission 9. Continental tires 10. Haltech ECU 11. 500W Alpine audio system Is it possible to do this in Sri Lanka?
  3. Hi, My car (toyota vitz 1000cc) is been using 95 octane for the last two years. I am thinking of moving it back to 92 Octane. What procedure should i follow. is it a just refilling or do i have to do the engine cleanup ? Please help me with this . Thanks in advance.
  4. Whatโ€™s the best website to compare and know the difference between Japanese vehcile model variations . For example difference between Toyota Premio F grade and Toyota Premio G grade etc.
  5. So with our impending return to Japan we needed a little family run-around car. After much searching I decided on a Hilux Surf. I have owned several before and seemed like the best choice considering we lived on top of a mountain in Nagasaki which snowed rather heavily and two or three days during winter the roads didn't get cleaned up. So this was my choice...a 2000 HSurf, 56000kms on the clock (with service records).. but then...my wife goes and buys this... her reasoning ? Engine looks like Trueno's and it is a 6 manu-mission ( Japanese abbreviation for 6 speed manual transmission) and has done only 16000kms her final excuse...it looks cute...CUTE??? West-River apparently specializes in rare cars and as fate would have it the owner's brother runs a Trueno/Levin tuning shop . My wife is going to use this one on me for ages...
  6. Hi All, Iโ€™m planning to buy a Prius PHV manufactured in 2013. Iโ€™m looking for your advice whether it is a good choice? Does the PHV model has any problems in Sri Lanka? Please advise. Thank you in advance.
  7. I want to buy an OBD2 scanner for a JDM Toyota. I tried those ELM327 ones, but they aren't compatible with my JDM. But it can connect to the ECU of export model Toyotas (VIOS 1st Gen, etc.) so I'm sure that the scanner is working.
  8. I have 2016 Vitz ksp130 and I bought it recently. An engine tune up was recommended by Sterling so I went for it. I was butter-smooth before I handed over to them. They done an engine tune up and a full service. As soon as I start driving I noticed a stiffness in steering wheel and I informed them right away. They checked again with a scanner but there were no issues found. Since it was butter-smooth before, now I can feel it well. ๐Ÿ˜ Any idea why this is occurred? ๐Ÿค” Wheels are aligned after this. but issue still exists Tire pressure checked. No error visible for the scanners. Checked from multiple places PS: I am a noob in automotive industry ๐Ÿ˜ถ
  9. Does anyone know a bank that provides personal loans (for a vehicle) of around 4.5 million for a salary about 200,000 earned by foreign employment.
  10. Hi friends, I am planning on buying my first car. This has become a huge challenge to me , my budget is around 4.0 Mn to 4.5 Mn, I was searching in lot of places, seems all car's prices have gone sky high. I have been planning on this since quite a time. BTW i was looking for a Toyota, Honda or Mazda so my concern is look, reliability, fuel economy and maintenance and lastly the re selling price. The vehicle's manufactured year should be at least > 2010. In fact I was interested of, Toyota aqua , Mazda Alexa and Honda insight, So you guys please suggest me a good vehicle, what ever vehicle Other than listed here, I highly value any idea which comes to me , cuz am a complete new to the subject.
  11. Hi friends, I would like to go with Toyota vehicle fuel economy survey. because it will helpful for all sri lankan or people who is gonna buy Toyota vehicle. Please take few second to serve others while searching. Please add Your Toyota vehicle Model: Manufactured year: Engine Capacity : Fuel type : Transmission Type : Economy : (kmpl) city limits (kmpl) Out stations
  12. I have toyota aqua 2013 grade car.recently it indicate following dahbord sign time to time.these indicator sign dissapears once i stop the engine and start.but these indicator pops up time to time 4 times ever since i bought the car.it has been 4 month since i bought my car. Brake system warning light Electric power steering system warning light Slip indicator warning light (comes on) when these indicator light pops up i experience my car abs break loss and steering wheel get tightened. and cant move it easily. i scan my car and shows following errors in scan report. I want to know the severity level of these issues and how much i will have to spend to resolve these issues.
  13. Well well well, we closed one chapter and now we hopped onto the next! What you see below is the final purchase I made since no one had the decency to sell me a good X110 Mark 2 (My birdie is raised at y'all forever) so I decided (with a chuttak lot coercion from my parents) "Hey!, I need a car fast" so I thought what was really worth it and bought this car. So what is this car really? You're looking at a 2.4 Liter XV30 Camry in Black Onyx. Imported in 2004 by the MD of a "Strawberry Company in Sri Lanka" (You know what it is) and owned by him ever since I laid my grubby hands on it. (Single Owner car, well it was registered to the company, car MFD and Reg in 2004). Car has 216k kms on the clock. This time I'm 100% sure its genuine, because the car was a Brand New Import bought from Toy#ta L#nka and was maintained ever since from them, car still carries a tag of the last service done in October, 2020 , also the plethora of old Eco Test reports also helps me sleep better at night. Additionally typing the Cars chassis code to ToyotaDIY shows me as the Market Destination of this car as Europe and a friend told me that's why the speedo goes upto 240kmph What features does the car have you say? I honestly don't know since I pivoted from Mark 2s to Camry's really fast once I saw this car. The only thing notable is Auto Wipers (Imagine my shock when it started raining today and it started to be busy at work, didn't know the car had this feature) and the light up ring next to the keyhole and that's about it me thinks yeah. I don't know the options of these cars so if you tell me what to look at I will tell you whether it is present or not. Electric Seats and the Antenna that automatically goes up and down is also a thing. How does the car drive? Exactly how it looks, pulls like a boat on the straight road with a nice roar and plenty of power but has the craziest amount of body roll you'll get sea-sick if you took it to a track. It's a nice comfy plushy ride and as a cruiser that will get you comfortably from A to B it'll do its job but in terms of road feel and fun to drive its quite rock bottom (In comparison to my experience with a EP91 Starlet). Also looks like Toyota made a 'Feedback-delete' to the damn steering cause I feel absolutely nothing.
  14. Hi, I can see the chassis number of my Belta is only 12 digits long. Its KSP92~1011***. However I know it should be 17 digits long. Any idea how do I convert this is 17 digits VIN? Thanks
  15. Dear Friends. Recently i brought Allion 240. It has toyota player that support USB,DVD. But i try to play video file from usb (File type is MP4) it said not support.Then i converted it to WMA and same again. Please let me know which video file types that support default toyota player. Ur answers are highly appreciate
  16. Friends, I have a Maruti nd im gonna sell it within next week. And now im willing to buy a second hand car. My budget is 1.8m. I wanna now whether chery Tiggo is good? Or tell me some suggestions for my budget plz
  17. What are some alternative SUVS or cars? I'm looking to buy a SUV for 20 million but imo, the only vehicle that is bankable at the moment is a 2014/15 Prado. What do you think?
  18. Hi all, would be very grateful if any one can suggest me the ideal engine and the transmission oil for a Toyota Vios manufactured in 2007. Currently the car is at 130K milage and i travel around 2.5k Kmโ€™s per month. Is it ok to use a 10W 40 engine oil as it was mentioned in many forums. thank you
  19. My Toyota Passo 2018 - DBA M700 A gives me only 11km/Liter Pattern - (20km Highway daily and 20km city Daily) (Colombo to Kadawatha and Kadawatha to Colombo) Any tune ups or modifications recommended. Please help me on this. Thanks
  20. Greetings all, I am interested in buying a vehicle (A used one) and it appears there is some issues in pricing of them due to the current situation in the country. Also I do not thing it would get reduced anytime sooner even the imports are allowed from the government in the future, as there is always the possibility to add more tax in order to balance the exchange flow. Therefore I am interested on knowing what the best available vehicles within the following price ranges (I am not a long distance driver, and would mostly be used for domestic usage, and some fortnight/monthly travels of around 150-200 Km). Cars in between 1.5M to 2.0M - Currently I am thinking of AE 110, but it is hard to find a good one within the range Cars in between 2.0M - 3.0M - Was looking for a Toyota 121, But it is in the latter parts of 2M and even in early 3Ms, so considering age don't think it's worth the money Cars in between 3.0M - 3.5M - Toyota 141, Allion 240 , but fuel consumption and parts is an issue in the early one. Allion 240 early versions are yet available I am looking for a Sedan type vehicle and my first vehicle (Probably I might go for a SUV later next year) , Please let me know your opinions on these. Prime
  21. Hi All ! Looking for original alloy wheel set for TOYOTA Vitz 2019. Any recommendations to buy here in Sri Lanka. Safe Driving & Stay Safe ! Cheers! Buddhika
  22. Toyota (Lexus) takes orders for an EV from 40,000 GBP upwards, at last! Sure it will have the precision, fit, finish and the refinement of Lexus but lacks the Autonomy of #EV according to the published data. The intelligence specs are far behind not only Tesla, even Nissan Leaf. .....and this indicates the building of a coffin for hyped up FCHV as well! Performance/specs of Lexus UX300e Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h 7.5 sec Top Speed 160 km/h Electric Range 260 km (NEDC) Total Power 150 kW (204 PS) Total Torque 300 Nm Front drive / single motor Battery Capacity * 54.3 kWh Battery Useable* 50.0 kWh Charge Port Type 2 for Europe Charge Power 6.6 kW AC Charge Time (0->260 km) 9 hours Charge Speed 29 km/h Fastcharge Port CHAdeMO Fastcharge Power (max) 50 kW DC Fastcharge Time (26->208 km) 55 min Fastcharge Speed 190 km/h They are late, rivals are much more advanced today. But this is great first step of #Toyota, towards electrification. https://mobility.lk/.../toyota-vw-will-take-over-6-years.../
  23. I'm looking for a Toyota Ractis 2007/2008 model to buy soon. Also If someone can let me know where I can find the mechanical parts for this as well. Please let me know if anyone having a Toyota Ractis and looking to sell. Thank You
  24. I'm thinking about buying a car around 2.5 mil (Mainly for city driving) & I have 2 options in my mind right now. Viva Elite & Toyota AE110 (Crystal Light Model). I'm was considering Viva Elite because it's a compact car & ideal for city driving but 110 being a sedan is more spacious & looks & feels more like a car. I have no experience with Elite but I've driven a manual 110 & it's quite all right by me. Are the comforts & convivences same with both cars? Let me know your suggestions below. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi guys, My car is a Carina GT YOM 2000 model (AT210). Few weeks back came acorss a very low millage same model GT in Japan and bought it mainly to source parts for my car in SL. Can someone please recommend a good and reliable place to do the replacing work? Initially im focusing on replacing engine, gearbox & suspesnion related parts. Heard some positive comments about Re*l*ca S*e*d but have a small doubt how their work on these toyotas as they are more speciallized towerd Subarus and evos. Prefer a place around Colombo.
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