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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everybody , I am new to this forum. I have a Honda Vezel. I got a vehicle diagnostic report done. I have 2 questions . 1. It shows "HV Battery Usable Capacity as 47. ( What is the maximum capacity ?) 2." B0020-13 Open or Increased Resistance In The Left Side Airbag. Current / SRS Inflator". Does this mean the Airbag on the left side unserviceable? As per the service center it is functioning properly . But I wish to clear my doubt. (Scanner - Launch X.431) Thanks in advance.
  2. I had scan my vehicle and report as below. Please give me a best solution is it necessary to replace the ABS unit or can be repair it. Use utility menu and do break bleeding and zero down seloniod valve. That should fix the break related issues. Do it as replaced master pump so the memory will be erased and new learning patterns will be created. Thank you in advance
  3. Hi, will it take high maintaining cost for Viva elite ABS models, when ABS going out of work, or will it be low maintenance cost for non ABS models. I needed to select a model which has low maintaining cost. some says ABS model are very expensive (Maintaining) Tks
  4. Advice needed, my car's abs system is currently in need of a abs system replacement and I have found one at a reasonable price with a warranty, the only problem is it appears to be of a different Prius model ( 3rd gen but not 30 model) the mechanic said they would reprogram the abs system to match the car model. Is this a relaible fix?
  5. Few months back my ABS unit starts to malfunction. The ABS light comes on time to time when driving. When i took it to micro they said the the ABS unit it malfunctioning time to time and it not a issue in the sensors. By the way they first tried by cleaning the sensors :). They also amazed about this because the car was just finishing 2.5 years and only ridden 9000km. I remembers the last time before this ABS problem starts to show up, at the smoke test they put thier engine sensor with the magnet kind of thing on something similar to this ABS unit. if that was the ABS unit can that magnet thi
  6. http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/Ban-on-import-of-vehicles-without-safety-standards-from-July--144261.html http://www.lankadeepa.lk/latest_news/ජූලි-සිට-ආසන-පටි---වායු-බැලුන-නැති-වාහන-ආනයනය-තහනම්/1-523249 According to the news, import of vehicles, without airbags and seat belts for the driver and the front passenger, Anti-Locking Breaking System (ABS) and three-point seat belts at the rear and below the emission levels or its equivalent as prescribed by Euro IV would not be allowed from July 1,2018. I think this is a good move, which should have been implemented earlier.
  7. Since some of you may be using vehicles with those advanced vehicle stability features, I though of sharing some information of real life comparison of how effective these systems are. Specially the traction control system. I found one thread in this topic, but it has not been updated since last 10 years. " new Age" 4x4s And Traction Control, By Duncan, February 4, 2006 in General ". Please share your personnel experience and any reference for others knowledge. n.b.: No intention for promoting any specific brands. 1. Comparison of Honda vs Toyota vs Volkswagen
  8. selvanath


    Hi Guys, In my Car ABS warning signal is coming . What should I do? Thanks Selva
  9. Guys.. mine is Ford 2000 (BJ5), My ABS and Hand break indicators have been blinking lately. When I did a scan it indicated a fault in the Rear ABS sensor and my mechanic told me to replace the Rear ABS sensor and the ABS unit in the car. Since these are difficult to find for my model , would appreciate a second opinion. Have any one of you all experienced this and how did you sort it out.. Many thanks in advance
  10. Hi all, I bought a 2002 Japanese Alto 1 month back. This car was alright until yesterday night when I had to panic break to avoid a collision. I was travelling at around 40 kmph and the vehicle skid when I applied break. It felt like all the wheels locked up and the vehicle slid about 2 meters. The steering didn't work at this time. However, the car performs okay during slow breaking. Did any of you guys face this problem?? If so, how do you solve this. FYI, the ABS light doesn't come on in the dashboard.
  11. Hi Experts,. Does honda civic EK3 car equipped with ABS brakes or not ? Appreciate expert comments
  12. Need to replace the ABS modulator of 2008 toyota corolla 141. But its nowhere to be found. Ive been searching for months now. They have it at Toyota Lanka at a price of 263000lkr.|(Not an option :D) ..if u know any place or anyone who can get me this part..please let me know..big help
  13. My car is Toyota Premio 2007 NZT260. My ABS warning light on dashboard have been indicating ABS warning(shows ABS warning light as log as car engine is running). I checked it with Toyota Lanka and they informed me that "Replace rear left hand side wheel bearing because it is not sensing". They informed me that it cost around 40 000 rupees. Is this the only solution that I have? Are there any alternative solutions?
  14. Hi All, I'm searching for a Left/Front ABS sensor for a Pajero-IO, H76W. So far I have checked at many spare part dealers and all of them say the same thing. That they can't dismantle one from an existing, as the sensor seems to be brittle. Can any one of you help me in locating a sensor? I haven't checked with agents yet as I want that to be the last option which will be pretty costly. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Thanks, Y3K
  15. Hello Guys, I'm using a toyota aqua, and since recently ABS warning light suddenly appears when I drive in rough roads. For example, yesterday vehicle went over a pot hole and as soon as the left tire goes in, ABS warning light appeared and disappeared. Happened few times and everytime it was the same scenario. Do I need to worry about this? Thanks.
  16. Hi all, My car is a suzuki swift and has ABS ( M/T) last week when I was slow moving traffic ( so regularly clutch / break / Stop / Go on 1 st gear ) i had below issue few occasions I felt that the Break is very hevy to push all the way down and break not apply correctly. Also on a small hill, it happened and actually Car roll back little more although I pushed the break , Then I pulled the hand break and stop the vehicle, 1) Is this normal for ABS when use clutch more offen ? ( Note: Sometime clutch cannot completely release because traffic is moving very slowly) Or 2) Any fault with
  17. damika

    Nissan N16

    Dear friends, i recently buy a nissan n16 car,after two weeks later,i bring my car to garage for change break pads on that time,meachanic show me the ABS line is disconnected.there after only i check with meter panel ABS indicator not working.is this any posibility to repair it,we want to put a new abs unit,what is the cost for ABS,where can i buy it,what best idle place to fix it. thanks in advance damika
  18. Hi guys, Hope everyones keeping well. The reason for this post is, I got a two door Starlet NP90 diesel with an engine running slighlty under compression. I still should be able to use it sometime but if ever I decide on replacing the engine, is there a possiblity for me to go for a Turbo Diesel engine? Would you recommend this and has anyone of you done this before? what might be my best swap option and what might be the cost? Also, I've seen some starlets with ABS. My car doesn't have ABS but the wire harness which connects to the ABS unit under the bonnet is here. Is there any possiblity
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