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Found 8 results

  1. Do you recommend the body repair services at Carmart Workshop Ratmalana? I consider the quality of work and honesty. They said that we do not need to pay the repair bills from private account of customers, they'll handle all insurance claims. If anybody has experience with Carmart body repair workshop please share your information or else where do you recommend for Peugeot accident repairs (body panels)?
  2. My future wife managed to crash my car in to a parked bus in Kandy road. ? Front left headlight, buffer, front grills and the bonnet are damaged. I have never done a serious accident repair before as this is my first car. So I could use some advice regarding the process. I took the car to VT*C Motors in Malabe as I have heard a lot of good stuff about them. They said that all aforementioned parts will need to be replaced including the bonnet (which I thought would be fixable by tinkering). My concerns are, Do I need to find spare parts? Or will the garage people do that
  3. අලුත් recondition වාහනයක් ගන්නවානම් ‘’Best Change Lanka (Pvt) Ltd ’’ එකෙන් ගන්න කලින් හොදට check කරන්න. මොකද accident වෙච්ච වාහන, accident free කියලා fake documents හදලා විකුනනවා. මේ කොළ පාට Toyota passo Moda G 2019 car එක accident වෙලා චැසියත් repair කරලා. මම ගන්න කලින් Toyota Inspection දාපු නිසා බේරුනා. Inspection report, reservation payment invoice බලන්නකෝ attach කරලා තියෙනවා පොස්ට් එකට. වාහන අලෙවිකරු - O**** T********** Quick site seller Name - Bc Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Location - Delkanda …………………………………………………………………………………………………... If you are purchasing a
  4. In Sri lanka, what would happen if your car is involved in an accident and it's difficult/impossible to find parts for it? If you drive some old rare japanese model and you still can't find body parts for it even after several months of searching, will the insurance compamy write the car off or take some other course of action?
  5. Recently I met with an accident and I had to replace rear windscreen of my Honda Fit GP4. I handed over the car to Mag C#ty and asked them to handle insurance and everything coz of my busy schedule. They have replaced a duplicate Malaysian windscreen instead of my original Honda one without informing me. And also there was no transparency of the process at all . However, after replacing to a duplicate one vibration noise coming from the rear windscreen when I drive on broken roads. Mag C#ty guys are not accepting this and they are arguing that noise coming from somewhere else. But I pret
  6. HI Guys, I met with an accident yesterday, and the car left side was severely damaged. I would much appreciate if anyone of you can tell me a place to repair & to find following body parts - Front Buffer - Left Side Fender - Bonet - Left side front door - Left side mirror thanks
  7. My car was knocked by a bike rider who was holding a learner's permit, and carrying a minor with him. Both were injured, noting serious. Can someone advise me 1. Can a someone with a temporary permit ride alone, or it it needed that he have a valid licence holder with him ? 2. Can this temporary licence holder take pillion riders on an L board ? 3. In case of an accident, and injury - who will be more liable ? 4. In case of a court hearing, what will be required ? Many thanks for your advice friends
  8. Hey people , i dont know whether i have posted in the right forum or not and this is my first time in this forum. Rcently my car met an accident and there are heavy damages to back of my car. I doubt what is the best place to the repair. I went to toyota lanka and they gave me a estimation of 1.3 million. want to know your reviews about mag city , mr,paint , ideal motors , auto miraj and any other if theres any.
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