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Found 14 results

  1. I'm thinking about buying a car around 2.5 mil (Mainly for city driving) & I have 2 options in my mind right now. Viva Elite & Toyota AE110 (Crystal Light Model). I'm was considering Viva Elite because it's a compact car & ideal for city driving but 110 being a sedan is more spacious & looks & feels more like a car. I have no experience with Elite but I've driven a manual 110 & it's quite all right by me. Are the comforts & convivences same with both cars? Let me know your suggestions below. Thanks in advance.
  2. I would like share & get your ideas, experience regarding to engine oil for 'AE110' , For my , Year 1998 Engine Oil : Mobil 2000 10W,40W
  3. Please tell me about recommended engine oil brand for toyota corolla AE110?
  4. I have a Toyota AE110 with Automatic gear box. The engine is starting and running smoothly when the engine is in cold state, the RPM is normal (No RPM meter because it is a XE Saloon. I am telling according to the engine sound) and no vibrations (Recently replaced mounts but the issue was there previously) or knocking sounds. But when it is getting the normal engine running temperature , the RPM is getting lower and start vibrating while idling on gear "D" &"R" but "P" & "N" is smoothly having the normal RPM in any of the engine temperature. While ON/Off the A/C in idling, the RPM is slightly changing but not up to standard. Any help guys ?
  5. Hi All, I was searching for a good japan car and found a car in mint condition - Toyota Corolla AE 110 Xe Saloon. YOM 1999 and registered on 2001 with HL-XXXX number silver color. EX Saloon with double din dashboard like the sprinter. So the owner said it is about 2.4M and after bargain he said the deal is for 2.35 Million. The owner said he will do a engine tune up before buying and he said he will give me a a new battery also. Is this a good car to buy for 2.35 Million? (Engine and body condition is superb).
  6. Hi Experts, Im using a 1996 Model (Auto) AE 110 Toyota Sprinter (Petrol). The car has done 237,000 Km (it was 187,000 when i bought it 3 years back). I used to do the service at 5000 KM intervals but when i reach about 1500-2000 KMs after the service, the engine oil level drops to the lower level. And within the 5000KM period i have to top up the engine at least 2 times with new oil. Im using Valvoline multigrade oil. But the fuel consumption is OK and doing 10KMPL at the city Did an engine tune-up at Mr. Dhammika Fernando recently and his advise was to do the service at 2500Km intervals. My Garage guy (mechanic) suggested an Engine overall repair or replacement of rings. Is there any place that i can get the car tested? or what do you recommend? Engine repair or replace the rings. I had a bad experience with my previous Ford Laser engine repair as it didn't perform well on fuel after engine repair. Thanks
  7. I Have search Autolanka forums regarding this and thanks for all valuable opinions. .. But most of those threads are very OLD. so don't blame me. Last 3 or 4 years sri lanka car prices changes very much.. at the moment as we know srilankan vehicle market is not doing well and car prices have gone down. EX - we can see AE110 are priced from 13lks to 21lks . So if you guys can reply with current market ..it will be very helpfull.. I'm looking for (exsept Indian maruti and Alto) 1.relible 2.fule efficent i have few cars in mind. which one will be the best? I will be travaling 40km per day 3days per week and once a month 450-500km . roughly 1000 -1200KM per month. AE100 AE110 Alto(Japanees) March 1.3 Manul - 4 Door Kelisa Lancer CK2 Mazda demio 1.3 Manual
  8. Hi Guys I’m facing this weird starting issue in my Toyota AE110 Sprinter. When I leave the car under the sun for too long, it doesn't want to start until the sun goes down or the car cools. If I park in the shade there isn't usually a problem. I have no problems starting the car in the evenings or first thing in the morning. somehow this happens when the car interior is very hot. usually with closed windows. sometimes car will start after 5-6 attempts and stops after few seconds. can smell the petrol and the sound is not like usual. sounds is like it doesn’t like to start at all. No engine warning light appears. one mechanic said to me it was due to bad distributer coil, but I didn’t buy it cause car is perfectly running in traffic in very hot daytime. when its starts it won’t give any issues. running perfectly. i have done below things recently. Toyota AE110 Sprinter 1997 - A/T 186K Mileage Engine and ATF oil changed recently Engine tune-up done recently (Cleaned TB, changed spark plugs and Air filter) No warnings lights or any other electrical issues No mechanical or performance issues (10-11 kmpl in Colombo) I’m assuming this is due to some sensors/computer box issue with the heat. (Computer box located inside the car under the AC Unit/evaporator). really appreciate your help on this. Thanks
  9. Hi Guys, I have a Toyota AE110 Sprinter, 1997, 1500cc Autommatic and currently having the following Issues and would like to get your professional inputs. Vibration when sudden acceleration (10kmph - 50kmph). windows and dashboard parts are vibrating. not a big vibration like wheel balance issue. no steering wheel vibration If you release the accelerator and press it again gently, then the vibration disappear Car gives a "takas" noise when I tap the accelerator, or change gears (when its not running), also can feel it on floor. Recently I have done below repairs/Services Full service wheel alignment/balance. ATF changed 20000km back. Changed both rackends and ball joints Can this be due to bad engine mounts or CV joints or do I need to replace both front Axels ? Really appreciate your help.
  10. Dear Friends, What is the best place to do an EFI Tune up in Colombo area? What about Auto Miraj?
  11. Hi dear friends, My Car is TOYOTA Corolla AE110 XE Saloon (1998, Auto, Petrol) Recently I purchased this car from another person. Car is in mint condition. But there is a problem. The radiator fan working continuously. My knowledge about auto electrical is very poor. But I checked the problem with my knowledge. The fan is switching by an original relay. (Normally closed relay) There is no voltage at relay coil, so the relay always closed. Then the fan is working nonstop. I tried to find, the operation voltage of fan relay, but I couldn't find the it. Then I thought the problem is with "Thermostat Sensor" Then I went to an auto electrician, He said the thermostat wire has disconnected in somewhere. But he couldn't find it, My questions are, (1) what is the other end of thermostat sensor wire? (2) How can I find it? (3) How to check thermostat sensor is good or bad? Please help me. Thanks.
  12. Hi All, I am Sampath. I am new to Autolanka forum. Please help me to resolve my problem. My car is TOYOTA Corolla AE110 XE Saloon (Year: 1998 / Petrol / Auto) Recently I feel right hand side rear shock has wear. How can I check the shocks by my self? How many cm should be between tyre and body? Where can I replace them in Colombo area? Pls reply. Thanks
  13. Hi all, does anybody knw where is corolla se saloon/ se limited original car antena got fixed??? I already searched in many & figured, it's not came with power antena, rear roof mounted antena or side antena(as xe saloon/ xe limited). So, where it is fixed...???? Thank you.
  14. Hi everybody I'm new to this forum as well as for this field. i read all the threads with associate with my problem. I’m finding a car around 1.4mil in these days and this will be my first vehicle. so i don't have much knowledge about automobile field. i need economical, less malignance cost car. so most of the people suggest me to buy Toyota AE100 i need at least 94 or 95,Auto,full option car . so i phoned several sellers who selling ae100(newspaper ads).most of them ask over 1.5mil for these cars i think it's over priced. Could you please let me know the ideal price for AE100? i have an idea to sell it in about 6 or 7 month and go for a better car like FB15 . is it possible to find a good AE110 (auto, full option ) for about 1.5mil (I'll be able to stretch my budget to 1.5 mil ) Please advice me Thanks in advance
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