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  1. Dear Friends. Recently i brought Allion 240. It has toyota player that support USB,DVD. But i try to play video file from usb (File type is MP4) it said not support.Then i converted it to WMA and same again. Please let me know which video file types that support default toyota player. Ur answers are highly appreciate
  2. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone have come across a OBD dongle (wireless or bluetooth like ELM327, OBDLink MX) that works with Toyota Allion or Premio? So that it is possible to view diagnostic data on a smartphone? Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. Which one is best to buy 50-55lks allion 2012 or axio hybrid G grade 2016 allion already done 70-80k km and axio done 40km which ona is more valuable for that price normally my monthly route is around 1000-1250km
  4. Hi guys,So recently i did an engine tune up.Also Changed the spark plugs using toyota orginals.But now the engine has an excessive vibration at idle.It can be felt from steering wheel to seats.Car idles at around 600rpm.But if i press the break peddle very hard or when the a/c kicks in there is no vibration.no vibration at 800rpm.it doesn’t matter if i put the gear to N vibration is still there.Other than that no running issue drives smoothly.Before the tuneup there was no vibration.
  5. Hello guys, So I noticed this issue in my Allion 260 recently. When I put the gear to R from any other gear (P or N), it takes 1-2 seconds to engage.During the delay car feels like it’s in neutral, but when it engages to R in a harsh manner, giving a jerk (like a jump). The transmission oil have been changed within 30,000km from the beginning, and now the car has only done around 12,000km after the change.What is the problem? When I went for Toyo Lan inspection, they denoted that the problem is with the engine mounts, but changed all 4 engine mounts today using genuine ones. Still the problem is there. What seems to be the problem? What should I do? Experts please give your opinions! Thanks guys p.s - After thinking more carefully I got these points about the issue. The jerk's(jump) severity is depended on the rpm level. During a cold start, the engine rpm is high, so the jerk is severe. Today, after fixing the mounts , rpm was lowered to 400-500 due to the ecu reset caused by the battery removal. So the jerk was not there at that moment, but the late engagement was there. When the engine rpm became normal after returning to home, the jerk was there. When I put the gear into R, during the delay, the engine behaves like it was put into Neutral or Park because the rpm goes a bit higher like those two gears. D is completely normal. Haven't noticed any abnormalities in D. No drop in the economy
  6. Hi guys , I'm not really sure if I can ask this in the forums but here it goes , I am kind of frustrated for searching for a allion/premio 1.8 2010+ Yom , spent the past couple of days looking everywhere . If anyone can help me out with leads or any cars possibly on sale , please let me know
  7. HELLO! I want to know your opinions on riding with 6 in an allion or a premio. Is it viable? comfortable? legal in sri lanka? Mostly for long trips to katharagama.
  8. Hi Guys, I brought this pre-owned 2012 Allion 260 about few moths back. Now it has around 57k kms on it. CVT fluid has been changed at 40k. At the speed of 10-30 km/h when rpm is around 1000 and I try to accelerate the car hesitates, waits for a bit and then leaps forward with a jerk. This situation happens everyday in city traffic. Also I have noticed that if the car is moving above 30 km/h and i take my foot off the gas pedal then there is engine braking but as soon as the speedometer hits 10 km/h the car runs free. Do any of you guys (allion, premio, axio owners) noticed this behavior? Thanks.
  9. Hi all, I recently bought Toyota Allion 240 (2006 make) 1.5cc. ODO says 100k but for sure it has done near 200k. I'm experiencing little delay when overtaking , which the car come to speed little later. Not sure its usual for Allion. However, even with a delay it keeps the power once it comes to a certain speed. Gear shifting runs smoothly (as per my understanding) Further, not sure I'm feeling the slow pickup because of my previous car, Toyota IST 2003, which is with superb pickup in short. usually I get 200+meter ahead if I start at a Traffic-light. Just wondering whether my car need to go for a check-up. Value your comments.
  10. Dear Experts and readers, I want to to whether buying following car(I dont know the model and I hv not used a bmw before) is worth or not, my main concern is resale value and repair cost for current condition... I can get it for 0.9 million. All ideas are much appreciated Thank you very much
  11. Can anybody tell me what is the standard rpm when toyota allion 260 on park mode
  12. Guys,pls help me to choose service station for my allion 260 YOM 2007. Milage >90k Kurunegala area,should be good service and reasonable prizes. Thanks
  13. So I went to inspect my relation’s 2013 Allion. The car is in perfect body condition, and interior condition.The fabric upholstery of the doors are kind of rippled.Can this be fixed?
  14. Hi all, My car is Allion 240. Since last 6 months, i m experiencing a considerable reduction of engine oil soon after a service i m using 10w 30. Milage indicate as close 180000. Should i change the oil type or is there any thing that i can do?
  15. I know this topic has been discussed some time ago. My budget is around 3.5 - 3.7Mil. Looking for a family vehicle. If there are maintenance records, (Toyota Lanka, Laugfs etc.) what will be the good choice considering the present market for reselling, as family is bit concerned about it too. Any other alternatives? Brand new? Hope this info will be useful to others too. Thanks in advance.
  16. My car is a 2007 Allion 260 A15, it has a very sluggish acceleration, I have to step on the accelerator hard to get it going, when I release the accelerator it slows down rapidly. This started happening after I changed the plugs to NGK iridium and I did a tune-up also. It wasn’t noticeable first but after 2-3 months, started happening frequently and I think its getting worse. It’s really annoying when driving long distance, putting the gear to S allows a good acceleration though. Also it has a slight vibration when idle, with or without ac. RPM is at about 750. I have replaced 2 engine mounts which were worn-out a bit, but the problem is still there. Fuel consumption is somewhat ok, with some hard acceleration it did 15.5kmpl on colombo-kandy route. I know allions are heavy and has a sluggish acceleration, but when I bought this car it had a reasonably good acceleration.
  17. Hi, I'm driving a 2012 Allion clocked around 65k in it's odometer. All the periodic maintenance are done though the agents. Recently I've noticed a strange KRRRR.. sound when the car is slowing down from 30km/h to 10km/h. I heard this noise when I'm driving (A/C turned off and both passenger side and driver side shutters are fully open) through a quiet lane which has walls on both sides. So I can hear the car's noises very well. When the car slows down to 10km/h this KRRRR... sound came from the left side of it and fades away within few seconds. Also I can hear this sound even in sudden pick-ups of the vehicle from 10km/h or below. I'm suspecting there is something wrong with my CVT. Have any of you had the same problem? Thanks.
  18. Hi Guys, I am interest on buying Toyota Allion 2002/2003 or Premio 2002 like car but Now it is 2018 which means those are 15,16 years old and most of the car have mileage over 1 laks, In other hand we have Yaris and Belta with 2007, 2008 manufactured so we can buy almost same prices as Allions. I am looking for 1500cc car but saw Premios has 1800cc only then fuel consumption should bad. Need your opinions on either go for Allion/Premio or Yaris/Belta like cars? PS : Have a idea of Corolla 141 also but most of people saying don't buy it. Is there any specific reason for that? Cheers!
  19. Guys, Can anyone help me with a place where i can buy teak interior panels for allion 260 2007 black interior.
  20. Dear Experts, My Allion 240 heard metal rattle sound like Taka taka, When breaking from left rear wheel. This occurred sudden after car service, It heard only breaking, I saw this issue to mechanic and he clean drum and adjust break as well but problem exist same, then he inform me to replace rear hub will solve the problem. Any expert please comment what will be issue behind this, My concern is it happened just after servicing, and only heard when breaking, But i never feel any break issue as well Highly Appreciate your valuable comments Thanks
  21. Hi All, Need some advice from the experts here regarding a possible gearbox failure in my NZT260 Toyota Allion (1NZ-FE). Couple of days back when I was on the way and fortunately closer to my home the car started to rev high up when accelerating and started experiencing a huge power loss to the wheels. I got home and I have kept the car in place till today without moving it to prevent any further damage. So basically the car engages the Drive mode and when accelerating the car barely moves (does not get past 20 km/h) but the engine revs high up. Only reverse is working without any loss of power. No noise or any cranking is heard from the tranny. Mechanics suggest that it is a common failure in CVT type transmissions in Toyotas' and it cannot be repaired, but replaced the whole transmission in full. All the maintenance have been done through Toyota Lanka and CVT transmission oil was replaced at the recommended intervals right throughout (CVT oil was changed in the last service as well). Toyota Lanka says the part is more than 900k, but recons are around 175k the least. The car has close to 186k mileage. Has anyone else running similar transmission experienced this? Is it possible to repair? If it has to be replaced, any tips on buying the part, replacement? Value all your ideas regarding this Regards.
  22. Hi guys. Im going to buy Toyota Allion 2011 model.Total millage is around 110k genuine millage because all the records available with owner.It is first owner permit imported car without multi-function. Price around 4.9 million.My only concern is the millage. Appreciate if can you share your suggestion.
  23. The latest versions of Toyota Allion and Premio was released in mid-2016. The two models has come with significant design as well as technological improvements. This time, Toyota has blurred the boundaries of the design in both of the cars and given a one common overall design to the front and the back while specifying 2 different levels of detailing and trim. Despite that fact, the design this time is really impressive. Firstly, let's watch the video that we did as the comparison between the two cars. The 2 cars have been built on the same chassis as the predecessors', the NZE-260. but in the exterior, the hood (bonnet), front fenders and the front and rear buffers have been redesigned with different levels of detailing. The front lamps are LED including the head lamp. Tail lights are a combination of both LED and conventional lighting. The ground clearance has also been increased a bit which is a better sign. This time, there is no "G-Superior" in the Premio. Instead the "EX-Package" as the highest option level in the Premio and G-Plus in the Allion. In the video, there are those highest grades. The Premio that we took to has the New body colour which they call it as "Dark Red Mica Metallic" which is more Redish than the wine-red of the out going version (Different colour codes). The white is all the same and it is the Pearl-white (metallic white) in the video. The 2 cars are equipped with more sophisticated technological aspects. Mainly the safety features like, High Beam Assist: Which will control the high beam (Head light) by it self. When driving at night, due to the HBA system we no more need to put the lights into Full or Dim. When a car is coming towards, the system automatically dims the light and immediately after its passed, the lights are put into full. Lane Departure Assist: The system will give a warning if the driver is crossing between the lanes unsafely. The display in the dashboard displays the regarding information. Pre-Safe Collision Assist: The car brakes by itself if the driver did not take necessary actions in the situation where a collision could happen. The system works under the speed of 50Km/h. It is the Same as the CTBA which came in Honda. Additionally with the ultra sonic sensors on the front and rear bumpers (buffers) the system detects if there are short collision objects even when the car is moving in a tight parking lot. The system boosts brake even the driver has applied brakes slightly which would not sufficient to stop the car. The on dash display visualizes how close you are to a collision object. This time they have added the Engine Auto Stop function which turns off the engine when it is in idle in order to maximize the fuel efficiency. For an instance, when you are waiting for the green light, The Auto Stop will work until you take the foot off the brake pedal. Immediately after the brakes are released, the engine comes up and ready when your foot reaches the accelerator (no delay).
  24. Gonna Buy Allion 2016 Or A Premio 2016 , Any Suggestions , Advice ? Which Is The Better Buy ? Fuel Consumption City & Outstation ? Thanks
  25. Dear friends I want to select Allion vs Prius Kindly help me to compare following Comfort Preformance Breaking Preformance Car controlling VSC, traction control etc New features Pl help me Thanks alot
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