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Found 20 results

  1. This question arose due to the isolation period. Is there any mechanical issues related to gasing (accelerating won't be the correct term I believe) while on Parking(P) or Neutral(N) Gears?
  2. Hi guys, My car is a Carina GT YOM 2000 model (AT210). Few weeks back came acorss a very low millage same model GT in Japan and bought it mainly to source parts for my car in SL. Can someone please recommend a good and reliable place to do the replacing work? Initially im focusing on replacing engine, gearbox & suspesnion related parts. Heard some positive comments about Re*l*ca S*e*d but have a small doubt how their work on these toyotas as they are more speciallized towerd Subarus and evos. Prefer a place around Colombo.
  3. Hi all..! I recently brought my 1st car which is Nissan Pulsar CJ1 1996 1.5L auto petrol. (GA15DE engine). I got bad fuel economy which is around 7-8 kmpl in city. How can I increase my fuel economy? Thanks in advance.
  4. If it is an automatic driving license I’ve heard that they print it on the license , where it is printed on the license card ?
  5. Hello guys, we are going to buy a new car max budget is 1.3m.should be auto and petrol. Hyundai accent 1.5,2001 Nissan Ad wagon VY10 1.3,1997 we have an accent 1.3,2001,manual in family and as a example for maintenance cost Rs.8000 for front CV joints, Rs.12000 for MAF sensor etc. What i need to know is how about the maintenance cost (parts) of AD wagon comparable to the accent? Thank you
  6. I have a toyota Vitz 2017. All the gears I have are P,R,N,D-S,B. I don't know what really the gear 'B' stands for, but i think it means 'Engine break' when going in slopes to avoid using brakes all the time. Problem is I sometimes forget to change gear 'B' to 'D' when I am accelerating after a slope and go some distance without understanding. I only understand it when i feel the engine is not accelerating as it used to. So my questions are, 1.What is really gear 'B' stands for? 2.Did I damage my engine or gear box by accelerating for some distances in gear 'B'? Thank you!
  7. What is the major issues of CVT against AT , some people said CVT has not long last survival, is it correct.
  8. Hello friends Pls advice me to buy a japan used car & my budget 15-25 lks. Automatic transmission , fuel consumption within 12-18 kmpl.
  9. Looking for a hatch back for around 1.8 - 2 mil. Requirements - Auto / good Fuel economy (is a must) Current options - 1: Suzuki Swift 2: Vitz (2000) 3: March K12 4: March K11 Looking forward for your valuable advice's
  10. Hey guys, What are the good places to buy car accessories and stuff around Colombo? For example: Car mats, car fresheners, cleaning products, etc. Even car electronics like Reverse cams, dash-cams, stereos systems if possible.
  11. Dear experts, I have Mazda familia BJ5P automatic car. I bought it 3 months ago. Recently I have noticed when accelerating the car from parking stage ,gear change is done with much vibration. It feel like car is going over a bumper. It happen in first gear change only, then other gears change without any abnormal vibration. what can be the cause?
  12. I recently bought a Lancer Ex 2008 GLS which is a A/T car. I'm using 95 Octane as fuel. I can only get 8 to 9 KM/L out of it in city limits. I heard that manual Lancer EX does more than 12, 13 KM/L in city limits. My questions are Is there a ECO mode where I gain get more? Best practices to be followed(in A/T)? How can I improve? Any techniques or advice? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi guys, I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Magna VRX 5 speed triptroninc front wheel drive, which clocked 120,000kms. The problem I am having with the car is it has a rattling sound in transmission in cold starts. Also it changes gears, 1st - 2nd when rpm hits around 2500, and rest changes around 2000 mark. Can you guys give me your expert advice on this matter? Cheers
  14. Hi Guys, I own a Daihatsu Mira (L701) 1999 automatic car. Could you please suggest me any places that i can purchase spareparts for my Daihatsu? I have checked that Pannipitiya place recently but the price of the spare parts are too much. I want to purchase a Idle Up unit ( I do not know the technical word) and the EFI unit that they called computer box.
  15. Hi Guys, Has this owner replaced the 4WD know? Or we can say it has two gear boxes...
  16. Hello, In conventional automatic cars, when you accelerate & release the gas paddle, car has some momentum & it flows. But in CVT, car tends to slow & stop. How hard it to get used to the GAS paddle balance for CVT?
  17. Hi Guys! I'm thinking about buying a Nissan Patrol Y61 that has been imported via A*W and i found it at a car sale. it fits my budget but i was told the 3liter turbo diesel with auto-transmission is not very powerful( i'm not planning to tow anything) with comparison to the manual version i'm not a off-road type of a person just that this thing is big and will be very useful to me any owners or people who have driven a y61 can you shed some light on this thanks,
  18. Dear Friends, What is the best place to do an EFI Tune up in Colombo area? What about Auto Miraj?
  19. Dear Friends, My car is Toyota Corolla AE110 (1998 / Auto / Petrol) My car's radiator fan working continuously. Today I checked the car and found the fault. There is a problem on AC pressure switch. The switching terminals are always open, so the relay of radiator fan is always switched on (The relay is "Normally-Closed type 4pin) So I tried to short circuit the AC pressure switch terminals by a tweezers. It was successful and radiator fan was turned off. Then I pointed the problem is on AC pressure switch. I have to replace it. But If I removed it, I will have to refill the AC gas. So I have to go for a professional auto Electrical workshop. But it is not the main problem, When I do the AC pressure switch short-circuit, by mistake I have short circuited wrong terminals. Now there is no voltage on AC pressure switch. AC is not working, AC light indicator and AC Fan is not working. I checked all fuses, but I couldn't find AC fuse in my car. I need to check it and repair by a qualified technician. Please advice me to, what is the best place to solve this problem. What about "Pala auto electricals"? I am planning to go there tomorrow.
  20. Hi All, I am Sampath. I am new to Autolanka forum. Please help me to resolve my problem. My car is TOYOTA Corolla AE110 XE Saloon (Year: 1998 / Petrol / Auto) Recently I feel right hand side rear shock has wear. How can I check the shocks by my self? How many cm should be between tyre and body? Where can I replace them in Colombo area? Pls reply. Thanks
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