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Found 22 results

  1. Guys, Any idea what this symbol is about? It’s in my friends 2015 Aqua
  2. I recently purchased 2014 Vezel Hybrid Z package. One thing that i am noticing that the hybrid battery is not getting fully charged at all. After 80% charging the engine stopped charging the battery. The first two bar out of 6 in battery indicator never got lit. Is it any problem or this is normal?
  3. Hi everybody , I am new to this forum. I have a Honda Vezel. I got a vehicle diagnostic report done. I have 2 questions . 1. It shows "HV Battery Usable Capacity as 47. ( What is the maximum capacity ?) 2." B0020-13 Open or Increased Resistance In The Left Side Airbag. Current / SRS Inflator". Does this mean the Airbag on the left side unserviceable? As per the service center it is functioning properly . But I wish to clear my doubt. (Scanner - Launch X.431) Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Peeps, One of my friend is going to buy a used hybrid (2013) & got this hybrid battery report. Actually we are clueless what it says. We are more than grateful if any one could shed some light on this. TIA
  5. I got 45 ah battery in my car full charged and has GREEN colour on the too indicator. It was left at garage for cut and polish due to a new paint recently for 5 days. Once back, I checked the battery which gives 13v however, the status indicator shows WHITE colour. No hard staring issues. I used the car and it shows 13v volt but the WHITE COLOR STILL EXISTS?!! As per the battery, GREEN is FULLY charged, WHITE is NEEDS CHARGING, RED is SERVICING. Why WHITE COLOUR is showing up, at the same time 13 v reads on multimeter?? HOW TO GET BACK GREEN COLOR ? Do I have to purchase a new o
  6. Lets talk about Where you did the cell change, How long did the repair last and if its worth doing the cell change in the first place. Thanks guys! Cheers
  7. Hello guys , I'm having an issue with the hybrid battery of my Aqua 2012. According to the scan report battery needs to be replaced, and technician does not recommend to replace the cells. I'm thinking of replacing with a reconditioned battery preferably 2017 made. I would appreciate if you can share any reliable place to do so. Further, very much like your advices on the matter. Is the technician correct ? What would be the price range ? Any side effects in replacing with a uses battery..? Thanks guys.
  8. Hey , I would like to hear the expert opinions around buying an AQUA 2012 which have done more than 90000 Km. Have seen certain advertisements around 30 LAKHS and want to make sure will it be worth to give a try.....
  9. Hi Friends, My car battery dead and my father removed it and went to shop with old battery and bought new one and replace it. But now My car RPM totally wrong, And idea why is that? I google it and some said it will fine after couple of days.. but i really trust this forum, Pleas help me friends, Thank you
  10. How much are the nissan leaf batteries??? Recondition and brandnew ???plz help bought in 2015 and niw only have a range of 50km ???
  11. Our 2008 swift was sitting idle for 3 or 4 days but it did start all right in the afternoon. But next morning, around 4:45am, I try to start it but on the first turn of the starter the battery just went flat. I charged it, and it was in working order for a week..when another morning (5:30am) it struggles to start but somehow started. Later that day in the afternoon when I was using the climate control with the engine off for like 3 minutes, the battery died. Jump started it and got it working again..4 days later I jokingly told my brother that the car won't start the next morning &am
  12. I am facing battery issues. Manufacture year is 2013 registered in 2014. Seems like the second battery replacement is up, battery was replaced in 12.01.2017. Is this normal? What is a good battery brand that one would recommend? TIA
  13. The battery magic eye is green.But none of the functions ie starting lights horn are working.what could be the problem
  14. Guys.. I'm willing to buy 2010 Honda insight. i have one concern with Hybrid system battery since almost 5 years old. what would be the cost for replace battery ??
  15. Nissan unveiled its first 100% electric production car in 2009 with the name Leaf on it. Since then, going through many improvements, the Leaf has captured a different niche in the automobile market. Even in Sri Lanka, due to its affordability which worth as its spatial practicability, the Nissan Leaf has been a major consumer choice. The powertrain with the 110 Horse Power electric motor is powered by a Lithium-ion battery which can be chosen among the 24kw and 30kw. Each battery provides 2 significantly different driving ranges, 200km and 250km respectively as its being claimed by Nissan. Pr
  16. I have a question of how to read the battery condition.In my car it has (EX*D ) NS 40 ZL and on the top it says if it is Green - Good Red - Need replace/charge like wise (I cannot remember all what was there) There is condition tester also with 2 small green and red color balls inside it.But how can I decide whether the condition of the battery?
  17. Hi Guys, Couldn't log on to this forum for a long time owing to busy work schedule and ofcourse the car was running smooth. But recently I had this issue with the electrical system for which I fix 100%. To begin with my Nissan Cefiro A33 starts in the morning without any problem and during the day time it runs smoothly with AC and radio on. But during night time, when the lights are on, and while its running, I could observe that the dashboard illumination dims time to time and at the time it dim, the radio and the AC is also switching off. head lamps also dims time to time. I showed the p
  18. My car is a Nissan Sunny Fb14. Battery seems dead. it cant hold the charge. Nw im going to buy a new battery.. Current battery is 35amp. nearly 2 year old.. Since these days im working far away from home. Normally car is not even started for 2 weeks. Wiring, Alternator ok.. battery is bad Please advice me on this.. Should i go for a higher amp battery. ? which battery type should i go for.. sealed type or other ? Which brand ? warranty and other stuff.. thanks...
  19. Dear Experts, i have nissan FB15 car. In 2010 i changed by battery to Amaron Sealed type one. ( 18 months warranty ). Then htwo months before 18 months suddenly car not start, Then i clam warranty and attach new Amaron Battery to Car in 2011 ( 18 months warranty ) .Then after yesterday my car not start again withing warranty period. According to my point of view , My car is not heavily running and almost it running once or twice a month. According to my memory it not start since 3 or 4 weeks yet. So i like to know , how frequently car should be start if it parked at home. What are the ba
  20. Hi guys, Battery of my car is going dead very soon. So i'm looking for an best battery available in the current markets and prices of them. i'm looking for a one which can used at least 5 years without replacing. Please share you throughts
  21. I need to replace my car battery.. I have two options. Exide or Global ?
  22. Dear All, I think my Car battery is completely dead. Even If I fully recharged, it won't hold a single day. Currently it has a Exide 60A battery. I'm not sure it is the correct battery amperage for my car. I don't have any high power consuming audio setup or lighting system attached to it. What are the battery amperage of your Civic Ek3 ? I'm going to buy new one this Saturday. Thank you !
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