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Found 5 results

  1. Hey I'm a new owner of a Honda CD125T Benly which is (141) number, So after the restoration is it legal to have the number plate mounted to side on the front mudguard? As its not *Shri* number will it be a case? I'm planing to have white nickel letters on black background for both front and back (as the picture below) Thank you!
  2. Hi, I'm fed up with finding parking around the town and every day having headaches when I go out to city area to do stuffs. So I'm thinking about limiting the using my car and buy a motor bike (will not use the bike for daily office run, it will be using mostly for go out for random multiple works on weekend and evenings or heavy traffic times/ areas). I went thru Auto Lanka searches about scooters and found that people have recommended Indian scooters (TVS/ Dio) over Malaysian Demak scooter. I have 3 questions. (1) If I buy a scooter is it ok to buy a used one or better to go for a brand new one? (2) What is the best scooter make/ brand to buy (TVS/ Honda Dio/ Mahindra/ Hero/ Demak)? (3) Honda Navi - Saw the Honda Navi ad on TV, also someone is riding a Navi in Galle road. Looks like it is more attractive than other scooters. I would like to know more about it. Is it a scooter or a facelifted version of old "chally"? Will it a good buy? Please let me know more details about the Navi. Thanks in advance.
  3. CMSC DRAG CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 The oldest Motorsport Club in the country Ceylon Motor Sports Club, will once again organize the CMSC DRAG CHAMPIONSHIP on the 24th of August 2014 with the Sri Lanka Air Force, at the Katukurunda Race Track located in Kalutara. A 3-Round Championship will be conducted by the CMSC with the first round slated in August. The event, which will be held on 24th August, is expected to bring many enthusiasts and spectators alike to the race. Well-known personalities from the Racing community and exotic vehicles are scheduled to make a presence on the legendary Katukurunda racetrack in anticipation for a great day of racing. The event will ensure that Drag Racing in Sri Lanka would be taken to new heights in the coming future. This will certainly help more enthusiasts to compete in the ‘Drag race’. As the event will be held at a sanctioned venue, it will require only a valid driving license and the competitor’s street vehicle. This is one way in which the regular/general publics are allowed to experience a racing situation whilst being controlled by a recognized club. For more information about the Drags or the Ceylon Motor Sports Club please join the Facebook fan page or visit the Ceylon Motor Sports Club, at #2/1 Hunupitiya Rd Colombo 02 (Between – 9.00 am & 4.30 p.m. on weekdays). Call 0727645081. ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN AT THE CMSC OFFICE RACE CLASSES 11. CLASSES AND ENGINES 11.1. CLASSES Class 1: Cars upto 1000cc – N/A Class 2: Cars upto 1300cc – N/A Class 3: Cars 1301cc upto 1500cc – N/A Class 4: Cars 1501cc upto 1600cc – N/A Class 5: Cars 1601cc upto 2200cc – N/A Class 6: Cars upto 1600cc turbo open Class 7: Cars Open 2WD Class 8: Cars upto 3500cc AWD Stock Turbo Charged Class 9: Cars Open 4WD Class 10: T & J Open (Trucks & Jeeps) •N/A - Normally Aspirated. *** Cars will be allowed to take part in upto 2 (two) events. E.g - A competitor in the 'Cars upto 1600cc turbo open' will be allowed to compete in the 'Cars open 2WD' with the same vehicle. However, two entries must be lodged with the CMSC before race day and the relevant payment made *** Bike Event List: Class 1: Super Motard 250 {over 100cc upto 125 cc (2T) and over 125 cc up to 250cc (4T)} Class 2: Super Motard Open including 250cc up to 1100cc (2T & 4T) Class 3: Modified Motorcycles Open over 250cc Class 4: Standard Modified Motorcycles over 100cc up to 125cc (2T) Class 5: Standard Modified Motorcycles over 175cc up to 250cc (4T) 13. ENTRIES 13.1.Entry Dates: As Of Now Opening Dates : 5th August '14 Closing Date : 18th August '14 at 4pm 13.2. Entry Fee: 3000rs Cars 1500rs Bikes This amount goes directly to the Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit to assist the differently abled children of the Air Force personnel. Completed entry form must be submitted with full entry fee to specified collection centre.
  4. Hi, I'm 17 and I ride using my learners permit .. a friend of mine told me that I can't ride far distances using a leaners permit ex- kandy ... I haven't heard about this before and I was thinking if it's true... I ride with an L board..
  5. Hey guys, A forum newbie here. I am looking into buying myself a bike and I need to pick your brains. I have searched the forums and I see a trend/bias towards Japanese bikes with most Indian bikes being frowned upon. But here's what I would like you to consider should you decide to weigh in: I do not have a very good understanding of the mechanical aspects of a bike. So if something is not working right, I do not know how to fix it and I tend to take it to a garage. I do not have a lot of time to be repairing or upgrading or fine-tuning the bike. I need it to just work. I do not have the experience to pick out a good reconditioned bike (so might get stuck with a dud) I want something that is not terribly common (like pulsars for example) Taking this into consideration, what would you suggest I get? I have a budget of 300k. On the Indian bike side, I have the option of an FZ or Fazer. On the opposite side, there is the Yamaha TW200, Volty(not sure about this one), Jade, and others. I would love a Hornet but its a bit expensive and it guzzles fuel like a bear in a honey factory. Going by my bike-noobness should I stick with an Indian bike? Appreciate any advice.
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