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  1. Do we have a thread for Euro car news ? Spy shots of a mysterious Volvo These spy shot were taken a few days ago in Sweden. The thing is an exact look a like of the P1800. No one seems to know for certain what it is as Volvo had not officially announced anything of the sort (even if they did why the heck would it be a replica of the P1800 ?). Assumption is that it is a special one-off model Volvo will be releasing to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the P1800. As you can see the front-end is slightly different and it has a wider stance. Apparently the car is owned by Cyan Racing (tuner shop for Volvo/Geely)....so hmm... https://www.motor1.com/news/435966/volvo-p1800-prototype-spied/
  2. Ok so this is my first ever DIY post so bear with me. Recently I happened to buy a e46 it was in good nic till…. well the cluster died on me . I was looking at dishing out some 140K for a virgin cluster with programming or having to buy a used one and live with wrong mileage and the DREADED tamper dot. Being a software guy by trade, I started looking into buying a used one and to somehow reprograming it to get the correct mileage and VIN. It went well, thus this DIY. My existing cluster was Motormeter and my replacement was Bosch. Doesn’t really matter the manufacturer any e46 cluster should work but I got a pre-facelift cluster cause I’m paranoid. This DIY assumes you have NCSExpert installed and updated with the latest DATEN files. You are going to need a bucket load of stuff. A used e46 cluster (ebay) T20, T10 torx bit drivers. (ebay) Pieces of paper Some experience in hot air soldering (I’m a complete noob at it) A good hot air soldering station Solder Paste/Solder wic Tweezers Surgical Alcohol / Probably some beer too Cotton Wool Nerves of steel Blank M35080 EEPROM chip (ebay) R270+ chip programmer (ebay) A steady hand K+DCAN USB to OBDII cable (ebay) - http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-USB-OBD-DIAGNOSTIC-CABLE-INTERFACE-INPA-K-DCAN-ISTA-ISID-SSS-V32-Progman-/331800219469?hash=item4d40d58f4d:g:RpsAAOSw~otWcZo8&item=331800219469&vxp=mtr NCS Expert with latest E46 SP-DATEN files (I had v54 downloaded from https://mega.co.nz/#F!0N8A3LSb!kPyNeBaKoO1GaGoSokfuJA) Cluster Removal Pretty straight forward. Use the T20 torx bit and unfasten the 2 screws at the top. Unlock and pull steering wheel towards you and down to make room to take the cluster out. Pull the cluster out straight and try to partially take it out to the right hand side. There are two connectors at the back. One for power and the other is the CANBUS connector. You want to rotate the white tabs up so the connector backs out of the socket and pull them off. New Cluster Install Install the new cluster temporarily. Reverse of the way it was removed. Check if everything works properly. It doesn’t matter if you get a cog like sign on the panel where the gear selection is display. It will go away once you code it later. Plug in your OBD cable and fire up NCS Expert. Turn key to the 2nd position. No need to start the vehicle. Mine is a 2001 Preface-Lift so it might be different in newer cars. Load the Expert Mode profile. Press “Vin/ZCS/FA” ZCS/FA f. ECU E46 KMB (KMB means instrument cluster) You want to make note / take a screenshot of the FG code. This is the VIN that’s stored in the replacement cluster. Turn off the ignition. And remove the cluster and take it to your work area. Cluster Dis-assembly You might want to practice with the dead cluster first. I did and it was worth the experience. Mark where the 4 T10 screws are located. There are many more holes than screws for some reason. Better to put them back where they were removed from. Unscrew the all of them and pull off the back cover. Holding the circuit board from the square socket connectors pull it straight out. You would want to take care not to touch the black printed board with all the speed / rpm values and stuff. It’s a matte black paint and gets scratched easily (ask me how I know), which will ruin the cluster. Tap the 5 needles so they are settled at the lowest position. Take some pics of exactly where they stop/rest because you are gonna remove them and you want to put them back at the correct positions. Now take a clean piece of paper, rip it in the middle like the pic and place it between the needle and printed board. This is for protection because you are bound to scratch the board if you do not. Now twist the needles counter clockwise while pulling up very gently. It’ll take about two full turns before the needles come out. If you pull too much the black pieces at the middle tend to brake off (This is why you should practice on the dead cluster). You want to remove the RPM needle last because it gets blocked by the fuel consumption needle when you try to turn it. At assembly the fuel consumption needle should be installed last. Once all the needles are removed, gently pull out the printed card and then the clear plastic bit under it. Next remove the two LCD panels (if automatic) one if manual, by releasing the clips at the back and pushing the metal frames out. Take note of the orientation they come out at. You would want to put them back the same way. Now the white plastic back panel should come off easily.
  3. Hi guys, I know these two cars has been discussed a lot. But I need your opinion on these two vehicles as a comparison. Price wise its only a few lakhs difference these days. It's okay for me. I know about the fuel consumption as well. What I really want to know is the maintenance cost (money and time). And what should I look for? Any specific issues that I should know? And I like to know about the feel when driving. I have driven the BMW. But not the Mercedes. Thanks bros!
  4. හායි හැමෝටම අද මම කතා කථා කරන්න යන්නේ ලොව මිල අධිකම කාර් 5 ගැන මට මේ සඳහා විස්තර හොයාගන්න මම යූටියුබ් නාලිකාවක් වගේම තව වෙබ් සයිට් කීපයක් පාවිච්චි කරා 1.1963 Ferrari 250 GTO 1964 දී 250 GTO ටුවර් ඩි ප්‍රංශ ඔටෝමොබයිල් සම්මානය දිනා ගත්තේය - ෆෙරාරි එම තරඟය ජයග්‍රහණය කළ අඛණ්ඩව නවවන වසර සනිටුහන් කරයි. 1962 සහ 1963 අතර නිපදවා ඇත්තේ මෙම මෝටර් රථ වලින් 36 ක් පමණි; ඇදහිය නොහැකි ඩොලර් 70,000,000 ක මිලකට ලෝකයේ වඩාත්ම මිල අධික ෆෙරාරි විශේෂිත වූ අතර එය ටුවර් ඩි ප්‍රංශයේදී පමණක් නොව එය ලේ මෑන්ස් හි ද ජයග්‍රහණය කරන ලදී. පැයට සැතපුම් 174 ක උපරිම වේගයකින් සහ තත්පර 6.1 කින් පැයට සැතපුම් 0-100 (පැයට සැතපුම් 0-60) ක වේගයකින්, එහි සංඛ්‍යාලේඛන නිසැකවම වර්තමාන මෝටර් රථ ලෝලීන් තනිවම සතුටට පත් නොකරයි. කෙසේ වෙතත්, ‘60 දශකයේ දී එය ලෝකයේ වේගවත්ම වේ - දැන් දශක ගණනාවකට පසුව එය දිගු වෙඩි පහරකින් ලොව වඩාත්ම මිල අධික මෝටර් රථය ලෙස පවතී. 2. Bugatti La Voiture Noire: $18,700,000 2019 දී බුගාටි සිය නවතම සුපිරි මෝටර් රථය එළිදැක්වීමේදී දීප්තිමත් වෙළඳ නාම තීරණයක් ගත්තේය. ප්‍රංශ නිෂ්පාදකයා විචිත්‍රවත් හැඳින්වීමක් සහ නමක් වෙනුවට, සංයමයකින් යුත්, අවම හා ක්ෂණිකව නිරූපිත මාතෘකාවක් තෝරා ගත්තේය: ලා වොයිටර් නොයර්. කළු කාරය. වෙනත් විස්තරයක් අවශ්‍ය නොවේ. වැඩි විස්තර සහිතව මෙම අලංකාර වාහනයේ විස්මයට බාධාවක් නොවුවද: එය අතින් කැටයම් කරන ලද කාබන් ෆයිබර් කවචයක්, අශ්වබල 1500 ක් නිපදවන ක්වාඩ්-ටර්බෝ W16 8.10L එන්ජිමක් සහ ත්වරණයක් ඇත. තත්පර 2.4 කින් 0-100kph (0-60mph). එහි ඉහළම වේගය 420 kph (260 mph) වන අතර එහි සමස්ත ක්‍රියාකාරිත්වය නිරවද්‍යතාවයෙන් යුතුව නිර්මාණය කර ඇත්තේ දශක ගණනාවක් තිස්සේ ලෝකයේ බලවත්ම මෝටර් රථ නිෂ්පාදනය කිරීම සඳහා ප්‍රසිද්ධ ඔටෝ හවුස් සමාගමකි. 3. Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta පගානි ඔටෝමොබිලි ඔටෝ හවුස් වෙතින් පිටතට පැමිණි පළමු මෝටර් රථය සොන්ඩා ය. මීට වසර ගණනාවකට පෙර, හුවෙයිරාට වාසිදායක ලෙස නිෂ්පාදනය නතර කළ යුතුව තිබුණි. ඒ වෙනුවට, පගානි විසින් සොන්ඩා හි විවිධ විශේෂ සංස්කරණ නිකුත් කර ඇත. මෙය, සොන්ඩා එච්පී බාර්චෙටා ලෙස නම් කරන ලද්දේ - බාර්චෙටා - මන්ද, හොරාටියෝ පගානිට, එය සමාන වූයේ එයයි: ඉතාලි භාෂාවෙන්, ‘කුඩා බෝට්ටුවක්’. එහි රාමුව මුළුමනින්ම සෑදී ඇත්තේ අල්ට්‍රයිලයිට් ශරීරයක් සඳහා කාබන් ෆයිබර් සහ සිප්, වේගවත් හැඟීමක්; එය නිල් පැහැයෙන් යුක්ත වන අතර එය අවම සුළං ආවරණයක් ඇති අතර එහි උසම ස්ථානයේ අඟල් 21 ක් (මීටර 0.5) පමණ වේ. අවාසනාවට, ඔබට මිලදී ගත නොහැකි මිල අධිකම මෝටර් රථය වන්නේ පගානි සොන්ඩා HP බාර්චෙටා ය. සොන්ඩා හි මෙම සුවිශේෂී, විශේෂිත අනුවාදයෙන් මෙතෙක් නිපදවා ඇත්තේ වාහන තුනක් පමණි. අවසන් වරට විකුණන විට, මෙම වාහන වලින් එකක් ඩොලර් මිලියන 17.6 කට ගියේය. එහි ත්වරණය තත්පර 3.4 කින් 0-60mph හෝ 0-100kph වේ. සොන්ඩා එච්පී බාර්චෙට්ටා උපරිම වේගයෙන් කිලෝමීටර් 355 ක් හෝ පැයට සැතපුම් 220 ක් දක්වා ළඟා විය හැකිය. 4. Bugatti Centodieci බුගාටිගේ 2021 සෙන්ටෝඩීසී ඊටත් වඩා සුවිශේෂී වනු ඇත: මෙම සුඛෝපභෝගී හයිපර් කාර් 10 ක් පමණක් විකුණනු ලැබේ. (ඉහළ මිලක් තිබියදීත්, සෑම කෙනෙකුම දැනටමත් සතුටුදායක ගැනුම්කරුවෙකු සොයාගෙන ඇත.) අද්විතීය ශරීර වැඩ සහ සුඛෝපභෝගී සුවපහසු අංගයන් සඳහා දැනටමත් ප්‍රසිද්ධ සන්නාමයක් වන බුගාටි, සෙන්ටොඩීසීට එය මතක තබා ගැනීමට හැකි සෑම දෙයක්ම ලබා දීමට උත්සාහ කර ඇත. 1577-hp quad-turbo W-16 සමඟ, එය දැනට මාර්ගයේ ඇති වේගවත්ම බුගාටි නොවිය හැකිය; නමුත් එය වේගවත්ම වේ. මෙම මෝටර් රථය සමඟ බුගාටි, 90 දශකයේ මුල් භාගයේ නිපදවන ලද සුපිරි මෝටර් රථයක් වන ඊබී 110 (හෝ ‘සෙන්ටෝඩීසී’) වෙත උපහාර දක්වයි. එම මෝටර් රථය බලාපොරොත්තු වූ පරිදි ක්‍රියා කිරීමට කාලය නොමැති තරම්ය. මෙම මෝටර් රථය ඒ සඳහා උපකාරී වනු ඇත, කාර්ය සාධනය සහ සුඛෝපභෝගී බව ඉතිරි කරයි. බුගාටි විසින් තත්පර 2.4 ක වේගයකින් පැයට සැතපුම් 0-62 (හෝ කි.මී. සෙන්ටෝඩීසී හි උපරිම වේගය පැයට සැතපුම් 236 ක් හෙවත් කිලෝමීටර 379 ක් වේ - එය චිරොන්ට වඩා පැහැදිලිවම අඩුය, නමුත් මෙම හයිපර්කාර් එහි නවීන සෞන්දර්යාත්මක බවින් යුක්ත වේ. 5. Bugatti Divo සුඛෝපභෝගී, මිල අධික සුපිරි මෝටර් රථ සඳහා බුගාටිගේ කීර්තිය අපගේ ශ්‍රේණිගත කිරීම්වල ඊළඟ කාර් දෙක සමඟ අඛණ්ඩව පවතී - 2021 ඩිවෝ වලින් ආරම්භ වේ. බුගාටිගේ චිරොන් කොතරම් සාර්ථකද යත්, එය සමීපව අනුගමනය කරන ඩිවෝ මෝටර් රථයට සමාන ලක්ෂණ කිහිපයක් තිබේ. කෙසේ වෙතත්, ඩිවෝ වඩාත් විදේශීය පෙනුමක් ඇති අතර වඩාත් සුවිශේෂී වේ. ඩිවෝස් 40 ක් පමණක් නිෂ්පාදනය කර විකුණනු ලැබේ. සෑම එකක්ම දැනටමත් කතා කර ඇත. එහි යාවත්කාලීනයන් අතර වඩා හොඳ අත්හිටුවීමක්, වැඩි වේගයක් සඳහා වඩා සැහැල්ලු රාමුවක් සහ නව වරල් වරල් ඇතුළත් වේ. ඇතුළත ඩිවෝ ටර්බෝචාජර් හතරක් සහිත 8.0L W-16 එන්ජිමක් ඇත. එහි ප්‍රති As ලයක් ලෙස ඩිවෝ සතුව අශ්වබල 1500 ක් ඇති අතර තත්පර 2.4 කින් පැයට සැතපුම් 0-100 (පැයට සැතපුම් 0-62) ක වේගයක් ලබා ගත හැකිය. එහි ඉහළ වේගය? 380km / h (හෝ 236mph). හැකිතාක් බර ඉතිරි කර ගැනීම සඳහා බුගාටි ඇතුළත සුවපහසු ද්‍රව්‍ය හා තොරතුරු තොරතුරු අවම මට්ටමක තබා ගත්තේය. කෙසේ වෙතත්, සුක්කානම් රෝදය මෘදු ව්‍යාජ ස්වීඩ් වලින් සමන්විත වන අතර පිටත නිල් සහ කළු සෞන්දර්යය ඇතුළත ද දක්නට ලැබේ. YOUTUBE VIDEO===
  5. Hello guys, First of all I have read the existing threads and I'm posting this because those threads are few years old and the cars have gotten old too. Lol. I'm thinking about buying an European car and my budget is about 3.5 mil. 320D and Audi A4 are my main two contestants :D. I like manual gearboxes and diesel engines. Please don't argue with me, it's just a personal preference.lol. These cars have gotten at least 15 years old. Please help me with your views on these two cars. And any common issues I have to look for after this many years. P.S. Only interested in 320D facelift with the common rail engine. And I'm open for any A4 models. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi , Im looking to upgrade and have an idea of buying a car less than 6 million. Have an idea of a used bmw or a mercedes.But concernd on maintanence and parts too. Expecting advice from experienced members to select the best choice for my budget.Thanks
  7. Dear All, I’m new to Sri Lankan roads. In my thinking best means reliability, dependability, comfort and performance. Looking to buy a such ride for me around 4M. I know I can’t go for a new one matching these criteria with my budget. So I’m fine with an old car. Following are my concerns. - I have 3kids in the family so the car has to be bigger or it has to be a SUV - I don't have much time to hang in the workshops, So I expect a vehicle not fragile with less frequent repairs. - Parts must be available; it doesn't have to be in every shop here and there. but at-least in couple of shops in the country (doesn’t has to be so cheap, but available) -Availability of reliable workshops; I can’t afford IWS or D*MO; but it doesn't has to be cheaper like a normal garage - Having a fuel efficiency of at-least 6km per liter - I don't care about the registered number -having some resale capability (at-least within 4 months) What I understand from studying a bit, different models of the same car have huge gaps in reliability and market price in Sri Lankan roads. As an example W211 E200 Komp has more market value that E240. Highly appreciate if you can guild me and suggest few options/models. Country of manufacturer doesn't matter.
  8. Hi, I would like to buy a used BMW for around 5-6M. Want to know about reliable models and the accuracy of my decision
  9. Hello fellow motorists! I am on the lookout for buying a BMW e39 5 series. My search is narrowed to below specs, Facelift version 2001-2003 (M-bumper swap is more desired but without is not a deal breaker) M54 Engine. Triptronic (sadly no manuals for personal reasons) A decent original condition car. That means not hacked and screwed with cheap parts and rash mods. Any color except white. I dont mind having to do preventive or due maintenance if the price is right and the car is otherwise in good condition. (not years overdue maintenance) I myself am going through all ad sites n calling around. But itll be even better if you good people here can lead to find my buy as I dont have any specific contacts. Thank you all in advance!
  10. Will buying a BMW 730iL E32 1994 be a good deal . Both cars I found have really low mileage for a oldcar. Its 60K and 70K . Is there a catch? I really need help since its going to be my first ever vehicle and don't want to be stuck in a garage all day.
  11. Hi, I'm a BMW E30 enthusiast and I'm in search for a good condition e30 to purchase within this month. I've seen some cars and their conditions were so bad that one car's doors wouldn't even close properly. Does anyone here know about any E30s that might be available for purchase? There are only a very few cars listed online and most of them are in very bad condition or modified to the point where its not a BMW e30 anymore. Also do you think is it a good idea to have an E30 a first car when it comes to the repairs and maintenance. I've been warned multiple times by car guys who never had a BMW. Any leads here would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  12. I have my mind on a BMW 520i from 2004. It has over 120k of mileage. 2200cc. Automatic transmission. Will there be any issues if I buy this vehicle? Also it's having the fourth owner rn. Would you guys recommend buying this?
  13. Please advice on pros and cons of 2013 Mercedes W204 C220 and BMW F30 320D models.
  14. Guys, I have never used an euro car nor driven one. Last 15 yrs or so I have driven only Jap cars and vans. This time I thought about buying a BMW because I want to experience so called 'Ultimate driving machine'. Actually I don't like numb driving experience of Toyota and want to drive a mid size sedan. So my questions are, 1. Is it wise to choose 520d 2012/2013 for driving pleasure? 2. How reliable the car is? 3. What are the common faults of this car? 4. Is timing chain issue frequently seen in Sri Lanka? 5. What should be specially looked for, when buying 520d? 6. What is the reasonable market price for this car? I know asking this is stupid. But I have seen ads quoting from around 7.5 mil to 10 mil for 2012 manufactured car. 7. What are the alternatives for above car?
  15. Can anybody please tell me a good place to do a full restoration from ground up for a BMW E30? Much appreciated!
  16. I'm considering VW Golf or Peugeot 307. YOM would be 2007 or 8. would like some help to understand if there are any specific things to look when buying one and again if there are any factory faults in these models? I know the 307 autos had a gearbox issue. but I'm looking for a manual option. any help would be appreciated. BMW 320i (YOM 2005/6) is also an option. any thoughts on that as well compared to the VW and Pug??
  17. Hello everyone, I am in need of an SUV in 5 mil to 5.5 mil range and the BMW X1 diesel seems to fit the bill. But my concerns are on how reliable will it be as of 2019. Most ones are 2011-2013 range and have almost or in excess of 100k kms. Ive done my research and find out some issues 1.N47 engine timing chain issues 2.Steering box 3.ZF auto transmission and its lifetime oil change claims(This im not so sure about and many say it needs changing oil) 4. Problems with the A/C? Most of my research was bases on the internet so are there more issues native to SL ? It would also be appreciated if owners could mention about servicing costs, repair places other than the agent and general costs Thanks in advance ?
  18. It’s been a while I was thinking of getting a BMW E36. But finally I end up getting an E30. The car has not been abused, but it has accumulated work over the period that needs attention. My intention is to gather up all missing bits and pieces together and build the car back to its original glory. This might not be a big project comparing to some ground up projects and restores. But all help and suggestions are welcome. Here are the things I will have to attend immediately. Complete restore of the instrument cluster. Meters worked for few days after me getting the car, except for the Odometer. However stopped working due to a shudder while I was reversing the car. Coolant leak occurred last week. It’s coming from the water pump. Will be taking it out at the local garage. AC fan seems working even at “0” position. And the AC switch is broken so it’s in the on position all the time. There are small works remaining in rest of the car. For example broken winders, shaky door looks, some interior parts, and a good paint job.
  19. Was thinking of importing a BMW m50 engine or even a jz motor. Any one have any information how the tax system works for importing just the engine of a car?
  20. which one is better 1.bmw 520d 2013 2.audi A6 2013
  21. Good day All, New to the forum here ;) I'm looking to purchase a car manufactured between 1960-1990 for a full restoration project. Would love to see if any BMW e34 (1984) are available. Even a Datsun b210 is okay. Original book should be available. It doesn't matter if the car is in very bad condition as I plan on working on it from ground up. I'd really appreciate if you could let me know what cars are available. Thanks in advance!
  22. After going through all of autolanka found lot of records regarding service places for bmw. But most of the records are around 2013 or before. can any body recommend better place for a service for bmw f30 imported out side prestige. they are charging 950000 for registration at company. Thanks in Advance.
  23. Hi, This has reference to one of my earlier posts, in which i sought advise from upgrading from my Jaguar S type to a model within BMW E38, E39, E60, Jaguar XJ X350, etc. With valuable guidance from AL members and through my own evaluation, I have decided to go for a BMW E38 (or X308 XJ LWB Jaguar as X350 is currently out of my budget), preferably a facelifted 1998 - 2001, 740iL long wheel base car. From my limited knowledge, I think there are very few long wheel base E38's in the country, hence finding one has become somewhat of a challenge, hence I seek the help from fellow AL members. During last 12 months, there were 02 LWB cars advertised on quick sites and here on AL. I wonder who own these now and also interested to know more details of these elusive cars. Thanking you Kal-El
  24. Hi guys, There are a few BMW i3s for sale. prices start from around 3.8 million. Is it a good car for city driving, basically 30-40 km per day. Do you guys have any experience with this car and major issues etc. and what is the warranty of the battery.
  25. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a BMW E38 740i . How should I plan my purchase ? - As in look up Vehicle History Records , Vehicle Condition etc . Also, who would be the Mechanic to go to or should it be to the Agents ? How much money would it cost to maintain it each month on average ? Is the fuel consumption about 4km / Ltr in Colombo ? My usage is 1500 Km's per month . Please tell me / warn me / educate me about this car in a Sri Lankan context . Thank you
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