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Found 12 results

  1. Greetings all, I am interested in buying a vehicle (A used one) and it appears there is some issues in pricing of them due to the current situation in the country. Also I do not thing it would get reduced anytime sooner even the imports are allowed from the government in the future, as there is always the possibility to add more tax in order to balance the exchange flow. Therefore I am interested on knowing what the best available vehicles within the following price ranges (I am not a long distance driver, and would mostly be used for domestic usage, and some fortnight/monthly travels of around 150-200 Km). Cars in between 1.5M to 2.0M - Currently I am thinking of AE 110, but it is hard to find a good one within the range Cars in between 2.0M - 3.0M - Was looking for a Toyota 121, But it is in the latter parts of 2M and even in early 3Ms, so considering age don't think it's worth the money Cars in between 3.0M - 3.5M - Toyota 141, Allion 240 , but fuel consumption and parts is an issue in the early one. Allion 240 early versions are yet available I am looking for a Sedan type vehicle and my first vehicle (Probably I might go for a SUV later next year) , Please let me know your opinions on these. Prime
  2. Hey ! I'm a student planning to buy my first car. My budget is 1.2mn and the only requirement is it to be minimum hassle as possible. I'll be driving about 250km per month. I found Tata indica 2013-15 to be within my budget. Is it advisable to buy this in 2020? Other options I found were maruti 800- 2011/12 and micro panda(prices vary largely) I searched the forum and found no updated information on the indica. Please help
  3. Guys, I know there is a lot of threads related to this. But uptodate knowledge from an expert would be very much appreciated. I'm a student trying to buy my first car with my savings and a small loan. My budget is strictly below 1.2 mn. I'll be driving about 6km a day on weekdays and about 15km in the weekend. I'm looking for an easy to maintain car( dont really have much time to be at a garage for another 2-3 years) Looks do matter but not a complainer and an auto would be nice but not a must. Thank u in advance.
  4. Hi All I have a 3 million lkr budget . I am looking for a car to buy but do not like hatch back cars except vitz. I am hoping to buy within a month but still confused what to buy. Please give me some suggestions with you all's experience Thanks
  5. Dear Experts, I'm a newbie to the forum abut I've been following AL forum for a very long time which helped me a lot. I'm looking to buy an SUV around 2.4 - 2.8 mil and maybe I can go up to 2.9 mil maximum. Currently using a car but doesn't really fit for a family of 5 members. So thought of going for roomy SUV, although I'm not talking about extreme off roading. Searching here and there I came up with two available options. Your expert advice about below cars is well appreciated. If there are more suggestions I'm open for them as well. Thank you. 1. Hyundai Tucson 2004 - 2006 2.0 L (Petrol Automatic) 2. Kia Sportage 2005 - 2006 2.0 L (Petrol Automatic) What I want is a less trouble vehicle that I can use for about another 3 years with regular maintenance, Not much worried about the fuel economy. Both Automatic and Manual transmission vehicles are fine for me.
  6. Hi all, I'm seeking to buy a Toyota Axio 2007 or 2008 these days. Is it a good choice to buy this before the budget in November?? How much affect dollar rate issue to the current second-hand vehicle market? I appreciate your valuable suggestions. Thank you.
  7. Hi Folks, Any updates on the changes to the vehicle import duties in coming budget ? Specially the small and medium cars. It seems government is no longer promoting electric cars. At least government should encourage more environmentally friendly transport options. High volumes of slow moving office/ school traffic incur heavy loss to the country's economy in each day. I wonder why this simple maths can not be understood by policymakers ? Last year government claimed that there are too many cars on road, so it should come down. But they didn't come up with anything effective on upgrading public transport, increasing capacities of roads reaching Colombo ( kandy road, highlevel road, galle road) or finding alternative routes. Please share your information Thank You
  8. Planning to buy a vehicle ASAP. I have narrowed down my selection to following (they are all Toyota..call me a racist) For now I'm swaying between Vitz and Axio. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Most of the travelling will be on Highway and off roads nearly 1500 km per month in total. 1. Toyota Vitz 2016/2017 (1000CC) 2. Toyota Axio 2007/2008 3. Toyota Belta/Yaris 2011
  9. Hey broz, I want to buy a car. Registered or unregistered. My budget is between 20-28lks. So plz give me a idea and car list. I'm mostly like hatchback and suv. help me plz guys.
  10. Hi everybody, I'm looking for a new vehicle to buy. I have done research and found there's no good quality vehicles to buy being in my budget which is maximum 2 million. There are some japanese cars but they looks very old (more than 15 years). And I'm not interested in alto even it's brandnew. So my question is whether I have possibility to import a car through auction or whatever for the above budget? If not, what will be the greatest opportunity to buy a car in here. Please help me. Thanks for taking time to tead this ☺.
  11. Today i got to know that vehicle duty on reconditioned vans has incresed by revision of XID. patrol van duty has increased by around 2-2.5 laks and diesel van duty has increased by 4-4.5 laks. eariler we got to know indian KEI car duty increase by around 5 laks due to 7.5 laks lower limit in XID.
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