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  1. Hi all, This is my first post in autolanka. I've searched for the topic and didn't find any recent relevant information related to my problem. I own a Mazda 3 2008. Windows are not tinted at all. I'm planning to get them tinted, and have the following questions. 1) Are the windshield and shutters already UV protected? 2) Is there any use of spending money for the 3M clear Tint? Are there any other quality options? 3) Will there be a significant heat reduction if I Tint the front with clear film and back with a darker film? 4) If its not useful, I'm planning to have a dark Tint only for my rear windshield and shutters. What are my brand options? (please mention the cost) 5) What is a good, genuine place around Panadura, Bandaragama area to get this done? What will be the rough cost for everything? (front clear, back dark) Thanks
  2. I heard that there is an oil burning issue in Honda Fit GP1.
  3. Hi Mates I just bought my 141 corolla. It’s previous owner only had a 3rd party Insurance so that I am hoping to have a Full Insurance at least for this year. This is my first ride so better to have a Full insurance ?. Mates so that I am searching for following info. To get a Full insurance with the best company available 1.your Insurance company 2. Insurance type Full or 3rd party 3.How much per year with your Vehicle type and valuation 4.How fast they paid your last insurance claim 5.How is their customer service when claiming Thanks
  4. I need my lancer box car to convert in to Electric power steering system. Where can i do it and how much does it cost roughly?
  5. Hi friends, I am planning on buying my first car. This has become a huge challenge to me , my budget is around 4.0 Mn to 4.5 Mn, I was searching in lot of places, seems all car's prices have gone sky high. I have been planning on this since quite a time. BTW i was looking for a Toyota, Honda or Mazda so my concern is look, reliability, fuel economy and maintenance and lastly the re selling price. The vehicle's manufactured year should be at least > 2010. In fact I was interested of, Toyota aqua , Mazda Alexa and Honda insight, So you guys please suggest me a good vehicle, what ever vehicle Other than listed here, I highly value any idea which comes to me , cuz am a complete new to the subject.
  6. Hello Everyone I have a 2007 corolla 141. My service was due next month and I went for the full service today. I did my service from a service station that I have done twice before. Then today afternoon (around 5pm) I went there to take back my car home after they said service is completed. I started my car to reverse and suddenly there was some tightness with my steering wheel. I Restart the car and tried to reverse again . Same tightness appeared in the steering wheel again. Then I complained to the service station people about the issue. They told me to take the car to the 150m away Gurage and they called them I will come. So I drove my vehicle there with very difficulty because steering wheel was very tight and i couldn't drive it smoothly with cross roads. While I just came to the Gurage location my dash board indicators became blinking and My radio switched off automatically. Just after I drove my car inside the Gurage car automatically stopped and didn't start gain. Then technician came and did a Jump start. I was there when he check the issue and one terminal of my car battery was moving/loose. He did a jump start after tightening it and checked the alternator voltage. It indicated only 7V and he told me it should be 12V. Car battery was not charging by the alternator. He told me he will have to check the alternator tomorrow morning as all these incidents were happened and it was 7pm. He gave me indication that it may be alternator has gone (may be burnt what he meant I think) or may be a diode or something can be and will have to check tomorrow (12th) . Please help me out guys what may be causing this ? Will I have to replace the alternator, If so how much will it cost ? Is it available in Matara area ? Will I able to repair this tomorrow because its new year after
  7. I have 2015 Toyota Vitz F Safety version. It has Eclipse AVN134MW car audio setup and already missing SD memory. Radio is working fine. I have search in internet but could't find solutions for following problems. Setup has USB logo. But I can not find USB out. Dual Multi functional steering wheel, but seem like it is not working(Can not volume up down) Seem like Bluetooth not support with setup. How I can connect phone to answer call? (call answer and drop buttons appear on steering) Can I change the car audio language to English Where can I fix those problems?
  8. Greetings all, I am interested in buying a vehicle (A used one) and it appears there is some issues in pricing of them due to the current situation in the country. Also I do not thing it would get reduced anytime sooner even the imports are allowed from the government in the future, as there is always the possibility to add more tax in order to balance the exchange flow. Therefore I am interested on knowing what the best available vehicles within the following price ranges (I am not a long distance driver, and would mostly be used for domestic usage, and some fortnight/monthly travels of around 150-200 Km). Cars in between 1.5M to 2.0M - Currently I am thinking of AE 110, but it is hard to find a good one within the range Cars in between 2.0M - 3.0M - Was looking for a Toyota 121, But it is in the latter parts of 2M and even in early 3Ms, so considering age don't think it's worth the money Cars in between 3.0M - 3.5M - Toyota 141, Allion 240 , but fuel consumption and parts is an issue in the early one. Allion 240 early versions are yet available I am looking for a Sedan type vehicle and my first vehicle (Probably I might go for a SUV later next year) , Please let me know your opinions on these. Prime
  9. මචන්ලා පර්මිට් එකට කාර් එකක් ගන්න කියලා බැලුවේ. හැම එකක්ම බලලා දැන් වාහන දෙකක හිරවෙලා ඉන්නේ මොකද්ද ගන්න කියල. දැනට මම හොයාගත්ත ටික මෙහෙමයි. Honda Insight EX 2019 මේ අවුරුද්දේ අලුතින් ආපු 3rd generation එක. පට්ටම ලුක් එකක් තියෙන්නේ. Pros: Honda Sensing, Excellent fuel economy, Stunning look, AC vents for the back row and many more options that the Premio Cons: පාර්ට්ස් හොයාගන්න අඩුයි අලුත් නිසා? පස්සේ විකුනන්න උනොත් මාර්කට් value එක නැති වෙයිද? මේකේ එන්නේ හොන්ඩ වල අලුත් හයිබ්‍රිඩ් සිස්ටම් එක. ට්‍රාන්ස්මිෂන් එකක් නෑ. එන්ජින් එක වැඩ කරන්නේ ජෙනරටර් එකක් විදිහට 90% වෙලාවට. එන්ජිනේ එකට හයිවේ ස්පීඩ් වලට විතරක් කෙලින්ම කාර් එක ඩ්‍රයිව් කරන්න පුළුවන් වෙන්න තනි ගියර් ලෙවල් එකක් තියනවා. මේ වෙලාවේ ඇරෙන්න අනිත් වෙලාවල් වල එන්ජින් එක තව ඉලෙක්ට්‍රික් මෝටර් එකක් කරකවල තමයි වාහනේ ඩ්‍රයිව් කරන්නේ. දන්නා තරමින් අලුත් CRV Hybrid එකෙත් මේකම තමයි තියෙන්නේ. අලුත් නිසා මෙහෙ හරියට සර්විස් කරන්න පුළුවන් වෙයිද?, අවුල් ඒවිද? (like the dual clutch issue with vezel) කියන ඒවා ප්‍රශ්නයක්. ඒවා ඇරෙන්නේ මේ සිස්ටම් එකට මන් පට්ට කැමැති! Toyota Premio F EX 2019 Pros: ඇතුල මාරම කම්ෆර්ටබල්. හයිබ්‍රිඩ් තරම්ම නැති උනත් තෙල් වැඩ හොඳට ලස්සනයි Resale value අවුලක්ම නෑ සර්විස් ප්‍රශ්න නෑ, පාර්ට්ස් තියනවා ඕන තරම් Reliable car Cons: අලුත් එකේ කියල කිසි වෙනසක් නෑ? ගෙවන ගානට දෙන options නැති තරම්. CHR එකෙත් මීට වඩා තියනවා? Driving pleasure එක කෝමද? මේ වාහන දෙකෙන් එකක්වත් මම කලින් පැදල නෑ. කලින් තිබුනේ Avanza එකක්. වාහනේ තව ගොඩ කාලෙකට විකුනන්නේ නැති වෙයි. හැම සතියකම මාතර-කොළඹ යනවා වාහනෙන්. මචන්ලා ගේ අදහස මොකද්ද? දෙකම එකම වගේ ගාන.
  10. I'm thinking about buying a car around 2.5 mil (Mainly for city driving) & I have 2 options in my mind right now. Viva Elite & Toyota AE110 (Crystal Light Model). I'm was considering Viva Elite because it's a compact car & ideal for city driving but 110 being a sedan is more spacious & looks & feels more like a car. I have no experience with Elite but I've driven a manual 110 & it's quite all right by me. Are the comforts & convivences same with both cars? Let me know your suggestions below. Thanks in advance.
  11. Is there a good car/suv for 30 to 40 laks average 150000km? I have seen a hyundai senta f v6 2007 but I doesn't know whether that's good enough.
  12. Which one is best to buy 50-55lks allion 2012 or axio hybrid G grade 2016 allion already done 70-80k km and axio done 40km which ona is more valuable for that price normally my monthly route is around 1000-1250km
  13. Sam leon

    Car modification

    How can I get the approval to modify my old car by the rmv? What is the way of getting approval and how much cost will happen to get the approval?
  14. My car is Toyota Aqua 2014. I need to replace the existing 175/65R15 dunlop tyres due to causes of tires wear out (specially outside edge). The tyre shop owner has tell me that there have a common issue related to aqua cars when using 175/65R15 tyres due to causes of tires wear on outside edge. Therefore, he has recommended to change to 185/60R15 (to increase tyre width to avoid the issue). Is it okay? Pls help.
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm seeking information on the Kia Sorento 2002 3.5l Petrol Model. I require the following information from the experts here and most importantly from people who have owned it before. Reliability Parts Comfort I am okay with it doing 5km/l in city limits but I need to know if the ride is worth it. I found a good deal which claims to have done only 100k miles so far and is asking 2.3mil for it. I would really appreciate everyone's input on this matter. Thanks in advance.
  16. hi, I am planning to buy a Toyota Premio 2013 and I am interested in G Superior version....I heard about there're lots of premios that rebadged to G Superior..what are the differents of G superior and other grades? how can I find whether is it a rebadged or not?
  17. I would be parking my Car in a closed garrage for 2-3 months (with a short run 1 or 2 times a month) as I would be travelling. Would appreciate if some advice could be provided by the AL memebrs on what should be done to keep the vehicle in good order while its parked. Also would like to know from where I could purchase a Steering Lock (the one that fits on the Steerng wheel) for the car. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  18. Hi All I have a Corolla 141 car. I recently brought it. I do not have proper knowledge in car maintenance. I check my cars coolant levels, water level and engine oil often as i can. Is there any more items that I should be checking regularly? Further please let me know how often should I service the Car. Should I consider the mileage as priority or the time period 6 months ? . I know cars should be services earliest as possible. But we need to look the economical side as well. Thats why I asked. Also is TOYOTA service station is recommended or can I use other service stations as well from your experience? Please let me know any other better places Guys please help me with the above. Thanks
  19. Gents, I'm planning to buy a car for personal use... So the requirements (in order of importance) would be - Budget : 4.0 - 4.5 million Year : 2012-2013 or newer Engine capacity should exceed 1450CC Should be a Sedan / Crossover Ease of maintenance. Procuring spare parts and competent workshops should be rather easy Fuel economy Resale value Going by these requirements I'm guessing my best option would be a Toyota. I won't be able to visit Colombo every time I'll be needing spare parts... I have shortlisted Allion 260 (2011-2012) and Axio 161 (Non-hybrid) 2013-2014. Please mention if there are any other brands and models you know that would suit my requirements... Your recommendations, suggestions, opinions, any kind of insight is deeply appreciated.
  20. අලුත් recondition වාහනයක් ගන්නවානම් ‘’Best Change Lanka (Pvt) Ltd ’’ එකෙන් ගන්න කලින් හොදට check කරන්න. මොකද accident වෙච්ච වාහන, accident free කියලා fake documents හදලා විකුනනවා. මේ කොළ පාට Toyota passo Moda G 2019 car එක accident වෙලා චැසියත් repair කරලා. මම ගන්න කලින් Toyota Inspection දාපු නිසා බේරුනා. Inspection report, reservation payment invoice බලන්නකෝ attach කරලා තියෙනවා පොස්ට් එකට. වාහන අලෙවිකරු - O**** T********** Quick site seller Name - Bc Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Location - Delkanda …………………………………………………………………………………………………... If you are purchasing a new reconditioned vehicle, please avoid the following car sale (refer attached images) and this guy named as O****. The car sale name is ‘’Best Change Lanka (Pvt) Ltd ’’. This sale is a home based one near Delkanda. The vehicle that I inspected was a Toyota passo Moda G 2019 ( Refer attached images). According to the fake documents that this guy shows you and advertise, auction grade of this vehicle is 5 and it has JAAI certification also. And the documents says its accident free. In the inspection, Toyota team found out that this car has caught up with a major accident and then has been repaired ( vehicle inspection report is also attached herewith). Before my reservation, Omith agreed to refund the full amount (payment invoice is attached also), but he only refunded a partial amount of my reservation fee. Final advice - please check well and buy, and avoid these dealers. Special thanks to Toyota Lanka for saving me from this tragedy.
  21. Hey Guys, Whats this part, which is located down near the buffer and looks kinda broken in the right side. Is this a serious issue? should i get it fixed?
  22. Guys, I know there is a lot of threads related to this. But uptodate knowledge from an expert would be very much appreciated. I'm a student trying to buy my first car with my savings and a small loan. My budget is strictly below 1.2 mn. I'll be driving about 6km a day on weekdays and about 15km in the weekend. I'm looking for an easy to maintain car( dont really have much time to be at a garage for another 2-3 years) Looks do matter but not a complainer and an auto would be nice but not a must. Thank u in advance.
  23. I going to buy a car so i found some daihatsu brand hatchback ? model car named move any one have a experience in daihatsu brand shall i buy or not ?? can you share your experience please
  24. Hi All I have a 3 million lkr budget . I am looking for a car to buy but do not like hatch back cars except vitz. I am hoping to buy within a month but still confused what to buy. Please give me some suggestions with you all's experience Thanks
  25. Hi. I am looking for an upgrade from my Mazda Carol 2004 and looking for a vehicle around 2.5M to 3M. With that budget, i am highly concerned about fuel consumption, maintaining cost. Hence, currently i have only below options. (Registered) 1. New japan alto - some people say the second hand market will be very low. 2. Daihatsu mira - lack of spareparts 3. Wagon r - expensive maintenance cost, lack of spareparts So guys i am looking for some ideas, suggestions for a better option. (Including positive and negative sides of above options and, any other models i can go for.) Thank you.
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