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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am using 2018 Toyota Corolla Hatchback (very few in SL) which had1.2l turbocharged, intercooler GDI engine (Similar as Toyota CHR 1.2) which has done 39000km on the clock.( Bought in 2018 2 months after the production with 30km on the ODO) From time to time after doing arounf 30000km I started feeling rough idling (when car is in "D" and starting to move after brake is slowly released) and also some kind of slight jerk on hard acceleration at high speeds in the highway. So when I inquired from TL they did "engine tuneup" without removing the injectors as discussed in previous threads related to Toyota CHR. So from another reputed mechanic I got a vehicle scanning which gave only "rough idling". So afterwards injector cleaning was done removing injectors and all, in which revealed chunks of carbon deposits on the intake valves. Apparently injectors are in good form according to the person who did the cleaning, but the rough idle still prevails. So as I'v read carbon deposition in GDI is a known fact, which led me to do some searching on carbon cleaning agents and came across this CRC GDI IVD Intake Valve and Turbo Cleaner from USA which cleans the said components without going for an engine repair ( quoted at Rs.10k at a local online site) which has lots of good reviews. Has anyone used this product? Appreciate your valuable comments as the sight of carbon deposition is very frightening to see.
  2. Dear friends What will be better Premio NZT260 2019 or CHR NGX50 (4WD) 2019 when considered following 1. Comfort and driving comfort 2. Smoothness, refinement and calmness inside the cabin. I mean engine and gear box noises, road noises, insulation of sounds coming from out side, sounds coming from suspension when running on gravel roads etc. 3. Fuel economy and suitability for octane 92 (not always, but only when 95 is not available) 4. Less maintenance and repairs 5. Suitability for Sri Lankan road conditions 6. Softness of steering wheel, brake & accelerator pedals (I prefer them to be very soft) Note: I'm NOT interested in stability during cornering since normally I slow down the car when I take bends. The reason why I mentioned CHR 4WD instead of 2WD is, in 2WD, ground clearance is even low. If there any other better options, let me know them as well.
  3. I’m using a Toyota C-HR 2017 car with mileage just above 23,000 km. This car I bought from a local car sale as a reconditioned car from a Japan auction around 1 year ago. I got an issue - suddenly reverse camera stopped working. When I put it to the reverse gear, reverse lights are getting on, but the reverse cam video is not coming on the display. Not even the blank screen. There is no any change in the display. (Update: this is the original factory fitted setup). After taking it to a near by car setup shop, all wiring and connections were checked but no issues were there with wiring or connections. The shop technician said it may due to some settings changes. But I did not touch any settings. BTW, he also said he needs the SD Card came with the car. Otherwise he cannot navigate to settings. But I did not get the SD card and extra key when I purchase the car from the car sale as the car sale mudalali told me that they didn’t receive an extra key or SD card for this car and those might have misplaced. The car audio guy said that car sale owners are not giving those to the customers but extra keys and SD cards are selling to these shops. Please provide your advice with below 3 questions. (1) How/ why this reverse cam settings can suddenly be changed even without touching by me? (2) Isn’t there any way to change the settings without a SD card? (3) If above no 2 question is not possible, please let me know a good place to visit nearby Colombo/ Nugegoda area. Thank you in advance for your time and advice...
  4. Hello everyone, Could someone please tell me, where could I find VIN number of Toyota CHR? I looked at usual places like Door jamb, near windscreen.. Etc. But no luck.
  5. Could someone please explain to me the difference between usual Toyota CHR imported from Japan and CHR Koba imported from Australia? Which one is better and recommended?
  6. Hi All, I am planning to buy a SUV crossover / SUV in coming months. I am thinking of 2013/14 CRV or a 2018 CHR G-T. I may drive this vehicle for about 2 - 3 yrs(i will be selling the vehicle on 2022 or 2023). My priorities of buying are · Less repairs (2013/14 CRV will have some repairs. But I heard it is reliable and may not have major issues) · Reselling market value · My budget would be 6-6.5 million LKR I am not very much concerned about fuel efficiency. Appreciate your valuable ideas on this.
  7. Hello friends, Thinking of buying a Peugeot 3008 from carmart for my permit this time. Previously I have only used Toyota cars so don't have much of a idea about Peugeot. I value your ideas regarding carmart after sales service, parts availability, repair facilities, etc. It will cost about 6.0 million. Any idea about second hand market. Thanks in advance all Peugeot enthusiasts for your valuable ideas.
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