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Found 17 results

  1. Honda crv knock sensor 2000 model
  2. Dear All, I am looking to buy a SUV for 10 million. Below are the options I am thinking 1) Mithubishi Montero 2013 2) Kia Sorento 2015 3) Toyota Harrier Hybrid 2014 or up 4) Honda CRV 2018 Please suggest which is the best buy for my budget. Regards Shan
  3. Hi All, I am planning to buy a SUV crossover / SUV in coming months. I am thinking of 2013/14 CRV or a 2018 CHR G-T. I may drive this vehicle for about 2 - 3 yrs(i will be selling the vehicle on 2022 or 2023). My priorities of buying are · Less repairs (2013/14 CRV will have some repairs. But I heard it is reliable and may not have major issues) · Reselling market value · My budget would be 6-6.5 million LKR I am not very much concerned about fuel efficiency. Appreciate your valuable ideas on this.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm planing to buy a CR-V (RD5) and budget is around 3.2 M. I've gone through some of the threads but couldn't find any useful information also haven't experience on CRV. Need some advice and information from the experts here.. 1. Maintenance & Spare parts 2. Fuel efficiency ( Heard that it's around 7-10 in city ) 3. 2WD or AWD 4. Conman problem related to the RD5 Value all your ideas regarding this Thank!!!
  5. Hi everyone. I owned a Honda CR V 2019 vti lx Australian model and it has built-in GARMIN Australia and New Zealand map. I want to replace it with Sri Lanka map. Anyone know how to do that? ?
  6. Greetings to all Honda lovers, I wish to by a Honda CRV 2007 or 2008 model. Yet, I found that there are 3 engine types namely 2000cc,2200cc and 2450cc(2500cc). Which is better in terms of comfort,maintainance and fuel effeciency. And do I need to look for anything specific (factory faults or failures) Pls guide Thanks in advance
  7. Hello everyone. Looking for some direction regarding buying a used SUV. I have shortlisted the following and would appreciate it if anyone who owns one or has any experience can give me some feedback to make a decision. Or any other potential vehicle I have missed? Honda CRV (2014/15), Honda Vezel (2016/17/18), Nissan X-Trail (2015/16), Audi Q2, Suzuki Vitara Boosterjet (2019), MG ZS. My priorities are reliability, practicality, resale value and driving pleasure (in that order). Not very fussed on fuel economy. Concerns about the Vezel DCT and X-Trail transmission issues.
  8. Hi All, I am looking to buy either of those 2 vehicles and my budget is 9 million or just above that. Montero 2013 diesel Honda CRV 1.5 2017-2018 Please suggest which option is best considering Rider comfort, look, after sale value and maintenance. BTW : I am not planned to use these for off road purposes and therefore please do not consider that. Thanks
  9. Hi All, I am planning to go either of above options and i would like to know your advise of buying those 2 options. I have no idea to use for off road purposes, but i have concern about comfort, re sale value. Cheers
  10. Dear All, I have thought of getting a Honda CR-V 2017/2018 7 seater 1.5L version. I went through some reviews but most were standard descriptions of features, etc. But I am in need of a more customized opinion considering SL context. My concerns are; 1. General reliability of the vehicle. This is the model built for australian market and will be imported from there. 2. Resale value in 3-5 years. Most told me that this model is not moving well in SL and it will become a "sadahatama oba mage" when I want to sell it. I would love to hear from those who owned CRV and have sold
  11. Hey There, I'm planning on importing a 2018 Honda CR-V 1.5L Turbo and would like to know about the fuel consumption of the vehicle from any current users? How does it do in City, Highway etc? Any other comments on the overall ownership of the vehicle is highly appreciated :) :)
  12. Hi, I'm hoping to import CRV-S AWD for permit. When i checked with agents, there are some import from Australia. There are some who import Honda CRV from Japan. 1. Are there any difference in two vehicles in terms of quality, etc. 2. If yes, what is recommended for SL. Thanks in advance.
  13. Guys, Can someone please shed some light on the fuel comsumption on above model(Honda CR-V RE2 4WD/FWD) and the basic/important things to look for because I'm planning to go for one.
  14. Does anybody know the name or part number for the following part? It is a hose connecting the air filter compartment and the engine. I have highlighted the part in RED.
  15. Guys, I'm a young engineer working in Dubai. Usually I come to Sri Lanka twice a year (2 weeks each) for vacation and whenever I come I have to get a rented vehicle for my travelling. On average it costs me around 120k per year for rented vehicles alone. Considering this money drain and my plan to work in Dubai for next 5-6 years, I'm thinking of buying a vehicle for myself. Following are my requirements, concerns. 1. Fuel efficiency is not important, 8-9 km/l is enough 2. Need to have good ground clearance as I will ride on it roads less traveled in the hill country. But I'm not a seriou
  16. hi guys, i'm planing to go for a honda crv (YOM 2003). i need to add two seats to the rear space as in some prados. i won't use this as a seven seater regulary. but occasionally i might need to... is there enough space for the purpose? how it would cost around? will it make a huge impact on the safty? pls share your thoughts with me on this.... thanks Udana_K
  17. Hello experts, I am looking for a vehicle preferably a SUV (Which we normally call Jeep.) that suits me for the following reasons. 1. Long distance travel on weekends (Around 400kms) 2. May be petrol but it has to be economical (Therefore not thinking about X-Trail as I heard it runs only 6km per ltr) 3. Maintainability (ability to find spare parts ...etc bit easier) 4. Auto is better but I am not stick in to that. Therefore even Manual does not matter. Just saw a Honda CRV 2000 that the price was 2.5 Million which had some issues that they have removed the 4WD shaft (I was told that it
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