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Found 10 results

  1. Guys, this time it is a ‘Mitsu’. Last weekend I sold my Perodua Viva Elite after using 6 years with 80k at odometer and shifted to well-maintained Mitsubishi Lancer CS1 GLX. I was seeking a well maintained CS2 or CS3 with Automatic Transmission for months, but was not lucky enough. Two JDM units found comparatively well but no service records and might be odometer tampered. On my way, I accidently found this 9 years old girl and could not miss her even she was a CS1. Hence settled with her within a week. This CS1 is a brand new import under permit scheme and registered in 2007 December. Previous two owners were members of the same family and had maintained her with Unit#d Mot#rs and had all service records from the beginning to up to date. (I verified service history with Unit#d Mot#rs before buying and they confirmed everything is genuine) Last owner was a lady and wonder how she looked after this vehicle. Timing belt has been replaced at 45,000km considering the time factor being 6 years. Current odometer is 92,000km. Again three Autolankans were helping me; Trinity, Davy and The Don. Specially CS experts Trinity and Davy gave me very valuable advises and kept following the project. @trinity, @Davy, @The Don Thank you all guys. Here are some photos of her.
  2. @DavyHi Mr.Davy. I have a lancer cs1 gl 2007. I came across this iac valve problem and bought a reconditioned iac valve and fixed it. But I the problem is not solved still. 1) engine is set to 1100rpm to not make the engine stall when ac on. 2) Even thou its in 1100rpm still the ac cutoff cuts off the ac cuz of the low rpm created when on the ac 3) I am not sure but I feel my ac gives more stress than other cars cuz we need to press the accelerator twice more u press it before! So please can u help me out with this. @Sampath nalinda Gunasekara recommended about u. Thank You!
  3. Hi Guys I'm looking forward to do a slight modification to my car, having a Lancer CS1. wanna add side skirts, a spoiler & bumper lips. any tips as to where i can get a quality job done for a reasonable price?? attached below is the way i want to get da car modified.
  4. Hi, thinking of buying my first car and my budget is around 2 mil, i will be driving about 1600km/month it’s very logical to go with the perodua but my heart says Cs1. Any other options to consider? Eagerly waiting for valuable inputs in order for me to make up my mind!
  5. How much does it cost minimun for conveting.. how long usually does it take.
  6. Hi All, i have bought a CS1 lancer 2001 1.3 carb engine recently and have few mechanical problems to sort out, rather going to a common garage to fix the same i want to know if there are any specialists around to sort my car? im wondering if any, only does Mitsubhisi? I am having a rough idle when the a/c is switched on and makes a vibration on the dash board t seems the engine takes a lot of weight when is a/c is swithed on and it and also needs a good engine tune up since it does only 7 in city limits. Apreciate your comments and receommadations.
  7. Hi All, As you all can remember, my lancer met with an accident some days back. I am going to put in to the garage on this weekend. I am going to buy the headlamp today. But the prices of right hand side head lamps are insanely high. After a good 2 days of effort, got the prices from 10 - 12 places. Agent Price (Brand New): Rs.64,000 Delkanda/Wijerama Price (Brand New): Rs.45,000 Reconditioned Lights: Rs.15,000 - 18,000 I was searching for a good quality reconditioned light. But almost all the reconditioned lights had some sort of issue (faded, deep scratches, cracks at edges etc.). Therefore I have decided to go ahead with a brandnew headlamp (yes, money matters since the car is not fully insured. But no other option since the other head lamp is in near brand new condition). Few questions for experts. 1. Are these brand new headlamps from Delaknda area genuine ones? How can I verify? (e.g. comes with Mitsubishi branded box, Mitsubishi logo or text embedded in head light) 2. Can you suggest some auto parts shops to get brand new lights for reasonable price? (even very good quality reconditioned parts shops also fine).
  8. hi friend, i'm just thinking of buying either civic ek3 or lancer cs1 ( which fits with my budget well too). could you guys give an advice on this while comparing the both as you feel good. does it make senseif i look for an ek3 with auto transmition.? fuel consumption, maintenance, budget (mine is 1.6 to 1.7) are major concerns...... thanks in advance
  9. Mitsubishi Lancer CS1 GLX-1300cc - Manual How many KM per Liter in CIty
  10. Hi All, I am about to replace the front brake pads of my Lancer CS1. I have checked the price from Unit#d Mot#rs and they sell it for Rs.14,800/= However I was able to find after market products around Rs.4000/= from other places. Is there any real difference exists between genuine Mitsubishi brake pads and after market products? Is it still safer to go with genuine Mitsubishi brake pads when considering the price?
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