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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have a Daihatsu Move Conte (2015) (Toyota Pixis Space) kei car. I'm in need of replacing front shocks. After going through few web sites, it seems both Mira (Toyota Pixis Epoch) (1st gen) and this one share the same part number. Pixis Space : https://toyota.epc-data.com/pixis_space/l575a/112948/chassis/4803/ Pixis Epoch : https://toyota.epc-data.com/pixis_epoch/la300a/113020/chassis/4803/ But, people at the spare part shop told me that Mira ones are not compatible and they cannot find matching KYB part for mine. (I took the shock as a sample and I
  2. Hi does anyone know the petrol consumption of Terios 2011 model in the city drive? Thanks
  3. One of my close friends owns a Daihatsu Terios 2007 and he has lost one of the covers that encloses front-right end-fitting of the roof railing. He is looking for a replacement and I was wondering whether you guys have any idea of a place where I can find the replacement covers. I am pretty sure that if I am to buy this, he will have to at least buy all four covers together and in the worst case, he might have to replace both railings. The following figure will give you an idea of what I am looking for. What he has lost is the right-front cover and the image with the caption "correct one
  4. I wanted to add some blog entries to this forum for a long time as it had helped me a lot to make informed decisions. To start things with, I thought of writing about a small car which exceeded my expectations. That is the humble "Daihatsu Mira". It was in the mid 2018 when I started to look for a second (small) car to use for urban commuting with a budget around 2.8 million. Back then, I had a Vezel RS hybrid as the main car. So the unregistered options were clear. It was either the Japan Alto mild-hydrid, WagonR FX or Daihtasu Mira. Test drove the Alto and felt that it was not comfortab
  5. I use Daihatsu Mira m/f/yr 2008 car, after every 1500km runs engine oil limit goes down by half (1/2) liter, i do input extra oil to the tank to match the level, but no oil leakage to see surround the engine room or garage floor, this is a big issue? without a repair running this situation is not good for the car isnt it?
  6. I going to buy a car so i found some daihatsu brand hatchback ? model car named move any one have a experience in daihatsu brand shall i buy or not ?? can you share your experience please
  7. Hi All , My Knowledge on Vehicles is very much limited and I Likseems to like these of MPV's. The above mentioned vehicles are more or less the same . but with very minor differences . But if I buy daihatsu what could be the cons I can face in Sri Lanka 1. Can I get spare parts ? 2. Will I have the resale value ( since its not Toyota ) In Other words , Can I sell that without less pain What are possible other problems /con's I can face . Kindly mentioned your recommendation
  8. Jbkumara


    Hi everyone I have daihatsu Hijet (2012) Suddenly check engine lights appeared and scan says P0420 Some says that I have to replace rear o2 sensor which attached to the silencer. But some says that just need to clean there. Please someone can help me out to resolve this problem. Please suggest me a good place near Negombo and how much it will cost. Thank you all
  9. Hi Guyz, Hope I've selected the correct section to post my thread. I have a Daihatsu MIra 2017 New Face version. Yesterday I suddenly hit the vehicle in a bump and damaged the gear box cover. Appreciate if you could let me know a place to buy a new gear box and a place to fix the gear box. Thank you in advance guyz. Regards geek
  10. EBD-S321V Hijet van 2012 Please suggest me to buy iradium spark plugs from internet. ( ebay ) Which one is the best Please just send me the link. Here in jaela it's nearly 11000/= costs for 3 plug set.
  11. Hey Guys First of all I know the Honda fit has been extensively discussed multiple times on this forum but do bear with me and hear me out since this is a bit of a specific clarification. I would value your opinions and ideas regarding this. So I'm a little paranoid when it comes to buying used cars and I am more comfortable if I was to buy a trusted friends vehicle. Given the fact that what we get for about 3.5 Mil plus these days are tiny 3 pot keis I have no option but to go for a used car. I'm not overly concerned on fuel consumption or resale but more focus on Maintenance cos
  12. Hi Guys How about daihatsu mira es ?. How about thr mileage,Build quality,Parts availability etc ?..Is getting it from the agent worth it ? & how the after sales customer care ? The kia picanto,the wagon r all mostly priced the same..
  13. In my Jeep when ac is ON a crying noise is coming when going forward. But when it's OFF it's not coming. Some says it's coming from ac compressor and need to change. I have serviced also but they did not tell for any issue. Cool is ok but less in the noon with very hot times. Do you know what type of a compressor it has and whether I can put a passo compressor reconditioned to this. What is the cubic capacity of passo. Mine is Terios Cargo Volume13.4 cuFT OR 379 L
  14. Please explain about Cons and Pros of Toyota Pixis Epoch car and Daihatsu Mira EIS car..
  15. Guys im finding a car around 1-1.2mil. My requirements are, Should be Economical because im going to use it for daily riding. And the vehicle should have less maintain cost. Its not about the looks. Should be lil comfortable and love my pocket.
  16. HI Guys, Today morning my car (Daihatsu Mira) didnt start since the EFI fuse was not working properly. Therefore I have replaced the EFI fuse with the fuse mentioned as (MGC) (Picture attached). I just want to know the what is this MGC fuse? is it necessary to be there? I had a 30 mins ride but nothing happened.
  17. HI Guys, Today morning my car (Daihatsu Mira) didnt start since the EFI fuse was not working properly. Therefore I have replaced the EFI fuse with the fuse mentioned as (MGC) (Picture attached). I just want to know the what is this MGC fuse? is it necessary to be there? I had a 30 mins ride but nothing happened.
  18. Urmask

    Glass Tint

    Hi Guys, I hope to do a full tint to my Dihatsu Mira ( Let's say Kelisa ). Could you suggest any places ? And also I would like to know the rough cost for a full tint. I am talking about a normal glass tint.
  19. Hi Guys, I own a Daihatsu Mira (L701) 1999 automatic car. Could you please suggest me any places that i can purchase spareparts for my Daihatsu? I have checked that Pannipitiya place recently but the price of the spare parts are too much. I want to purchase a Idle Up unit ( I do not know the technical word) and the EFI unit that they called computer box.
  20. Hi Guys My brother bought a 1989 Daihatsu charade g100 3-door hatchback and he’s having an issue with the power steering. The wheels are not turning left to right same amount. left and right turning circles/turning angles are different. when you fully turn the wheels to Left side (counterclockwise) its touching inside the wheel arch. can hear the “karas karas” sound. what would be the issue and how to fix it ? Thanks
  21. RRokz

    Daihatsu Pyzar

    Hello Gyus, Need small help regarding Daihatsu pyzar. I want to know that spear pats availability of pyzar in sri lanka.
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