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Found 25 results

  1. I am looking to buy a corolla 121 diesel car. Whats are things I should check when buying that model because it is bit older model now. My preference is to go for a manual transmission one. Also, need to know about the fuel consumption of 121 diesel in both manual and automatic transmissions.
  2. Sorry guys I'm adding a new thread, I know there are several galant threads, but most of them are related to buying information. so I created this to discuss problems related to the Diesel Galants. Today I got a simple question about the fuse box diagram of my car.(1999 Galant (Diesel)) I have uploaded two pics. 1. First quiz is what is the meaning of symbol mark as A (2nd pic)? 2. As I know my car doesn't hv ABS, so why ABS fuse here...? (both pics) Yes fuse is missing in the main fuse box, but in the secondary fuse ABS fuse is still there. Can someone explain is this normal? thanks
  3. Hello guys, First of all I have read the existing threads and I'm posting this because those threads are few years old and the cars have gotten old too. Lol. I'm thinking about buying an European car and my budget is about 3.5 mil. 320D and Audi A4 are my main two contestants :D. I like manual gearboxes and diesel engines. Please don't argue with me, it's just a personal preference.lol. These cars have gotten at least 15 years old. Please help me with your views on these two cars. And any common issues I have to look for after this many years. P.S. Only interested in 320D facelift with the common rail engine. And I'm open for any A4 models. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, I just purchased a Nissan Bluebird SU14 Eprise. It's diesel vehicle which has done 144000 on the ODO. The issue i'm having is that while driving when I shift to the third gear and leave the clutch, the car bounces while moving forward. So I quickly press the clutch and the car runs smoothly for the momentum. The problem occurs when I go to the third or fourth gears only where when I slow down and change to the second, it runs perfectly. I did the clutch test where you put the gear in the third while on standby and you leave the clutch while accelerating and as it is supposed to, the vehicle stopped instead of trying to move. Has anybody had this issue?? Do you guys know what causes this or what this issue is?? Thanks guys
  5. Please give me ur ideas for the these vehicles kia sorento 2012/ X-trail 2012/ pajero 1995-1996 diesel auto/ toyota hilix vigo 2008, which is the most worthy for the 55-60lks fuel economy, comfortability, reselling value, maintains, and the things you guys know about these vehicles.Thank you!
  6. I’m planning to buy a Nissan X-Trail T31 Diesel (2013) vehicle. Is that a good vehicle?
  7. Is there anyone using Nissan X-trail TL T31 diesel model? I need to know some information about that vehicle.
  8. Dear all I'm looking for a suv for daily 200km drive, fuel economy and comfort matters. I'll be driving up and down to kandy from colombo. Any suggestions? Here are some options I've figured considering current market prices for my available budget.(5mil) Nissan X tail hybrid 2015 KIA Sorento Diesel 2011 Hyundai Santa fe 2010 SSang yong rexton 2009 Please give your suggestions.
  9. Guys, I found myself an original petrol S2 Land Rover that originally came with 8 Sri plates. But the guy who owns it recently had it converted to diesel and had the number changed to 325- Is there any way to get the old number back if I convert it back to petrol? This car has had a lot of character and with this number its all gone
  10. Hello everyone, I am in need of an SUV in 5 mil to 5.5 mil range and the BMW X1 diesel seems to fit the bill. But my concerns are on how reliable will it be as of 2019. Most ones are 2011-2013 range and have almost or in excess of 100k kms. Ive done my research and find out some issues 1.N47 engine timing chain issues 2.Steering box 3.ZF auto transmission and its lifetime oil change claims(This im not so sure about and many say it needs changing oil) 4. Problems with the A/C? Most of my research was bases on the internet so are there more issues native to SL ? It would also be appreciated if owners could mention about servicing costs, repair places other than the agent and general costs Thanks in advance ?
  11. Hellow Everyone, Can somebody tell me what the procedure for changing the registration of a car after converting from petrol to diesel. and the approximate cost of doing it. I know i should go to RMV but want to get an idea from any one before going. and by the way the car YOM is 94. new engine is a "2.4 3C turbo diesel". thanks in advance.
  12. Is it possible to setup an external RPM gauge for diesel vehicles which dont have a inbuilt rpm meter? If so where to buy one locally?
  13. Hi members Can i get some idea about where I can find reasonably good quality super diesel that is ok for a Toyota common rail engine (1kd ftv) Hoping some advice here can save the life of injectors and DPF filter. Regards Nana
  14. I have recently bought a Nissan Sunny SB 13 Diesel automatic model. In Colombo with traffic it does around 9 - 9.5 kmpl. But for long distance it does around 11 - 12 kmpl. Is this normal for NISSAN SB 13 or my car doing bad? Highly appreciate if you people can give details of a good mechanic to do some engine tune up. Thanks.
  15. Hi Guys! I'm thinking about buying a Nissan Patrol Y61 that has been imported via A*W and i found it at a car sale. it fits my budget but i was told the 3liter turbo diesel with auto-transmission is not very powerful( i'm not planning to tow anything) with comparison to the manual version i'm not a off-road type of a person just that this thing is big and will be very useful to me any owners or people who have driven a y61 can you shed some light on this thanks,
  16. Update : Bought a starlet. Details see the thread. Hi fellows. My question is a big and like a question paper but hope it will help you to give me a good answer. My requirements are Manual gear car with good fuel economy. budget around 1.1-1.4 and max 1.65 A good resale value. not sure how long Im going to keep it. Maybe from 3 to 5+ years I prefer diesels because we own a townace lotto van (57-xxxx) in our family for about 10years now. Did a full engine overhaul about 8 years [email protected] edirisinhas and still no any problem. I don't want a fast car and ok with the town-ace like performance and feel. Don't care about boot space but leg space will be needed. Prefer hatchbacks but sedans are too ok. My monthly traveling will be bellow 500km but if its good for pocket will do more. I've read over 2,3 times the threads that talks about above models in topics. But i need more to decide.
  17. CK2

    Lancer Cb8

    Hi, Brought a 1994 Lancer CB8 and planing to do some engine maintenance works before use as daily runner. 1. Replace Timing belt 2. Replace Clutch plates 3. Replace AC/Fan belts 4. Break pads 5. Cleaning the radiator and check whole cooling system Thought to get some advises from you guys before. Is there anything i should do initially..? Any idea about the cost? Place to buy those spare parts i needed..? please help me diesel lancer guys.... thanks.
  18. Hi guys. The last time I came here was when I had the instrument cluster issue with my Bluebird SU14. That issue however, got resolved after I took it to CN Electronics in Hendala, Wattla as I stated in my previous thread. Today, I've got another minor issue with my SU14 again. I was planning to sell my SU14, so I thought I'd give it a proper sellable value since it had a some black smoke coming out. Thus, I took it to Kaduwela to service the diesel pump and injectors, which went quite well. However, thats where the issue starts. After the service was done, which took 4hrs and 9000 bucks (replaced diesel filter as well), the engine noise increased. Like as if an increased tappet noise. The more gas you give, the faster the noise sounds. So I took it to a guy who is close to my place (trustworthy fella) and he said that it wasn't a tappet noise, thus, clearing the cost of adjusting/replacing the shims (which I hear is quite expensive for a DOHC engine). This happened only after the service of the diesel pump. On an additional note, the black smoke wasn't there right after the service but, now it has come back again. The pulling power also has a vague difference (negatively of course). They did some adjustment on the injection system (not sure if im saying it right). If I'm right, they adjusted the advance/retard of the diesel injection. Now, I hope I have explained sufficiently and if anyone understood the entirety of the issue, could you please be kind enough to let me know how I should resolve this. Thank You
  19. dilla_t

    Bmw 520D

    ok folks so the 520d has an a TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder diesel engine. Does this Twinpower mean 2 turbocharges or a just a single turbo? I know BMW uses two turbos one for low speed and one for high speed for some models but for 520d does it use two turbos? any views will be appreciated.
  20. Hi all, I am planning to buy a Toyota Corolla CE100 car and would like to know your suggestions. I know that according to the year of manufacture of this model what I would get is something done around 200,000km. What I want to know are there different types of diesel engines for this model. I have heard some term "molli engine". So is there a "NON molli engine" for the same model. I am glad if someone can post me a picture to recognize this engine. And by the way I am only interested in sedan car, not wagen. Are there 1.8 diesel engines in Sedan. And finally what will be a reasonable price for a SE Saloon with climate control AC, white light and manual gear, if I find one hopefully. Thank you in advance.
  21. Note by the moderator : This post contains information neither endorsed nor supported by the Autolanka community. Readers are advised to read the entire thread and form their own conclusions. Hi everyone This is my second post on the forum. I think this post will help a lot of people to reduce their fuel bill on petrol and diesel vehicles. Going forward we will have lot of vehicles but empty tanks. I have been doing some R&D on engine efficiency and cleaner exhaust gazes for some years and decided to do an engine modification on my Prado to get some extra power and a full burn. For non-technical members it is simply modifying the air intake of the engine at a safer place to feed in HHO as a gas instead of normal air we breathe which is not 100% accounting to a full burn inside the combustion chamber. HHO is a combustion rich gas but the generation mechanism should be done with absolute safety precautions out of water. Luckily I have a friend of mine who has a Garage (Unfortunately in Gampaha, which is a bit far away) and he was nice enough to listen to me (instead of ignoring me as if I have gone crazy) and comply with all the safety precautions and install the unit. Some pictures are attached for enthusiasts. Results: Increased fuel consumption by 20-25% (Mix of city and long distance). I refill a full tank earlier around 360KM range. Now it is 440-450KM range. Increase of power. I can feel it in the depth of low end torch in the Engine which keeps going. Reduced carbon emissions to a good as new engine. This is a 1999 Prado. Less vibration on engine Quick start when you crank the engine Everyone should not jump into this modification. It is a NO for vehicles with warranty by agents (Those brand new shiny vehicles are not lucky enough to have this because they will say “You have modified the engine and now we are not responsible!!!”) So save it for a later date. This is good for engines about 5-7 years and beyond. Vehicles of this age are having different relationships between the owners and the vehicle as such a bit of tweaking will not hurt any feelings J. There is absolutely no harm in doing this modification because it is done outside the whole system. Safety is first in this installation. Is this a real innovation which I should patent? Well absolutely no, because lot of people know about this but no one cares about the safety. Instead I though everyone interested should benefit from this because it helps going green and hugging trees a little. Regards Nana
  22. Hi, I was wondering if a vehicle is converted from Petrol to Diesel, should the Diesel Tax be paid again for 7 continuous years?
  23. Hi guys, Hope everyones keeping well. The reason for this post is, I got a two door Starlet NP90 diesel with an engine running slighlty under compression. I still should be able to use it sometime but if ever I decide on replacing the engine, is there a possiblity for me to go for a Turbo Diesel engine? Would you recommend this and has anyone of you done this before? what might be my best swap option and what might be the cost? Also, I've seen some starlets with ABS. My car doesn't have ABS but the wire harness which connects to the ABS unit under the bonnet is here. Is there any possiblity of enabling ABS? Thanks in advance!
  24. Guys im planing on buying a Volkswagen Golf Mark 1 Diesel. Can anybody tell me how much one of those would cost in Sri Lanka these days. And if anybody out there uses one can u please tell me the practicality and issues u have with them. And even about a MK1 petrol would do. Thank you in advance..
  25. Hi Guys I am planning to buy a Nissan SB-14 diesel one , year - 1996/1997 is that a good idea ? how about the car Reselling market and is that a trouble less car ? thanks
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