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Found 14 results

  1. Car has been having rough idling. Mileage is 107K, but seems not the actual. Suddenly acelleration was not properly working and the car was moving very slow in D. I took the car to a mechanic. One plug was like burnt. Wiring was checked. In the same time ECU was inspected by him and it was full of transmission oil. I have no clue about it. Does it has an effect for the above failures?
  2. I have to replace the ECU in my Maruti Alto 2010. Appreciate if anyone can guide me to buy a new or secondhand one.
  3. For potential Eclipse Cross buyers, Please be aware about following recalls for some corrective measures before you order an eclipse cross. Looks they relate to some bugs in the ECU program. I have decided on a Eclipse Cross, Guys, will the Unit#d Mot#rs do these ECU remapping work involved with the recall. http://www.mitsubishi-motors.co.jp/support/recall/index.html
  4. Hi, My car (Suzuki Alto K10 2011) suddenly stopped when I am driving. Felt like there's a petrol block or something. Then I tried to start only starter motor is running. When the key is in the on position , check engine light, immobilizer key light is not lighting. Checked all the relays and fuel pump everything is fine. Scanned through OBD2 aswell. It shows immobilizer error. But everything is fine there. Electrician says something wrong with the ECU and want to check it with another k10. Unfortunately still couldnt find a another k10. Do you guys have any idea about thi
  5. Hi Friends, My car battery dead and my father removed it and went to shop with old battery and bought new one and replace it. But now My car RPM totally wrong, And idea why is that? I google it and some said it will fine after couple of days.. but i really trust this forum, Pleas help me friends, Thank you
  6. I have a 1991 Nissan AD Y10. There is a knock(like misfire) when the engine is advancing. Every time I quickly push the throttle, engine knocks like it does not give response for a moment and then pulls. I tried replacing the carburetor and distributor. No luck with them. I suspect the issue is with the ECU which is fitted on the side right side to the gas paddle. I took the car to several garages and what I heard from them was, ECU does not play any role in connection with the ignition system of this car. I never have opened and checked the engine too. Can someone please help me with this. An
  7. Hi All, My car is having a strange idling issue and the exact problem is as follows. After starting the car (when it is cold), rpm settles around 1300 and rpm doesn't get lower after engine got to the operating temperature. No matter how long the car runs, it stays around 1300. Few weeks ago this system was working fine. cold start rpm was around 1300 and after few mins it settles around 800-700. Now it doesn't work like that, but if I turn off the car and start it again when hot, then rpm settles around 800. If I leave the car for few hours to cool down and then start it, again rpm
  8. Deeshana


    Hello guys, First of all I'm new to this forum and I don't know whether this thread is in the correct section, I'm sorry if its in a wrong place. I've got a Nissan Sunny n16 facelift aka n17 in Sri Lanka. (MT 1.3) It's a 2003 Ex saloon, and I've being using it for about 8 years now. I had an ECU issue and I replaced the ECU about an year back. However I didn't use the car after that because the car was outstation and I was in Colombo. Now I've got the car with me and I realised that after the ECU replacement the fuel consumption is terrible. I thought it was an issue with the oxygen sensor
  9. Hii all, My Problem: My Hyundai Accent 2003 (Indian Make) has a fried ECU (part no: 39110-22800). Used ECU with exact part no is not available anywhere, hyundai lanka can get a new one for 150,000. I have bought a simialr model no (39110-22567 or something from Maruchi), the car runs. but shows a lots of errors in scanning, mainly it says Airflow sensor is faulty. this version of my car does not have a airflow sensor but has a MAF sensor. so basically, I can't tune the car, currently it is drinking a lot a petrol, very uneconomical plus theres is missing in the engine and a lot of petrol smel
  10. I need a EG8 manual Vtec ECU (37820-P08-). If you know a place, please let me know.
  11. I own a Nissan Bluebird SU14 Eprise (Diesel), YOM 1999, Manual. The problem I have is that the car gauges randomly stop working while driving and the rpm and speedometer drops to zero, heat meter drops (the entire meter board stops working). The gauges randomly stop and sometimes it comes back on in a few minutes but generally it stops working for hours. Also, the ABS check light is constantly on. (A mechanic also told me that if the gauges don't work, the battery doesn't get charged... so I'm afraid to drive my car). So, once the gauges stop working the car starts to jump when I give it a
  12. Hi dear friends, My Car is TOYOTA Corolla AE110 XE Saloon (1998, Auto, Petrol) Recently I purchased this car from another person. Car is in mint condition. But there is a problem. The radiator fan working continuously. My knowledge about auto electrical is very poor. But I checked the problem with my knowledge. The fan is switching by an original relay. (Normally closed relay) There is no voltage at relay coil, so the relay always closed. Then the fan is working nonstop. I tried to find, the operation voltage of fan relay, but I couldn't find the it. Then I thought the problem is wit
  13. Hey guys I tried searching for this topic on the forums but couldn't really find anything. Planning on getting the ECU remapped on my car primarily to improve the low end pick up, till the turbo kicks in. Did a bit of research online and from what I gather the main drawback is that the vehicle will require a bit more attention with shorter service periods to cope with the added stress on the mechanical components following the remap. Anyway just wanted to check if anyone has had a bad experience following a remap over here? Planing on getting it done tomorrow so any tips before then would
  14. Hi All, 1. Does anybody know a place who does ECU repairs for Nissan? Please share if you have any contact.. Thank you, KMeeg.
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