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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Experts., I have idea of buying a Honda civic ek3 or a Mitsubishi lancer Ck series car for later modifying purpose. but for the moment i have no expert or experience with Honda or either Mitsubishi. Currently im sticked to a Toyota and i am pretty sure that,when comparing to a Toyota , Honda & Mitsubishi must have a whole lot difference...I have heard lot of cons and pros between these 2 car vendors...some says Honda maintain cost is considerably high while Mitsubishi have a economical maintenance ETC.... Any how i much appreciate your expert advice's on helping me to decide either go for a Honda EK3 Or a Mitsubishi Ck series! Thanks in advance.
  2. Dear Experts I have a Toyota Vitz 2018 and I wish to Wash / clean it's engine compartment my self. (I get the inspection service done every 5000km at a workshop of a reputed automobile engineer; Not at a service station). At A**o M*r*j, I have seen they are using a chemical called H2L (not H2O). They say that this chemical doesn't conduct electricity and therefore it will not damage an EFI engine. A*W imports an engine degreaser called Sonax from Germany. I saw you tube videos of Sonax and according to those videos, they just spray Sonax degreaser in to engine and compartment, apply with a small brush and then WASH WITH RUNNING WATER. According to this video, washing engine with water is not harmful. I have observed that in my Vitz, at engine compartment, each and every wire coming into connecters, are going through small rubber bushes. I think this is to prevent water from entering in to connecters and sensors. So, according to my observation, washing engine with water can't damage it. So I expect your advises and comments regarding this.
  3. Hi Guys I have got a Land cruiser prado LJ78 and have got the following concerns; 1. The engine light is on and when scanned its said to be an electrical issue and no major concern according to the technical guy, Is this serious concern to keep the jeep running? 2. Is it mandatory to have a turbo timer ? 3. What would be the exact steps to get the vehicle on 4WD? What are the uses of H4? I am new to the jeep category and learning with experience, appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thanks
  4. Jbkumara


    Hi everyone I have daihatsu Hijet (2012) Suddenly check engine lights appeared and scan says P0420 Some says that I have to replace rear o2 sensor which attached to the silencer. But some says that just need to clean there. Please someone can help me out to resolve this problem. Please suggest me a good place near Negombo and how much it will cost. Thank you all
  5. Hi Guys, I have a Honda car with Single Carb EG8 1995 model. I have few problems with the current engine and would like to enhance/upgrade the ride with conversion or new engine. Current issues - Carb is not working upto the mark as some fuel lines are not connected to carb. - Engine oil burning. This will happen only during the last 1000kms before the next service. Using Caltex SAE 40 Engine oil. Service period 5000km. Current mileage 261,550 kms - Its difficult to start if I parked the car 2-3 days without start the engine.(Battery is full charged and auto choke not working) I'm planning to use this car till 2021. So think about conversion/upgrade would be useful for me. Thinking about below options, 1. Repair the current engine and use it. 2. Remove the carb and do a EFI conversion. 3. Replace with Exi engine.(this option to avoid the hassle of EFI convertion) 4. Replace with VTec engine. Please advice me on above options with the price and the complexity of it. Also I would like to know the places/persons who are selling above mentioned type of engines with complete set. I have gone through the below threads as well.
  6. Need Feedback about Mitsubishi LANCER CS2A Car. EFI Model.
  7. Hey guys, Need ur input in sorting this out. I have a carina AT 170 for 3 years and im happily running it H/E, the engine is close to under compression and I am thinking of replacing the engine instead of repairing it. Current Engine - 5AFE carb engine Problems with current engine - Blackish oil..Carb is okay but not at its best. - Does about 7-8 in city. Previously did about 9-10 but I run about 1500 kms per month, slowly has gone down and as per the mechanic ( who did a good job previously) says the carb and the engine is also UC. The car was running on gaas previously as well (previous owner mucked it. not me ) - Bit noisy - Doesnt leak oil, but there is a bit of oil on the top of the engine. I thought of plugging in a 5AFE EFI engine. and I need ur input on this on these factors; - Whats needed to be done? Replacement of engine/computer box/ and fuel pump? Anything I should be worried about? - I have got a good engine for a cheap price...Any clue if i can buy the computer box separately? and fuel pump separately? - Any good places where I can get a good engine? If its a very good carb engine I do not mind actually. Any places I should start looking from? - Last but deffa not the least, has anyone on this forum done this to AT 170 or any car similar? Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I own a Daihatsu Mira (L701) 1999 automatic car. Could you please suggest me any places that i can purchase spareparts for my Daihatsu? I have checked that Pannipitiya place recently but the price of the spare parts are too much. I want to purchase a Idle Up unit ( I do not know the technical word) and the EFI unit that they called computer box.
  9. Dear Friends, What is the best place to do an EFI Tune up in Colombo area? What about Auto Miraj?
  10. Hi dear friends, My Car is TOYOTA Corolla AE110 XE Saloon (1998, Auto, Petrol) Recently I purchased this car from another person. Car is in mint condition. But there is a problem. The radiator fan working continuously. My knowledge about auto electrical is very poor. But I checked the problem with my knowledge. The fan is switching by an original relay. (Normally closed relay) There is no voltage at relay coil, so the relay always closed. Then the fan is working nonstop. I tried to find, the operation voltage of fan relay, but I couldn't find the it. Then I thought the problem is with "Thermostat Sensor" Then I went to an auto electrician, He said the thermostat wire has disconnected in somewhere. But he couldn't find it, My questions are, (1) what is the other end of thermostat sensor wire? (2) How can I find it? (3) How to check thermostat sensor is good or bad? Please help me. Thanks.
  11. Hi Guys, Nowadays, most of the cars have EFI engines and we talk about tuning up the engine. Unlike carburator engines EFIs has little to maneuver because most of the engine parameters are controlled by the ECU. including engine RPM. ignition timiing, injector timing etc. my question is, when we handover the car to agents/mechanic for an engine tune up, what do they actually look for and adjust apart from replacing/cleaning fuel system components (eg. change air/fuel filter, TH body clean, replace plugs etc) Agents add value for engine tune up in addition to part replacement. what are actually changed in this tune up? The underside of my car (vios) bonet, there is a manufacture's stiker saying "plugs clearence :this much; valve clearence: this much; no further tune up needed"
  12. hi... im looking fo efi cleanup and tuneup for my car, Nissan Sunny fb14. please help me on this. 1. What should i let the mechanic to do or not to do 2. what is the best method of cleaning fuel system including injectors 3. what is the best place for it in above areas (any personal experiences) 4. how much money should i have in ma pocket for this..
  13. hi guys, i read somewhere in AL that ppl get only 7 to 7.5km/l in a lancer ck2 carb model...is it the same figures with other users as well? if anybody knows the fuel consumption of an EFI and carb please let me know asap! thanx
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