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  1. Hi Experts., I have idea of buying a Honda civic ek3 or a Mitsubishi lancer Ck series car for later modifying purpose. but for the moment i have no expert or experience with Honda or either Mitsubishi. Currently im sticked to a Toyota and i am pretty sure that,when comparing to a Toyota , Honda & Mitsubishi must have a whole lot difference...I have heard lot of cons and pros between these 2 car vendors...some says Honda maintain cost is considerably high while Mitsubishi have a economical maintenance ETC.... Any how i much appreciate your expert advice's on helping me to decide either go for a Honda EK3 Or a Mitsubishi Ck series! Thanks in advance.
  2. When my car is not in use for a while, I have to "warm" it up for about 20-25mins before I pull off. If I don't do that, the gears will not engage unless I press the gas pedal to about 2000-3000rpm, and then it jerks really hard before moving. While driving though, I have no problem. The problem only occurs when the car is cold. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  3. Dear Members, I'm not sure if the forum is still active but I'm just wondering if anyone know or have experience in converting an EK3 dashboard from a single Din to double Din.. Appreciate if someone can help me out...
  4. Hey folks, I posted on Autolanka about this problem few months ago.. But nothing worked out. My Ride is Honda Civic EK3 1998 Auto. My Problem is, My Car has a vibration issue when it comes to idle, the RPM gets down over 500-300 sometimes.. & it doesn’t comes up 800-1000 . I did throttle cleaning twice including EAC Valve(IAC). When it cleaned, problem is kinda fine, but when rides over & over (specially long distances) it gets worse. Did a ECU reset, same result.. One mechanic said, one of my Mount is kind of hard, but there isn’t much to work with vibration issue. One Michanic said that vibration can not be fixed, since it is kind of a manufacturing failure. Replaced Air filter too.. Checked everything & all are fine. Went to Honda Waruna - Kesbawa, Honda Darshana - Pannipitiya, Honda Tharindu - Malwana, Honda Rohan - Kesbawa. since those are popular name on the thread. Now I think of going to Stafford. But I cannot spend much at the moment too.. I really badly need to fix this issue, coz my Car is everything fine except this. So plz reply here ur experienced suggestions... Thanx Again..
  5. Hi all, I have a 2000 Honda civic EK3 and it runs very poorly when started after sitting for about 12 hours. I believe this is due to the engine temperature being lower than the operational temperature. It takes a couple of seconds (5-10) to start too, but when hot, starts within two seconds. RPM starts at 400 - 450 and if I try to hit the gas, the engine stops with misses. I have to keep it idling for about 2 - 3 minutes and then RPM slowly rise to normal. Any idea what this is? Thanks in advance, Vihanga.
  6. My Car is a Honda Civic EK3 1998 Auto model & when the car is on idle mode it vibrates. The RPM fluctuate around 100-1000. When it closes 100RPM it get's worsened. It happens in 'Drive' mode, also a little in 'Parking' gear. Kindly need a fixed solution for this since I bought the car few days ago.
  7. Hey Guys, Im looking for a well maintained car to purchase.Which either, Civic EG8(AUTO)or Civic EK3(AUTO) For around 17-18 lks If any got one, plz contact me on below number 0777972360
  8. Hi I like to buy a Honda Civic ek3. I need some advises about ek3 . Can anyone help to me. Last 2 years am running an alto 800 . Am a daily runner around 100 kms. Thanks My budget is 2.5m 1 . Which is the best ek3 I think virs is that correct and 2. Is Virs model originally have manual gear or only mmt 3. any big difference in acceleration mmt vs manual 4. Final 1 Honda Fit gp1 vs civik ek3 what is the difference in performance(acceleration,handling etc) coz fit is new and hybrid best in fuel and comfy prize dif is around 0.5 mill only thanks
  9. Guys, really appreciate your valuable inputs to help me make a decision. This is my dilemma. I have a 1995 honda civic ek3 VI manual. This is my first car and has been with me for the last 4 years. My and this car have had a good run so far. Needless to say, being a 23 year old car, there are episodic minor repairs which are getting a bit frequent, but nothing major. Within the next few months, I am to receive some cash, and I would be able to spend about 0.5 to 1 million for an upgrade, the lesser the cost, the better, obviously. I guess I could sell this one and go for a bit newer car. But as I said, me and this car have been through a lot together, and even the thought of parting with it is very difficult to handle. So here are my questions. 1. Would going for a performance upgrade for this car be a bad idea? I did some reading and seems a B16A2 swap is possible and that it would cost somewhere close to 5 laks (I am not sure about these values). I am a total noob at these stuff, and would like to know if this is worth the cost. 2. If such an upgrade is possible, what are my options? Are there better options than the B16A swap? What would be the cost? 3. If such an upgrade is not advisable, what would be a good replacement around 3mil? It needs to be a sedan and a manual transmission, and I would like to have a bit of power as well. The options I came up with were Honda civic ES3rs, lancer cs2/3, masda axela/3 and am having trouble deciding what would be better. Are there any other good options? So, I kindly request the help of the experts here, who have helped me in the past as well. Thanks in advance! Ps. Sorry if I am starting an unnecessary thread, couldn't find answers to some of my issues after going through several threads as well.
  10. We have a Honda Civic EK3 Ferio Vtec Automatic 1996 JDM vehicle. My brother has recently bought it. We did the spark-plug replacement and injector cleaning. Also air filter and oil has been changed. Patrol filter is new and auto gear oil is also good according to technician. But we dont know whether previous owner has used Honda Multimatic oil for the gear box. Also few screws in the distributor is broke, thus we didn't had the chance clean it in the tune up. Now the problem is it's fuel consumption. It does 11.5 km per liter in the highway with AC on and speed at 100kmph. In Colombo consumption is 6.5 km per liter. I measured it full tank to full tank. Other than that when we accelerate from idling, it gives a strange metal scratching noise and a knock from timing belt area. Alternator belt and AC belt is also near to packing. Thus couldn't tell exactly what is the noise. It shows 150k mileage. But surely it has been reverted, I guess t has done more than 250k Any guesses about the problem.
  11. My Honda Civic Ek3 car failed emissions test due to response failure of MAP sensor. Electrician found the issue after inspecting. With the RPM MAP sensor want change its resistance. Need to replace it. Can I know a place to find it? I think it has a replaced sensor. Its not Honda. But Denso. I found the blue colour one in delkanda. Will it match ?
  12. Guys , I want to buy a Honda EK3 and what would you think about the car, fuel consumption, durability? because its going to be my first Honda thats why? maintenance is costly? thank you in advance guys!
  13. HI, I am expecting to buy a used japan car and my budjet is 2-2.2 million,what is the most suitable car? corolla 110 lancer glx honda civic toyota ist
  14. The Crank Pully of our Honda Civic EK3 car is broken. Photos are attached. The engine is D15B Vtec. I tried to find it in evry possible place in Pachikawatta. Tech motors, Access motors, Weliwatta etc. But failed. Is there a place to get this? Also is there a place to purchase a good engine replacement for this. Thanks! Andun
  15. Hi Experts,. Does honda civic EK3 car equipped with ABS brakes or not ? Appreciate expert comments
  16. Is there a possibility to find alternative to this central console of Honda Civic EK3 300-xxxx version. Which we can install a audio player with a display or without a display? If so where should I look? Thanks Andun
  17. hi friend, i'm just thinking of buying either civic ek3 or lancer cs1 ( which fits with my budget well too). could you guys give an advice on this while comparing the both as you feel good. does it make senseif i look for an ek3 with auto transmition.? fuel consumption, maintenance, budget (mine is 1.6 to 1.7) are major concerns...... thanks in advance
  18. Hi All , This is my first post so please forgive me this is a dumb question. I recently brought my first car , a 98 civic ek3 , non vtec manual. I now want to change the timing belt just to make sure. So my question is , is it OK to go to a standard mechanic or do i have to go to a honda specialist to get this done ? I searched in AL and some people have said its better to go to a honda specialist and some people have said that timing belt change is also considered as a routine task so even a normal mechanic should be able to do it. Your inputs are much appreciated as im an absolute noob to cars + i worked my ass off to get this car so i dont want to ruin her
  19. I recently bought this Honda Civic Ek3 1998(Ferio) car. This is the third week that I am using this car. Now there is a strange 'dakas' noise coming from the bonnet area from passenger side. It sounds like something is getting engaged & disengaged. I am a real newbie for vehicles. This sound comes when I press the brake hard while going at normal speeds (40-60). And when I start to accelerate again that sound comes sometimes. This is an auto vehicle. Any idea???
  20. Hi guys, just thought of doing an interior upgrade... Since, I am having an ek3 EXI, I want to change my seats to the seats of Vi.(click here) Do you know where I can find those?? Cheers
  21. First i must thank admins for accepting my AutoLanka forum user account. So, Here is the story. I'm looking for a car (sedan/saloon) around 15-20 laks (Japanese/European). It will be my very first vehicle. I don't have expert knowledge in the area. But i was thinking of getting Civic EK3. Need your opinions.about EK3. Current Price range. Models available. Things i should look before buying. Fuel consumption (Manual vs. Auto) ... also about other vehicles i can get for that price range, Thanks.
  22. Hello, I am going to buy a used car and looking towards your guidence. What are the current price ranges of these cars (with regard to their registration numbers.) ? And I saw that these vehicles have several sub models. eg: in Lancer EX, GLX, indian GLX etc. Could someone pls guide whats the best model from those 2 and how to identify that. Thank you very much. -- Harsha
  23. Guys I have to replace one fuel injector in my CIvic ek3 ('96) but the mechanic told me it wont be easy to find one Can somebody please suggest me some good places?? :) Have to buy tomorrow itself
  24. I am looking for a place to service my CIVIC ek3. Any idea on the best places with the cost please. What's the best engine oil for a ek3 (D15B engine)? Last time I serviced at Stafford and they had only Caltex. Castrol or Mobil oils are much better choices ?
  25. Hi Guys, My EK3 has a problem of fluctuating RPM when Idle. When I start the car, RPM is near to 2000 and after few minutes it starts rapidly changing between 800- 2000. As I heard from internet, this kind of things happens due to bad IAC valve. In past also I had the same problem and I replaced the IAC senser with a used one and it only solved the problem for a year. Now Again I faced the same problem. Yesterday, I unplugged the IAC valve and cleaned it and fixed. Now, the RPM fluctuation seems to be solved. But I still feel the idle is not stable and I can now see the "Check Engine" is lighting. I just checked the prices of genuine IAC valve in panchikawaththa and they said it is around 27000/= . Can you please tell me above problem is due to the problematic IAC valve? Is recondition part a better option than buying the brand new one for above big price (Considering the price and the long lasting)? If so, what's the price of a recon one? Thanks
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