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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Everyone I have a 2007 corolla 141. My service was due next month and I went for the full service today. I did my service from a service station that I have done twice before. Then today afternoon (around 5pm) I went there to take back my car home after they said service is completed. I started my car to reverse and suddenly there was some tightness with my steering wheel. I Restart the car and tried to reverse again . Same tightness appeared in the steering wheel again. Then I complained to the service station people about the issue. They told me to take the car to the 150m away Gurage and they called them I will come. So I drove my vehicle there with very difficulty because steering wheel was very tight and i couldn't drive it smoothly with cross roads. While I just came to the Gurage location my dash board indicators became blinking and My radio switched off automatically. Just after I drove my car inside the Gurage car automatically stopped and didn't start gain. Then technician came and did a Jump start. I was there when he check the issue and one terminal of my car battery was moving/loose. He did a jump start after tightening it and checked the alternator voltage. It indicated only 7V and he told me it should be 12V. Car battery was not charging by the alternator. He told me he will have to check the alternator tomorrow morning as all these incidents were happened and it was 7pm. He gave me indication that it may be alternator has gone (may be burnt what he meant I think) or may be a diode or something can be and will have to check tomorrow (12th) . Please help me out guys what may be causing this ? Will I have to replace the alternator, If so how much will it cost ? Is it available in Matara area ? Will I able to repair this tomorrow because its new year after
  2. Hi, I need to add a set of foot-controlled switches to control the following in my 2018 Nissan Dayz (Mitsubishi EK Wagon). Headlight Turn Signals Windshield wiper (Single Speed) Can someone suggest a good auto-electrician for this task? P.s. This modification was recommended by the RMV since I got a disability in my left hand.
  3. Hi Experts, My car-Toyota aqua G 2013, has indicate airbag warning light in dashboard recently. but not showing every time,time to time its happening. As per the technicians in hy**d-h*b, i need to replace airbag ribbon & angle sensor in the multifuncional steering Weel. Do you have any idea about this and reasonable place to get done this? and what will be the cost around? Thanks for the your help!
  4. One of the factory fitted DRL's on my car does not work anymore. Not sure what exactly has happened. But I'm assuming one of the LED's in the light strip went out and in turn the circuit is now incomplete. I've heard this is a common cause for LED light strips to not work. I would buy a new one but it currently costs 90k to replace this tiny light strip and only the agents carry the part here, I've checked extensively in other places but they don't carry the part. Can anyone here recommend a place that does a good job repairing these LED light strips? Below is a working example of the part.
  5. Hello guys, I v experience sudden blinking of dashboard lights, (handbrake ,steering,engine,echo light) and speedometer going up and down and be at zero while driving . For 10 to 15 min. Then all acting fine. Dnt have time to go to a mechanic for next 2 ,3 days but i will end of this week. Pls advise me wt seems to be the problem and cost to take care of it. My car allion 260, 2007 , milage close to 100k . Have a photo attached,, that time i was doing around 40 kmph ,but spdometer 0 , showing these lights as i mentioned . Thankyou so much.
  6. Hi, I have a issue with my remote key. Sometimes it is working perfectly and sometime it is not. so i have replaced the battery and still the problem is not yet solved. Is there a good place or good electrician to fix this problem ??. I think someone who has the knowledge about the mazda electrical system.(near colombo) Thanks
  7. Hi Experts, This is regarding an alternator enhancement. I have gone through many articles and posts such as http://www.google.com/patents/US5874822 to find out how an alternator can be modified to provide more power without going to replace the whole unit. (Keeping housing and brackets as original) The major part that most people replaced is the Stator. With a higher AMP stator for the existing alternator will increase the power that it produces. But I couldn't find any related article about Stator replacement efficiency comparison with RPM ratio. When it comes to diesel engines, the idle RPM is bit lower which could be 500-600. By supposing that we can increase it up to 1000 or 1100 by changing the pulley system, is it possible to have a higher amp stator for exising rotor? Kindly need advises from your practical experiences. Thanks.
  8. Dear Friends, My car is Toyota Corolla AE110 (1998 / Auto / Petrol) My car's radiator fan working continuously. Today I checked the car and found the fault. There is a problem on AC pressure switch. The switching terminals are always open, so the relay of radiator fan is always switched on (The relay is "Normally-Closed type 4pin) So I tried to short circuit the AC pressure switch terminals by a tweezers. It was successful and radiator fan was turned off. Then I pointed the problem is on AC pressure switch. I have to replace it. But If I removed it, I will have to refill the AC gas. So I have to go for a professional auto Electrical workshop. But it is not the main problem, When I do the AC pressure switch short-circuit, by mistake I have short circuited wrong terminals. Now there is no voltage on AC pressure switch. AC is not working, AC light indicator and AC Fan is not working. I checked all fuses, but I couldn't find AC fuse in my car. I need to check it and repair by a qualified technician. Please advice me to, what is the best place to solve this problem. What about "Pala auto electricals"? I am planning to go there tomorrow.
  9. my kdh201 have came with rear audio wiring from factory. But theres no audio signal coming for rear speakers. wiring diagram and actual player rear i/o snaps are attached. i tried directly connecting speakers to the i/o panel, but still no audio coming out. is this a problem with my player. This is the original player came with van. Is there any settings to change.?? Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know the difference between Ca-Maintenance free(MF/SMF) battery and a General Lead acid Battery? Plas advice beacause now a days most of the batteris comes with this Calcuim thing. Anyone know the chemistry behind this?
  11. I came across this weird situation today which I did have a bit past experience with. On my way to work in the morning I overtook a few cars and bikes (going slowly) on a stretch of road and had to slow down after a few meters as there was a junction coming up and there was a bit of traffic. I was on the third gear and the car pulled to about 4000rpm, problem was when I slowed down and came to standstill at the junction my engine had died without giving any indication. A turn of the key and it was back on again. What do you guys think is the issue? Prior to this I had the same problem but it went away when I cleaned the plug chambers and put in new plugs. Been having a few problems for the past week where when the engine temperature goes to the quarter point the car seems to misfire when you let the engine slow down giving it a boxer engine sound. But if I let off the gas it will settle down again. I'm wondering whether both these incidents are related. I have checked on water being in the plug chambers as well as the aircleaner which is new. I've got new plugs and both plug wires and ignition coils are in good order. There is no check engine light or anything coming up.
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